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Bernie Sanders’ Proposed Tax Hikes To Pay For “Medicare for All”

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP, MACE

Nothing is free despite Bernie Sanders and other socialists’ promises. “Medicare for All”is proposed to replace private insurance with government insurance as the single party payer.

The government controls of several parts of our healthcare system. All these parts, Medicare, Medicaid and the VA Healthcare System, are financially unsustainable. All, except Medicare for seniors, are unsatisfying for patients.

Each year the Medicare premiums and deductibles for seniors have been increased, services have decreased and reimbursement to providers have decreased. It is past the point of being unaffordable for many patients although it has been invaluable for sick patients who could not possibly afford the cost of care without Medicare.

In reality the government owns these healthcare services, but it does not run these healthcare services. The administrative services are outsourced to the healthcare insurance industry. The healthcare insurance industry, in turn, has figured out how to game the system and take advantage of the government and citizens involved in the system.

Additionally, the inefficiency of government bureaucracy intensifies waste and cost. The estimated cost of Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” is thirty -trillion dollars of ten years. Many believe thirty-two trillion dollars over ten years is a low number. It is also over 90% of the United States’ total ten- year budget at present spending.  

 Bernie Sanders has released a set of tax hike options in order to get some of the money to pay for his fiasco.

These tax hikes would hit American families at every income level and businesses large and small. The proposal increases taxes by $16.2 trillion over the next decade, according to an estimate of Americans for Tax Reform.”

This proposal will cover only half of the thirty-two trillion-dollar estimate.

  1. A 4% increase in payroll tax to employees.

“According to Sen. Sanders’ estimates, this increases taxes on American families and individuals by $3.9 trillion over ten years.”

  1. A new 7% increase in payroll tax for employers.

This tax will hinder business growth. It will decrease employment because it will decrease business spending on employees. It will also increase government spending for entitlements. This tax increase will only provide an estimated 3.5 trillion dollars over 10 years. It will probably result in less than 3.5 trillion because there will be less payroll tax to collect.

Please note Bernie’s numbers between employee and employer payroll taxes do not add up. It is pure fiction.

  1. The proposal would ban employer-provided healthcare insurance and repeal the employer deductions for health care insurance. The net result will be increasing taxes on businesses by over $3 trillion over a decade.

     This adds up to an additional 3 trillion-dollar cost to business not necessarily a three trillion-dollar savings.

  1. Bernie Sanders’ proposal would also repeal Health Savings Accounts, which are utilized by an estimated 25 million American families. Health Savings Accounts are a good deal for middle class families earning between $60,000 to $200,000 a year. Health Savings Accounts would even be more attractive if they were changed to Medical Savings Accounts.  

At present roughly half of the Health Savings Accounts are owned by middle class families.

A key element in a successful reform of the healthcare system is to provide health and financial incentives to citizens. Citizens must become responsible for their health and healthcare dollar in order for healthcare reform to succeed.

Bernie’s plan helps people be less responsible for themselves and more dependent on the government.

Isn’t this exactly what the socialists want? Historically socialism always fails.

  1. The tax deduction for cafeteria plans and the medical expense deduction is also eliminated.
  2. Eliminating Health Tax “Expenditures”

n all, Sanders estimates this will increase taxes on families and businesses by $4.2 trillion.

  1. 70 percent Top Tax Bracket for Ordinary Income and Capital Gains Income

This would give America the highest income tax rate in the world.

“ According to the Tax Foundation, a top 70 percent rate for ordinary income and capital gains income above $10 million will raise $51.4 billion over a decade. After accounting for macroeconomic effects, the proposal would actually cost the government $63.5 billion because of the proposal suppresses investment and economic growth.” In reality the income and negative effect to the government are a small number and insignificant to paying for the cost of “Medicare for All.”

  1. 77 Percent Death Tax

“Sanders proposes raising the death tax rate to 77 percent for inheritances.  

     Currently, the death tax applies to estates over $11 million or 22 million per couple. Over 22 million dollars is taxed at a rate of 40%.

      The death tax is, in reality, a double tax. People have paid tax on the money they have saved already. At the time of death, the government taxes them again on post-tax dollars. The tax should really be called a confiscation tax.

      Bernie Sander’s death tax proposal will increase taxes by $2.2 trillion over ten years. This is an insignificant amount compared to what “Medicare for All” will cost.

  1. Wealth Tax
    “Bernie Sanders proposes an annual wealth tax of 1 percent kicking in above $21 million in assets. Sanders estimates the proposal will increase taxes by $1.3 trillion over ten years.”

