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Another Fabulous Father Son Weekend

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Brad and I get together for a father and son weekend each year.

Some of my readers have the impression that we always go to the Consumer Electronic Show in January.

We have gone to a couple of CES because I like seeing the new electronics that are offered.

This year Brad wanted to go to the place where he was born. He was born in 1965 on Blytheville Air Force Base, the home of the 851st Medical Group.

I was stationed at Blytheville Air Force Base from 1965-1967 as a Captain in the Air Force and chief of medicine of its hospital.

Blytheville map

Arkansas International Airport is the old airstrip for the Strategic Air Command base. Brad and I landed there.


Cecelia found the hospital bill for Brad’s birth a few years ago. The total bill was 15 dollars

The hospital was a thirty-bed acute care hospital with all the modern equipment for 1965.

B hospital 2018 copy

The hospital seemed much prettier in 1965. There is total rumble within its wall now.


Life on the base was great for all of us. It was the first time I made a living wage.

I remember Cecelia walking through this front door with Brad in her arms after he was born to take him to our base housing.

Blythville hospital door

What a thrill to see them walk out of the hospital.

We spent a lot of time playing with Brad in the front of our house at 1924 A Dogwood Dr. Our back yard faced the airfield.

Blytheville in front of 1924 B (1) copy
Cecelia, Brad and Stan. Brad’s 6 months old.

Brad fun on swing Blytheville 1966 copy

Brad at 8 months

Brad and me Blytheville 1965 copy copy

Brad 12 months and me 1966

Brad and I think we found our house during our visit. However, it was impossible to tell. All the street names have been changed.

Blytheville house

This might have not been the actual house but is was the actual configuration.

The government closed the base in the 1998 and gave it to a non-profit charity. Westminster Village of the mid South is now a non-profit a retirement community designed for people 55 years and older with affordable housing. The oldest resident is 101 years old. He is independent and weekly drives himself to a local casino.

All 400 houses on the base were the same. They were duplex Capehart Housing. I flagged down a woman driving a car. She would not take us to see her house. She called the security guard for us. He brought us to the village manager’s office. The manager took us to a guesthouse that had the same configuration our house on 1924A Dogwood Dr.

I showed Brad his first bedroom.

Brad first room repurposed copy 3

This was the place of Brad Feld’s first bedroom. It has obviously been redecorated.

After visiting the remaining notable sites on the base we headed into downtown Blytheville. I could not remember anything about downtown Blytheville except the New York Store. I bought my first Harris tweed jacket in that store fifty-three years ago. It still fits. I wear it on cold winter nights in Dallas.

I was thrilled to visit Blytheville Arkansas.

I know Brad was thrilled with our visit.

Next stop Memphis Tennessee. Brad was hungry so we stopped in Osceola, Arkansas. I could not find the famous Dixie Pig in Blytheville.

After lunch we were on our way to the Hotel Napoleon in downtown Memphis. We checked in and immediately headed for a 4 PM appointment at Sun Studio, the birthplace of Rock and Roll. We did not have an appointment but thankfully they were able to assign us to the 4.30 PM group.

Sun studio copy

Sun Studio is a fascinating place. “Sun Studio is known worldwide as “The Birthplace of Rock’n’roll”.

“ It is the discovery location of musical legends and genres of the 50’s from B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf and Ike Turner and Elvis Presley to Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis; from Blues and Gospel to Country and Rock’n’roll.

  Sun studio tickets copy                  Sun studio crowd

One can buy all the old original 45s


Sun Studio is a small place with all the memorabilia Rock and Roll freaks only can love.

Sun studio museum copy

Sam Phillips the owner rejected Elvis at first because he was too ordinary. He wanted a new sound. Elvis sang tunes he thought would please Phillips.

When Phillips left the room Elvis started singing tunes he liked to sing. Bingo!, Sam Phillips heard Elvis’ tunes and hired him on the spot. The rest is history.


Brad and I did not have our traditional hot fudge sundae. We settled for chocolate ice cream malts at the Sun Studio soda fountain.

We both needed a rest. It was pouring rain outside so rather than walk in the rain we got an Uber to take us to the Hotel Napoleon.


Dinner was on Beale Street. Beale Street is exciting. It is a little like Nashville’s Music Street and New Orleans condensed into one city block.

We ate in the BB King building’s top floor at Itta Bena. The live blues music during dinner was wonderful. I had lamb chops. They were great.

After dinner we walked Beale Street.

Beale St copy



We stopped into A. Scwab a trading store that was established in 1878 for a real hot fudge sundae.

Soda fountain schwab

Soda fountain big scwab copy



“In 1876, Jewish immigrant Abraham Schwab opened a store on Beale Street.

Over its 138-year history, A. Schwab has become a Memphis institution, beloved by many generations.

  1. Schwab is the only original business remaining on Beale Street.”

It was time to go to sleep. Tomorrow, “We are going to Graceland, Graceland in Memphis Tennessee”.

Graceland is one of the places I have never gone too. I am excited because Elvis was “my man.”

To my surprise Graceland was overwhelming.

Graceland entrance copy

The entrance with gift shops, memorabilia and Eliv’s car collections, clothing collections, electronic collections, airplane collection and auto collections are housed across the street from the mansion. I could spend hours there. We only spend two hours going over the collections.

The Mansion copy

Elvis bought this house in 1957. It was 7,000 square feet. He extended the house to 17,000 square feet. He liked a lot of rooms with a lot of different themes.

Elvis price 1957 copy

He paid $102 500 for the house and 7 acres. The house original cos Dr T Moore 37,636, in 1937.

Cost of graceland 1937 copy


Elvis livis room copy

This is the living room at Graceland. It is a little loud but wait until you see more.

Elvis bedroom copy

This was his bedroom. Purple is a good color for a bedspread in the 1950s.

Fun room copy

This is a billiards room and meeting room. Elvis was into color.

Elvis playroom

This was Elvis’ playroom. I still have not figured it out.

Media room copy

This is the media room. He have multiple TV. Everyt ime RCA came out with a new one he good it. His love of music resulted in his buying every new media gadget. He love all the electronics of the time.


