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King vs. Burwell and The Supreme Court

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

I have received a couple of emails asking me why I have not responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling in King vs. Burwell.

A ruling in King’s favor seemed so clear to me. I thought the case would be decided in favor of the letter of the law. This seemed obvious since Jonathan Gruber, the author of Obamacare, admitted the words “state health exchanges are the only exchanges that could provide subsidies” were intentional.

It was clear that the author of the law (Jonathan Gruber) and President Obama wanted to encourage states to create State Health Insurance Exchanges.

The carrot was money. If the states did not create State Health Insurance Exchanges they would lose their government grants.

The legislators of the states that refused the Obamacare trap would experience angry voters and get kicked out of office.

Dr. Gruber also admitted that if there was transparency during the law’s creation it would never have been passed. Jon Gruber called Americans stupid.

This comment motivated President Obama to distance himself from Jonathan Gruber. He said Dr. Gruber was not a major player in the creation of Obamacare. President Obama claimed that he barely knew him.  He claim Jonathan Gruber had only been to the White House a couple of times.

President Obama’s statement has been proven to be a lie.

 The Supreme Court’s decision has been a mind blower to me. I still have not figured out how to respond.

I thought the Supreme Court Justices’ job was to interpret laws within the context of the constitution. They should not create new laws or create new meanings for laws.

They also should not allow themselves to be bullied by the executive or legislative branch of government.

President Obama has been doing heavy duty bullying of the Supreme Court to rule in his favor in the last four months. President Obama’s goal is to not let anyone stand in his way on the road to control the entire healthcare system.

The justices live in our society. They are aware of the media and have access to the same information as everyone else.

It should be obvious to them that all the stakeholders dislike Obamacare now that they “know what is in it.”

Obamacare is a terrible law. President Obama told many lies and has taken many unlawful steps to hide the law’s failures.

The justices should have recognized that Obamacare is not a bipartisan law. Only Democrats voted for the bill even though many have admitted they did not read it.

It hardly represents the will of the people as they are now recognizing all its faults and deficiencies.

The Supreme Court’s codifying the law seems bizarre to me.

I also thought that the Supreme Court’s decisions had to be made in the context and spirit of the law and the meaning of the constitution. 

I am especially disappointed in Chief Justice John Roberts. His reasoning for ruling on King vs. Burwell was just the opposite of his reasoning for his ruling on gay marriage.

It is as if he has been influenced by outside sources in each ruling. 

I know the ruling has stunned many people. Congress made the law. Congress should change the law to mean what the Supreme Court said it meant.

I have not figured out what an appropriately reasoned response should be.

I believe the will of the people will prevail once people understand the harmful effects of this law. Its affect on the economy is becoming obvious. Its affect on Americans individually is also becoming obvious.

Obamacare will eventually die under its own weight. The Democratic Party will never be able to get rid of the label “tax and spend party.”

The Democratic Party and President Obama are putting America into greater debt.

I believe the lower socioeconomic groups, who President Obama claims to help, are realizing President Obama is doing them more harm than good.

His goal is to make Americans more dependent on the central government.

I do not think President Obama or the Democrats are going to be able to survive the coming tsunami of a plebiscite against Obamacare.  

In the end Americans are not fans of socialism. They know it doesn’t work.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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