Elvis was a good looking guy who who was a man of the 1950s and 1960s

He was not a hick copy Another one copy

He knew how to dress when it was appropriate.

He was a great collector of cars, electronics and man toys.

Neet toy

Here is one of the toys he drove around Graceland.


His plane copy

Here is a toy he would fly around the word in

That is it folks

That is it folks. 

I apologize for not discussing all the chocolate ice cream on this trip. Let me just say we had plenty. We covered every meal.

Except there is one last thing.

Brad gave me a party present for my love of Elvis and his music.

Me in elvis outfit Back of jumpsuit copy

It is a little big on me because he bought an xx large but some safety pins got it to be presentable.


Daniel asked me if we could revisit his birthplace in Boston on one of our next father-son weekend trips. Who could blame him. My answer was why not?

I always have a fabulous time on my weekends with one of my sons.

Remember I lived in Boston for two years when I was an endocrine fellow at the Mass General. I know most of the fun places especially Fenway Park.

Daniel, Boston it is.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

Copywrite 2006-2018

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  • Todd Siler

    Stanley, this post beams with pure JOY! Your photos and story of this inspirational adventure with Brad are unforgettable! Surely, you made the spirit of Elvis smile watching you embrace Graceland with so much love!

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Feld Men’s Weekend

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Every year I have gone away with each of my sons, Brad and Daniel for a weekend. We just talk about our lives and have a good time being with each other.

I figure it is good for our health. The boys agree.

My readers have had an extremely positive response to past where I have written about these one on one trips.

Readers know my bother and I are very close. He also lives in Dallas. We meet and have a pastrami sandwich together once a month whether we need it or not.

We have also gone away for weekends in the past with all the Feld men, my two sons and my brother’s two sons.

These weekends have been great for all of us. My sons live in Boulder Colorado, Kenny lives in Atlanta and Jon lives in Dallas.

The boys were close as kids. They have not gotten together very much in the last few years.

However, they love the weekends we have had to bond and just have fun.

It has been very difficult to get everyone together the past four years. This year Brad was determined to make it work. He got tickets to the NCAA finals.

The notification said anyone who can come should come. Unfortunately, Daniel could not come. He and his family were going to be in Japan that week.

The Feld Men have officially added a new member to the group. Jon’s son Jack is now 16.

Jack is a very smart kid. He kept up with all of our conversations. He even taught us a bunch of things.

I welcome Jack to the club!

My brother and I took 7.30 am Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix on Friday March 31.

Kenny, Jon and Jack were not coming in until Saturday at Brad was in Scottsdale for the previous month.

Charlie and I decided we wanted to hang out with Steve Hochschuler and his wife Kim all day Friday.

Steve is co-founder of Texas Back Institute. He has been a good friend since 1970. We both graduated from Columbia College.

Steve now lives in Desert Mountain part-time. He and Kim showed us a great time. Desert Mountain is very upscale. There are lots of big houses, and fancy cars.

There are very few trucks in his neighborhood. Steve has been irreverent all of his life. Steve has the biggest truck with the biggest and bad-est tires I have ever seen.

Their house is magnificent. Lunch and diner at local Desert Mountain restaurants were wonderful.

Steve and Kim took us to a neighbor’s house for a wine tasting with food before dinner. Both the wine and the food were out of sight.

They are living the good life.

This was a good start for the weekend. Charlie and I then drove to the Sanctuary in Paradise Valley to meet up with Brad.

The house Brad rented was beautiful. It had a pool and a tennis court with magnificent mountain views.

I was so tired I fell asleep instantly.

On Saturday morning Jon, Kenny and Jack all arrived at 10 am. We went out for breakfast/brunch to a place Brad and Amy found called Scramble.

Scramble looks like a PF Changs with menus on the sidewall as you wait on line to order and choose your food. The have everything from the simple breakfast to the most exotic omelets, waffles and pancakes.


We ate enough breakfast for a week but we were not finished.

Our next stop was Dairy Queen. This old Dairy Queen was a standout in a contemporary designed Scottsdale shopping center.


Neither Jon, Kenny nor Jack ever had a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

Brad and I told them they had to have a Chocolate Extreme Blizzard.

All three were hesitant by finally complied.

On line DQ

They all loved it.
Gang at DQ
DQ icream thick enough not to spill.

Next back to the Sanctuary and Brad’s house. It was time to hang out with each other.

Brad and Kenney

After a while we all took our Feld traditional afternoon nap.

Me napping
I learned to nap in a chair as a medical intern in 1963.

The “car” picked us up at 2:15 for a 5:09 starting time for Gonzaga vs. South Carolina. The games were being played at the Arizona Cardinals football field in Glendale Arizona.

It was far from Scottsdale and the traffic on Saturday afternoon was horrible.

Me and kenny in crowd

Brad had Jon pick the seats because Jon was experienced in watching basketball in a football stadium.

He picked great seats on the 50 yard line in row D of the first deck. The people watching on the floor had to strain their necks. They were always looking up. The playing field was raised a couple of feet.

Tip off

The North Carolina vs. Oregon game followed. It thought both games stunk. All four teams had terrible shooting percentages.

The television timeouts were endless. They took up more time than the regular timeouts. It became annoying.

The food was the typical terrible stadium food. Some stadiums and arenas I have been to have pretty good food including Coors Field, Fenway Park, the Yankee Stadium and the American Airlines Arena in Dallas.

After the games we found our driver easily. He was a master of heavy traffic driving and got us home nicely.

All of us were bushed except for Jack. He was hungry. He wanted a hamburger at 10:30 pm. I guess this is what happens when you are a sixteen year old.

On Sunday morning we all met at 9:30 a.m. for a 9:45 a.m. reservation at Rita’s Kitchen at the suggestion of Kim Hochschuler.

She took Cecelia and me to Rita’s once before. The atmosphere was as good as ever. It was a two and a half hour brunch.

After brunch some quiet time at the Sanctuary. At about 2:30 I went to the fitness center to work out and then to the pool.

We had a six o’clock reservation at the Wildfish Sea Food Grille in Scottsdale. Jack picked up the fact that the font on the menu and the description of the dishes were the same as Eddie V’s in Dallas.

Everyone wiped out their cell phones to see if there was a relationship. There is. The Darden Restaurant chain owns both restaurants as well as Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Seasons 52 and the Capital Grille.

Three of us had steak and three had fish. The waiter was upset that the chef undercooked the steaks. He complimented desert for the table.

I was afraid we were all going to miss the hot fudge sundaes at the Sugar Bowl in Downtown Scottsdale.

The desert was fair. They did not have chocolate ice cream in the restaurant.

After diner we went back to Brad’s rental house. We all watched 1941. I thought it was the dumbest movie I ever saw.

It was a 1979 flick for teenage boys. My bother and Kenny baled after 20 minutes. I stay to the end. Brad and Jon were teenagers in 1979. They thought it was great then but lousy now.

Monday was the day of the finals between Gonzaga and North Carolina.

We had lunch at a Sports Bar. Then we finally got to the Sugar Bowl to have their fabulous hot fudge sundae.

Sugar bowl

Sugar Bowl 2

Me and brad at sugar

Brad and me eating at Sugar Bowl

We left for the NCAA Final at 2:30 to beat the traffic for a 6:09 p.m. game.

I will not complain about the traffic in Dallas, Texas anymore. We got to the stadium at 5:30 p.m.

Both teams played a lousy game. Shooting percentage for both was under 40%. Free throw percentage was not much better.

However, the festival of the NCAA final and the excitement of the crowd made the lousy game worth it.

When we arrived at Brad’s house Jack needed a hamburger at 10:30 p.m. again.

I went to sleep immediately because we were leaving for the airport at 5.15 a.m.

I slept on the plane for the entire ride home.

This was another successful “Feld Men’s Trip.” I can’t wait until next year.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are mine and mine alone.

All Rights Reserved © 2006 – 2017 “Repairing The Healthcare System” Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

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Our Consumer Electronics Show (CES) “Weekend”

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

As my readers know every year each of my sons and I go away, separately, for weekend. We love to hang out, catch up with each other and eat plenty of chocolate ice cream.

Brad, my older son, is venture capitalist involved in startup technology companies. I am a retired endocrinologist who is a nerd. I love computer technology.

My wife, Cecelia, insists that I would have gone into compute science rather than medicine if I understood its potential when I was in college.

In my day the computer was a pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser.


My goal has always been to understand how everything works. I love to figure out trends and what will develop in the future.

This was the fifth year that Brad and I went to CES for 5 plus year. We walk the floor together and get a good feel for what is happening.

 Badge ces

Brad made a mistake thinking that the exhibition started January 4,2017. The only flight I could get on when I got my ticket to get in to La Vegas at a reasonable time from Dallas was a 7 am flight. It got me to Las Vegas at 8 am. However, he exhibition started at 10 am January 5th not January 4th.

It was no problem for me. I walked the entire Venetian Hotel and the Paris Hotel. My lunch was chocolate gelato.

Brad got to the Venetian with his partners Lindel Eakman and Ryan McIntyre at 2.30 pm.

Brad then negotiated a 3,000 square foot suite for the both of us. He gave up our two rooms for one.

We were happy and the hotel was happy because they were out of rooms. Now the Venetian Hotel had an extra room to sell.

We then walked from the Venetian to the Sands to get Brad’s registration badge.

On the way back to the Venetian for our afternoon nap stopped for my second chocolate ice cream of the day,

Ces brad 2 ice cream1

Brad, Ryan, Lindel, Morris Wheeler (a venture capitalist friend of Brad’s) and I had great dinner at the Lake Side in the Wynn Hotel.

My problem was that no one would share a salad or entrée with me. I am a clean plate guy and had much too much food.

I became sleepy after the large dinner that ended at 9 pm Las Vegas time since I had been up since 4.30 am Dallas time.

However, walking back to the hotel I was ready for another chocolate ice cream.

Ces brad 3rd icecream copy

At 8.45 am Thursday we were on the bus to get to LVCC from the Venetian. Las Vegas transportation authority did not create a bus lane. The one and one quarter mile drive took one hour.

I was starving at 9.45 am. I had no breakfast. I found a Nathan’s Hot Dog stand. I bought a hot dog and a coffee. All I needed was the coffee. The hot dog was great. The coffee was undrinkable. I threw it away.

Ces brad 5 nathans copy

CES seems to grow each year. This year it covered 2.5 million square feet of showroom space. It is a formidable challenge to walk 2.5 million square feet and see all the products of all the vendors.

I covered 9 miles a day for 3 days according to my Fit Bit.

The largest venue is the (LVCC) Las Vegas Convention Center. The Sands Convention Center was the second largest venue.

LVCC was where the big guys hang out. This year the automated automobile dominated.

For the first three hours we went from exhibit to exhibit quickly.

Brad was forever looking for patterns of innovation. Every few feet someone stopped Brad to ask him a question.

Many wanted to take a picture of Brad with them. Many wanted to take a picture of Brad and me.

Brad and stan randomn pic

The autos in the exhibits were phenomenal. Some of the sensor technology was otherworldly.

I was most impressed with the 3 D printed motorcycle.


A splendid exhibit at LVCC was a small exhibit by Sphero the creator of DB 8 and other Spheros one can control with a smart phone.

Brad is a major investor in Sphero, which originated as a TechStars start-up company.

We were led into the inner sanctum exhibit by Paul Berberian`, the CEO, to see the new products coming out in 2017.

There will be several new products that I believe will be big hits for both kids and adults in the next nine months.

The Sands Convention Center was the exhibit hall for all the start-ups and near start-ups exhibiting.

Eureka Park was where all the action and excitement was for me at CES.

Eureka park

Eureka Park was start-up heaven. This year CES outsourced Eureka Park’s development to TechStars. There were bout 600 vendors this year. Next year TechStars anticipates doubling the exhibitors in Eureka Park.

Brad was scheduled to interview James Park co-founder of Fit Bit at 1 p.m. After the interview I had my lunch in the TechStars green room. It was strawberry yogurt with a bunch of green and white TechStars M&M in the yogurt.

Brad ces yoguart 9

So far it has been a terrible eating day.

After lunch we continued in Eureka Park until 4 pm.

Was anyone tired yet?

Anyone tired yet

We were scheduled to go to the YPO meeting in the LYNKS Hotel after Eureka Park.

Brad met a couple of people as a favor to YPO’s CEO.

The hotel was advertised as being only 1 hotel away from the Venetian. The problem was it was over a mile away from the Sands in the bitter cold. I was done when we got there.

The next get together was a Foundry Group get together in a Mexican restaurant at the Venetian. It was a lot of fun. I spoke to lots of people and met lots of new people.

I was on running on empty. The wonderful people at TechStars begged me to come to their dinner that I was invited to. I tried but had to bale out for a good night’s sleep.

After a great night’s sleep I was determined to have a mellow day. It just did not happen. There were too many things to see and absorb.

I went to Brad’s panel on Diversity.

Brad diversity

I spent a lot of time in the area of micro-sensors and their use. We have not seen anything yet folks.

The use in clothing and exercise clothing made my head spin

I also spent a lot of time in the Smart Home and Smart Lighting area.

The night before I left Dallas Cecelia and I watched a Netflix movie entitled IT with Peirce Brosnan.

It is about the building of a Smart Home and its consequences.

My wife will never let us have a Smart Home after that movie.

I have news for everyone. Singularity is here. We do not have to wait for an Artificial Intelligent world.

It is here and we are living it.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” is, mine and mine alone.

All Rights Reserved © 2006 – 2017 “Repairing The Healthcare System” Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

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The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” is, mine and mine alone.

All Rights Reserved © 2006 – 2015 “Repairing The Healthcare System” Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

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Atlanta Weekend With Daniel

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

I love spending a weekend each year with each of my sons.

I have done that with Daniel and Brad once a year for at least the last decade.

Daniel picked L.A. this year then, he changed his mind. He wanted to go to Atlanta. He had Tech Stars business in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday and his 25th Emory homecoming on Saturday.

He figured he would kill three birds with one stone. I would love mingling with young people (47 year olds) at the 25th college reunion.

The plan was to meet up on Friday afternoon at 2:30 pm at the Atlanta airport.

I would go to Atlanta Thursday morning and spend twenty-four hours with one of my best friends Dr. Albert Padwa, Professor Emeritus at Emory University, now an accomplished artist/sculptor.

Al and I have been buddies since the second grade at P.S.70 in the Bronx. We both went to Wade Jr. High School and Taft High School in the Bronx.

We competed with each other in a very friendly way. We were considered the smartest kids in the class.

We both went to Columbia College and graduated in the Class of 59. I went on to Medical School. Al got a PhD in Chemistry. He did that instead of medicine because he could not tolerate the sight of blood.

He became a famous free radical organic chemist at Emory University.

We have been pals for 73 years.

When Daniel went to Emory as an undergraduate Al and his wife looked after him.

Al and I spent a great day together going over old times and some old adventures.

First, we went to Emory’s chemistry building to see his mobiles. He has mobiles all over the new chemistry building. They are truly excellent.

Chem building Al

Next, we went to his house to see his mobiles and stabiles. I fell in love with two of them. I think he will give me one of his stabiles for my backyard.

My sculpure

I showed Brad my pictures of Al’s work. He wants to buy one.


Brads sculpture

On Friday morning we went to Piedmont Park. Piedmont Park is one of the great botanical gardens in the world.

Piedmont 1
Piedmont 3
Piedmont 2

The next morning we went to the Atlanta version of the New York City’s High Line, the Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail.

Beltline 2
Beltline 1

Large Cities are finally figuring out how to make themselves livable.

On the trail we had lunch in an old reconditioned factory. I had a delicious shrimp roll.

Then, we then drove out to the airport to pick up Daniel. Al wanted to hang out with Daniel in the afternoon. We had a great time finding an ice cream parlor in Al’s neighborhood the Virginia Highlands.

As soon as we walked into the lobby we saw a bunch of Daniel’s fraternity brothers. I knew most of them. We shot the bull for a while (2 hours) before we ever got to our room.

We went downstairs immediately because we were now late in getting to Kenny and Lisa Feld’s house.

Kenny is my brother Charlie Feld’s son. Daniel is one year older than Kenny. I love Kenny and Lisa.

Brad is one year older than Jon, Charlie’s other son.

The boys spent many weekends together when Cecelia and I left town for a date weekend. Charlie and his wife took care of my kids. Each couple watched the other couple’s kids for date weekends.

We have a wonderful evening with them and their two kids, Sidney and Dillon.

Kenny then drove us to some bar near Virginia Highlands for the first official homecoming event. Daniel’s class had a bigger representation than most of the other reunion years.

The opening event was much different than my 25th Reunion at Columbia. I had fun at the Emory Reunion opening night. The noise was deafening.

We went back to the hotel via Uber. The Uber driver convinced me to download Waze. It is an excellent GPS. Waze is one hundred times better than the GPS in both my Lexus’. Lexus needs to learn something from them.

At ten am Saturday morning we were on the way to the World of Coca Cola. I have been to Atlanta several times but have never been to the World of Coca-Cola.

Coke 2

Coke 1

My visits have always been for business. I never made time to visit Atlanta for fun. Daniel and I had a great time tasting all the Coca Cola products produced all over the world. Frankly, some of them were awful. However, I am sure they fit the taste of that individual country.

The most precious time was just talking to each other about life goals and our philosophy of life.

Next stop was a Mexican fast food place in downtown Atlanta. It was better than I had expected.

After lunch we walked across the park to the National Collegiate Hall of Fame. I did not know it existed. I enjoyed that very much.

I picked out the Columbia College helmet. We always had the worst team in the Ivy League. The museum had all the helmets of all the collegiate leagues and biographies of all the college stars in the Hall of Fame.

Columbia helmet

It was over 90 degrees when we went to the Emory Reunion Lawn Party. I was so hot I lasted only about an hour. The instructions I got to get back to the hotel were terrible. After a two-hour hike I stopped a woman to ask how far the hotel was from here. We got into a nice conversation as she started walking me to the hotel.

We passed her car on the way to the hotel. She said “why don’t I drive you to the hotel?”

I guess she saw how overheated I was and how horrible I looked. I accepted with great relief.

In the hotel room I took a cold shower. I remembered my days at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas when someone would come into the ER with heat stroke and we put them in an ice cube filled bathtub.

I feel much better in ten minutes.

Daniel came home just before the next event. He needed a cold shower too.

Down to the lobby and off to Turner Field for the next event. It is all about reuniting will friends, some of whom you haven’t seen in 25 years.

The barbeque was good but not as good as Sonny Bryan’s or Dickey’s in Dallas.

The conversations were wonderful. Daniel’s classmates (men and women) were as dressed up as you can be in 2016.

I had a great time that weekend. In the hotel room Daniel and I talked for a while. I was off to the airport relatively early on Sunday having once again spending a wonderful weekend with one of my sons.


The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

All Rights Reserved © 2006 – 2016 “Repairing The Healthcare System” Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

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Another Father Son Weekend

Stanley Feld M.D., FACP, MACE

Every year Brad and I go away somewhere to just hang out, eat a lot of ice cream and a couple of fancy meals. Daniel and I do the same drill on a separate weekend.

Both boys and I feel it is very good for our health and spirit. When they were teenagers and young men I felt good because I had the opportunity to teach them something when we were alone.

Those days are long past. I am the one that learns from them and their view of life. I relish the opportunity to just to be with them alone and talk about their life and their worldviews.

Brad and I can walk for hours just talking.

Brad always has me pick the city. This year I picked Chicago. I know Brad’s been to Chicago 100 times. He was the lead investor in Chicago based Feedburner and was on the board of directors.

I guessed Brad had never been on the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise. I have done that tour three (3). It is a very educational experience. Brad knows a good deal about architecture but had never been on the Chicago River Cruise.

The cruise and the Chicago Cubs is the reason I picked a trip to Chicago.

We both got into Chicago about ten a.m. on Friday May 6th. I had a terrible time getting through security at DFW airport even with TSA Pre. I have had TSA Pre early on and never had a two block line at DFW airport. Something funny is going on with TSA.

The ride from O’hare was not bad because the driver took the side streets.

Brad booked two rooms at the Peninsula Hotel.

It was getting late after checking in, talking and playing with all the electronic toys in the room. We had tickets for a 1.00 p.m. River Cruise.

We had a quick lunch at Rosebud on Rush. I had eaten there before. The pasta was excellent.

Chicago May 6 Rosebud pasta

We then walked the mile to the River Cruise port just below the Michgan Avenue bridge.

As we walked over the bridge guess what we saw?

Chicago bridge tump

Donald Trump is ubiquitous even in Chicago. Actually, this is the first building the tour guide told us about.

The Wrigley building is a wonderful building. It was the first building we went into after the boat tour because it has a Ghiradeli ice cream store.

Brad and I usually have chocolate ice cream twice a day during our weekends together.

Chicago Ghardeli

Let us get back to the River cruise. The cruise gives one the opportunity to see Chicago and the tremendous architecture along the riverfront from a viewpoint one never sees on the city streets. Chicago has done a wonderful job it showing what can be accomplished using the riverfront as an asset for revitalizing g a city.

  Chicago building 2

Chicago Wrigley Building

Chicago river boat building 1

Chicago building Grand Avenue

  Chicago building 2a

Chicago 3 a

Chicago 4a

Chicago 5a

Chicago 6a

I think I have made my point. This is a tour that should not be missed.

After our ice cream we walked the mile back to the hotel. Along the way we stopped in a few stores. We stopped in Disney’s store to see the BB-8 display, the Garmin store, the Nike store, and the Under Armour store.

Along the way we talked politics, philosophy, economics and life in general.

It was time for a half hour nap. Brad and I are both experts on napping. He claims I taught him how to nap.

Next we were off to Swift and Sons for dinner. We met Brad’s friend Jeff Hyman for a drink at Swift and Sons before dinner. I love meeting Brad’s friends. I always learn a lot from them. Brad had invested in one of Jeff’s companies a while ago.

After drinks Brad and I had dinner and talked more. After dinner we were trying to figure out where to have chocolate ice cream. A chocolate ice cream sundae just showed up for both of us with the following note from Phil Nadel of Florida.

Chicago 7a


Our Chocolate Ice Cream

Chicago  swift on sons Phil nagel
The note was in response to Brad’s blog post pre our Chicago trip in which he said,

My only regret about my father son trip with my dad is that we’ve only been doing it for a decade. I wish we had started 40 years ago. If you are a father and your son is at least ten years old, I strongly encourage you to consider this tradition. If you are a son and you are at least 20 years old, I encourage you to take the initiative and just start doing this with your dad.”

I second this comment. I also suggest you open Brad’s link and read the comment section.

On Saturday morning Brad went for a long run along Lake Michigan. I intended to go for a short run (3 miles). I went outside. It was 48 degrees with a strong wind coming from the north. I went back into the Peninsula Hotel and up to its exercise room. It was good enough for me.

Chacago 8 a Brad Run

Next was the Chicago Cubs game. The game started at 3 p.m. Brad’s partner Jason Mendelson arranged a 12.30 pm tour of Wrigley Field for us.

We had to go to Giardino Pizza which was right across the street on Rush. I had forgot it takes forever to cook a Giardino’s Pizza. We had to down the pizza, then get an Uber to get us to Wrigley Field in time for the tour.

The pizza was great but the eating experience was lousy.

We met our tour guide in front of the Ernie Banks statue.

Chicago Earnie Banks statue

I look a little stuffed because I had all the clothes I brought in my suitcase on for the game. I wore three undershirts, two button down shirts, one cashmere sweater and a Cubs T shirt.

Brad was still shivering from his run on the lake. He went to the Cubs store and bought a sweatshirt hoody and hat.

Chicago Brad new clothes

The guide took us all around the ballpark showing us the renovations historical elements and collected mementoes.

Chicago mememtoes

The Cubs have been a perennial losing team. In the last few years, under Manager Joe Madden, the Cubs become a pennant contender. On May 7th they had the best record in their division and in all National League divisions.

Thanks to Jason Mendelson and his friendship with the Cubs present owner Brad and I had the best seats in the house. We had a chance to see how Joe Madden manages the team.

Chicago Joe Madden

It was a fabulous game. The National were first in the eastern division. The lead changed hands 3 times during the game. The Cubs beat the Washington Nationals 8 to 5 in a superbly managed baseball game by both Joe Madden and the Nationals Dusty Baker.

Chicago ball park hitter

Chicago catcher

Chicago batters box

Both managers used almost their bench.

After the game we had dinner at Coco Pazzo with Troy Henikoff (who runs Techstars Chicago) and his wife Kristin (a Columbia College graduate and lawyer). They are two lovely people. The conversation was stimulating. I always learn a lot from Brad’s friends. Thank you Brad.

We walked a mile and a half from Coco Pazzo to the Peninsula at 11 pm. It was warmer than the game time temperature.

We were tired but we are heading home in the morning.

This last picture is at the airport after another unforgettable weekend with Brad.

Chicago airport picture

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

All Rights Reserved © 2006 – 2016 “Repairing The Healthcare System” Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

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Cecelia Feld: Colorful Abstract Collages

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists   January 14, 2015

“Hi Cassie

 I have been married to Cecelia for 52 years. She is a great woman as well as a very talented artist.

 I fell in love with her 56 years ago because of her wonderful personality, great looks and exquisite sensitivity for the joy of life.

She has a phenomenal ability to express this joy of life through her abstract art.

Cassie, you picked that up in your excellent description of her work.

I was a pre-med student with a fine arts concentration at Columbia College in NYC.  I took all the courses related to abstract art from 1900 to 1959 offered at   Columbia College and audited courses given at Barnard College.  I was fascinated by abstract art. I graduated from Columbia College  in 1959.

I graduated with a good understanding of abstract art.

Many people do not understand abstract art. 

 I would like to publish excerpts of your article about Cecelia, with your permission, in my blog Repairing the Healthcare System, to give my readers an understanding of the meaning of Cecelia’s abstract work. 

Your analysis of her art is right on target.

On August 27, 2015 Cecelia is going to have an opening of an exhibit of some of her work on the Colorado University campus in conjunction with the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

 Your excellent article on  will be a good introduction to Cecelia’s exhibit.

 Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE”


“Hello, Stan!

I would be more than happy to give you the “go ahead” to publish whatever you’d like from my article as long as you would cite either myself or EmptyEasel as your source

 Thank you for being so kind as to ask first. I’m thrilled you enjoyed my article and interpretation of Cecelia’s art, which is wonderful. I hope your readers find a better appreciation and understanding of her art through the article.

Please take care!

Cassie Rief”

Cecelia Feld: Colorful Abstract Collages

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists   January 14, 2015

 “Artist Cecelia Feld of Dallas, Texas, feels strongly about the art of conversation, especially when it’s her artwork telling the story!

Cecelia says that when color, line, shape and texture are in conversation with one another, it brings about a lively, energetic quality to the composition.

Her collages typically combine several repurposed prints (etchings, monotypes, and collagraphs) with found paper. She then often paints on the paper, using acrylics to anchor and frame each collage.

“Travel, near and far, has always provided inspiration for my art,” Cecelia said. “Through painting, printmaking, collage and photography, I interpret the world around me.”

 Let’s take a look, shall we?

In the collage below, yellow, green, and blue colors accent loose, squiggly paint smears that surround and incorporate a variety of images cut into several different geometric shapes.

Cecelia 1

As I look, I find myself trying to pick out individual elements of the collage before realizing the totality of the piece is what makes it so vibrant.

Being able to identify a stylish bracelet here, a chandelier there gives the collage a sense of avant-guardism, but the energy of the piece is at its best when enjoyed as a whole.

Cecelia definitely loves to incorporate half-circles into her work, and I think it’s particularly successful in Have Map, Will Travel because it draws the viewer in and out of the collage, shaking up the idea that artwork must fit within certain parameters.

Cecelia 2

The color combinations in this collage work especially well together, featuring spicy cinnamon hues, plum, and mint shades, all of which are soft, warm and inviting.

Lovely inklings of periwinkle are sprinkled deftly throughout the collage, while gentle curves mimic the slightest winding road, in essence, bringing a map to life.

Lastly, large brushstrokes swirl and arch in a flourish in Springtime Suite 3, where all the colors of spring have awoken from a winter’s dream and are bursting forth like a bouquet of daisies, tulips and baby’s breath.

Cecelia 3

Spearmint green abounds energetically throughout this collage, leaving a bright, playful trail that links everything together.

An angled box to the left of the painting is the focal point, where various items encircle a luxurious green and gold chalice found resting comfortably deep within the collage.

Of course, any review of Cecelia’s work wouldn’t be complete without a mention of her beautiful photographs, which touch the soul and tell of the widespread places she’s been and the unforgettable people she’s met along the way.

I encourage you to take a minute to view the rest of Cecelia’s work on her website.

I hope this short tutorial helps explain the joyful message in Cecelia’s Abstract Art.  

Cecelia combines color, form, line and texture into compositions to evoke joyful emotional responses.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the Mackey Auditorium Gallery on the Boulder CU campus from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm Thursday August 27, 2015.

To those of you who cannot come go to Cecelia’s website and use Cassie Rief’s tutorial as a guide to heighten your enjoyment of Cecelia Feld’s work.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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It’s Daniel Time!

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Readers of this blog know I try to spend a weekend each year alone with each of my sons Daniel and Brad.

I spent Memorial Day weekend with Daniel. Both my boys are great kids. Actually, they are not kids any more. Daniel is 46 and Brad is 49.

 I feel like a kid when we hang out together.

 Last weekend was “Its Daniel Time.” We met up in Chicago on Thursday afternoon and walked like crazy from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning.

Each day was more than a 15,000 steps according to my FitBit. Each day I jumped when the buzzer went off at 10,000 steps.

We stayed at the Hotel Chicago, which is located in a great spot. It is right next to Marina City and the House of Blues.  

 My flight was late. I arrived at the hotel at 4.15 pm. There was no time for a nap.

 We hit the street and ended up at Joe's Steak and Seafood Grille without a reservation at 5.30 pm without a reservation.  It was packed. Who would think the first table was at 9.30 pm.  We were lucky and got a table at the bar.

We ate relatively light in anticipation of what lay ahead. We each ordered a main entrée. It was a mistake because it was too much food for each of us.

 The weather was perfect. It was 65 degrees and no wind. We decided to walk the two miles down Rush Street to North St, then to 1606 N Wells and Second City.

The Second City show was as good as it has ever been. The actors were as clever as I have seen. Laughter is therapy.


 Daniel and I experienced almost three hours of continuous laughter. We were so exhausted from laughing that we had to take a taxi back to the hotel. Next we had to find chocolate ice cream at 11:30 p.m. to complete the day.

 No one at the hotel or in the street knew of a nearby ice cream parlor. We had to settle for Smith and McCormick Steakhouse’s “Gigantic Chocolate Cake” and two scoops of chocolate ice cream.

Dan Gigan cho cake

Friday began at 7 a.m. with exercise. Daniel went to the gym and I stretched in the room with the rubber band.

We did not have breakfast on Friday, just coffee in the room. The next stop was the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise.

 I have taken the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s River Cruse.  Ride several times over the years during my visits to Chicago. It is great. It is a must for any reader has not done it.

  Dan First lady Chicago

In more than 40 years there have been many architectural changes on both sides of the Chicago River. The River Cruise gives you an understanding its evolution and it place in the history of urban planning in Chicago.

The last time I was in Chicago with Daniel on a father son trip it was at the end of March and the tour was not closed for the winter.

At that time we did one of the many architectural walking tours the Chicago Architectural Foundation does in the city. It, too, was great.    

You cannot beat a sunny 60 degree morning on the Chicago River cruise.

Next we walked to Millennium Park.

All this time Daniel and I are talking about life in general, family, politics and the future. These discussions are the most fun for me. It results in a one on one interaction and bonding with my son.

Millennium Park is a brilliant treasure in the middle of downtown Chicago. This time we concentrated on the Cloud Gate sculpture.

  Cloud Gate

We took selfies and our distorted reflection. Who said you are only a kid once?

  Dan Selfie

It was lunchtime and we were hungry. Twenty-five years ago I had pizza in a small restaurant called Giordano’s near the Watertower. I remembered the “Chicago Deep Dish Classic.”  They now has 16 restaurants in the Chicago area.

Giardo pie

Only in America!

We met Don Loeb, V.P. of Development at TechStars who works with Daniel who is V.P. of Operations at TechStars. Our “Chicago Classic” was great. Our animated discussions about Repairing the Healthcare System was an added bonus.

After the pizza we had to have a chocolate ice cream fix.

Dan don stan Baskin Rob
 Dan,Stan,Don at Baskin/Robbins Chicago May 23,2015

We found a Baskin and Robbins two blocks away. Someone ought to tell Mayor Emanuel that downtown Chicago needs a fancy ice cream parlor. Ghirardelli Chocolate Co is the only one we could find on Michigan Avenue.

It was 3.30 pm. It was back to the hotel for naptime. I wanted to cover more territory but we both ran out of gas.

After a beautiful nap we were off to Big Mike’s, Mike Ditka’s Steak House. Daniel and I shared a steak, baked potato and broccoli. It was delicious.


We were so full. We could have Ghirardelli’s ice cream sundae just yet so we walked about a mile north on Michigan Avenue  and then turned back to Ghiradelli’s.


Decedent,Indeed. Oh hell, it’s a father son weekend.

  Dan ic@ ghira

After that we walked from the Water Tower back to Hotel Chicago for the end of the Cleveland Cav’s game and sleep.

Sunday morning was the Memorial Day parade. Before the parade we walked to The Merchandise Mart. We walked in the Mart for about an hour. Then we headed for the new Boeing Building to buy something in the store. It was closed.

 It was 11 am and the parade was to start at noon. We started back to get a good place to watch the parade. It was a nice Memorial Day parade. We only got a glimpse of the mayor because he and his people rushed by to start the parade. I was disappointed. It should have been a grand entry.

  Dan Mem para skyscr

After the parade a light lunch a little more walking around. Daniel decided it was naptime.

Tonight we were going to see Rain and their tribute to the Beatles.



We walked to the theater and back. All we could find was another Baskin and Robbins for another hot fudge sundae to complete the day.


We had to get up early to get an early morning flight so we did not go into the House of Blues.


If you have not tried this kind of weekend with your kids, one kid at a time, I recommend it. It is a prescription for good health.

   The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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The Gourmet Group, a.k.a “Gourmet”

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Last Saturday night our Gourmet Club met for the 350th time since 1971. We started as five couples. The men started their medical practices in Dallas, Texas in the summer of 1970.

One couple, unfortunately, died and so now we are four couples.

Four fifths of us did not know any one in Dallas when we arrived. We all met at a newcomer’s party organized by one of the national medical school fraternities. We were all invited even though none of us were fraternity members.

The five couples hit it off instantly. The woman got together. They thought it would be a good idea to start a five couple Gourmet Group. They wanted to become gourmet cooks.

They all became gourmet cooks. The Gourmet Group’s dinners are the best dinners in Dallas.

Last week I realized the wonder of the Gourmet Group when I was in our kitchen at clean up time. The guys were washing the multitude of dishes a four course gourmet diner generates.

In the beginning, Gourmet’s goal was to prepare a meal from every country on the globe and every region of the United States.

The women would have Gourmet planning. They brought cookbooks and cooking magazines (i.e. Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, Gourmet), and decided on the country or region. Men were not allowed to attend. These meeting lasted up to four hours. I have no evidence but I think they must have discussed more than just the menu.

The houses are rotated in alphabetical order. The hostess does the main dish. The previous hostess brings the wine and bread.  Now that we are down to four couples the previous hostess might have to prepare one of the courses.

In recent years, with all of us traveling as much as we do, Gourmet planning has been eliminated. The hostess plans the menu and gives out assignments.

All the meals remain as interesting as they were forty-three years ago. These women are serious cooks.

The couples all feel that we are extended family.

We watched all our kids grow up, go off to college, get married, start their professional life and have their own kids. We are watching these kids grow up. We celebrate life cycle events.

We celebrate some holidays together. We have traveled together.

We schedule dinner about every four to six weeks. The rule is to not schedule anything once the date is set. If a change is essential the couple responsible for the change has to coordinate the new date since the firm date was scheduled when everyone was at the previous dinner.

During dinner we eat, have a couple of bottles of appropriate wine, catch up on our lives, travel, our kids and their kids and sometimes politics.

We are close friends and try to get together as often as possible in addition to the “official “ Gourmet Group's dinners.  

Gourmet has been a wonderful life experience for all of us. I would like to encourage others to start a Gourmet Group like ours.

  The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.  

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Spring Cleaning

Stanley Feld M.D., FACP,MACE

Last week Cecelia decided it was time to do a little Spring Cleaning. It is true that I had promised her two years ago I would get up in the attic and get rid of the things I do not want.

I was amazed to discover what we have accumulated over a 44 year time period. Some of my friends have told me it is imperative that families move to another house every 10 years to get rid of all the junk you save.

Once you sell the house you have to empty the attic. That’s when you throw away all the junk you accumulated over the ten-year period.

I tried to do just that after we built our house and lived in it for five years. Brad was 11 and Daniel was 7 at that time.

Cecelia and I had custom designed a wonderful contemporary house. It has multiple great spaces and large glass windows in the front and the back. There were not many contemporary houses in Dallas at that time.

Contemporary houses are less rare now.

When we told Brad and Daniel of our plan to sell the house they said this is our house. "You cannot sell it. We have our initials in the driveway!'

"They said we love the neighborhood. We do not want to leave our friends or our schools."

 Actually, I was not unhappy about this reaction. A new house would mean either the stress of building or remodeling a house as well as a higher mortgage. A bigger house would mean we would have to move to a smaller property when the kids left for college and beyond.

My potential destiny would be to move into a condo. Condos were getting popular in Dallas Texas at that time.

So we stayed in “our house “ for the next 39 years. We are still going strong. I have no desire to move into a condo.

I was brought up in an apartment building in the Bronx. I remember the smells of many of our neighbors’ dinners. I remember the sounds of the music they played in their apartments.

A Columbia College classmate went on to become an architect as I went on to become a physician.

At dinner one night we had a discussion about New York City condos.

Cecelia and I were still thinking about settling in New York City.

His impression of condo living was that the condos were homes piled on top of one another.

He zoomed in on condos. He said if you think about them they are similar to shelves at a supermarket piled on top of one another. The people are like cans of food on a shelf.

The analogy has stuck with me since it fit how I felt living and growing up in the apartment in the Bronx.

Many years later one of my Dallas friends asked for my opinion about condo living.

Wrong question.

I did not even think that he had decided to downsize and buy a condo.

I told him about my classmate’s analogy to living as cans on a shelf in a supermarket. He was not pleased with that analogy. He had decided to buy a condo.

He has thrown it up to me at least 100 times over the years. I felt terrible I told him about this analogy. I have never used the analogy since.  

I am still in my house. He did not grow up in an apartment building in the Bronx.

Let me continue with Spring Cleaning.

I am very fond of saving things from the past for historical reasons.

I started Brad on an excellent stamp collection. We had sheets and every end block of stamps issued in 1976 celebrating the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States.

Brad has no interest in stamps now.

He has kept all the early computers we bought including the original Apple II, the first McIntosh computer and the first Compaq portable computer. He has them in his computer museum. I have about ten more to send him for his collection.

  Apple ii McIntosh Compaq
Apple II                         MacIntosh               Compaq portable (60 pounds

Cecelia and I gave the stamp collection to our granddaughter.

I taught Brad and Daniel how to collect baseball cards in the 1970s. Somewhere in the attic there are five shoeboxes full of 1970 cards that are preserved in mint condition. I will find them some day. They are probably very valuable to card collectors.

I couldn’t believe the things I found wrapped up and stored in the attic.

1. The Royal typewriter I used in college to type papers. It still works even though the ribbon is a little dry.


2. My Zeiss medical school microscope along with the bill of sale. It was $300. Three hundred dollars was a fortune in 1959.  


3. A Pachinko machine. The family spent many hours playing with it.


4. A Red IBM Selectric typewriter.


5. Almost every suitcase we ever owned.

6. A brass bed set I bought in anticipation of buying a ranch someday. I got them very cheap.

7. Boxes and boxes of checks, check statements and receipts from the 1970’s 1980s and 1990s.

I can go on forever. There were three finds in the attic that were extremely nostalgic.

The first was my appointment scheduling books from 1970,1971 and 1972. I used a Histicount system inclusive of billing and bookkeeping. The scheduling books represented my first three years practicing Clinical Endocrinology exclusively.

Those appointment books represented my building of a Clinical Endocrinology practice.  In the early 1970 there were few physicians in America practicing Clinical Endocrinology exclusively.

At that time over 70% of the nation did not know what a Clinical Endocrinologist was or what he did. Most could not pronounce Endocrinology.

In 1990 the formation of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists put Clinical Endocrinology on the medical specialist’s map.  

The appointment book was almost empty when I started in 1970.

At the end of 1972 the appointment book was completely filled.


2. Most of my friends will tell you I am a gadget guy. Mobile telephones intrigued me. I got most all the “hot telephones” and saved them for future historical reasons. What was I thinking?



In recent years I stopped saving the phones. Cecelia convinced me that saving all this obsolete junk was ridiculous. I took this picture of them and their wires. It made me smile. Cecelia will find out how to appropriately dispose of them

3. Prior to the smart book and smart phones I used a date book to tell me where I was suppose to be and when I was suppose to be there. These date books are also going.


There are three take home points to make here.

 1. Always listen to your wife. She knows best.

 2. If they are in the attic you never use them and you forget that you have them.

 3. The attic is less cluttered. The kids are only going to throw everything out when you are gone.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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