      10. Bank Tax

         “ Sanders proposes a tax on financial institutions totaling $800 billion over ten years.”

      11.Broaden the Self Employment Tax
Sanders would require business owners to report more of their business income as salary, increasing the amount of self-employment tax owed. This would increase taxes by $247 billion over ten years.

The total increase in taxes would only result in a $16.5 trillion-dollar payment on a thirty-two trillion-dollar bill. Where will Bernie get the rest of the money? He probably figures the government could print the other $16 trillion dollars. If it does it will decrease the value of the tax increases and an overall cost will be higher than 32 trillion dollars.

There is something seriously wrong with socialistic thinking. I do not believe the majority of American will fall for this serious defect in thinking.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

Copywrite 2006-2019

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Do Finland’s and Britain’s Healthcare System Work

Stanley Feld M.D.FACP,MACE

 The Finn’s have been frustrated with their highly praised and publicized socialistic healthcare system. Finland’s free healthcare system has received excellent press in Britain. Now citizens in the U.S. are being brainwashed about the success of this system by Bernie Sanders.

Why? Britain’s socialized medicine system is collapsing. The system lost 200,000 nurses since 2010.  

In 2017/18, more than 26,000 nurses left the health service.  Voluntary resignations from the NHS is up 55 per cent.

The number of NHS staff quitting over long hours has tripled in six years. Voluntary resignations citing chronic staff shortages resulting in long hours and poor work-life balance were the largest reason for such nurses quitting the NHS. Primary care physicians are quitting for the same reasons and low reimbursement.

Royal College of Nursing (RCN) acting chief executive, Dame Donna Kinnair, said: “Health and care services are losing thousands of experienced, dedicated nursing staff who feel as if no-one is sufficiently listening to their concerns and patient care is routinely compromised by chronic staff shortages.

The National Health Service is about to lose more nurses and physicians because the National Health Service is about to have to reduce nurses’ pay once again while increasing weekly work hours.

“Finland’s health service has been in a parlous state for decades and it is getting worse.”

Bernie Sanders should not be telling us how great “Medicare for All” will be.

Last year former Social Security and Medicare Trustee Charles Blahous exposed the $32.6 trillion price tag.

“As massive as BernieCare’s estimated $32.6 trillion ten-year price tag is, it would be even more massive if it didn’t assume that U.S. doctors and nurses will simply accept the low pay and poor working conditions that Mr. Sanders has in mind.”

“The 32.6 trillion assumes doctors and nurses in the United States continue to willingly practice medicine if the job comes with lower pay and even more bureaucracy than the current highly regulated system?”

it will create a deficit of more than three trillion dollars a year and not save the 600 billion dollars over ten years promised. Bernie Sanders should know Britain’s and Finland’s free healthcare systems have failed. He should stop lying to the American public.

Back to Finland and the big Bernie lie. 

Finland has more doctors per capita than the UK but, at the level of primary care, a far higher proportion of these physicians are in private practice that is the case in Britain.

Seventeen percent (17%) of Finnish doctors work solely in the private sector. Most of these physicians are general practitioners. This is twice the percentage of physicians that were in the private sector twenty years ago.

An additional twenty percent of physicians work in the private sector as well and the public sector.  

The bizarre thing is most employers in Finland pay for their workers to have private primary healthcare. Employers do not pay for their employees’ families. The families remain in the public sector.

The public sector is far from free. A family practitioner visit cost 16.10 euros. However, patients only pay for the first three visits and then it is free.

According to Dr. Saarinen of Ula “the more experienced and “better” doctors end up in the private sector, leaving the “inexperienced” and “inefficient” doctors running the health centers.”

 Private practitioners are better paid and work under less pressure than public practitioners.

“A hospital consultation in the public sector costs about €38, and you pay for each night that you spend in the hospital, up to a maximum of €679.”

The free healthcare service in Finland is not national. Municipalities pay for the free service. The result is service in poorer areas of the country tend to have bad health service and limited access to medical care.

Private GPs usually set up practices in more affluent areas where they are more likely to get paid.

It looks like a grim socialized medicine system. No wonder Finns deny the finding they are the happiest people in the world.

In Helsinki there are reports of huge queues at health centres (GP surgeries), waits for appointments of many weeks, and greater and greater demands with less and less funding. In south-eastern Finland, it takes about a month to see a GP. Back in December 2013, it was reported that Finns were increasingly using private doctors in neighboring Estonia to save time and money.”

Dr. Saarinen explains that the system essentially forces people to go private or rely on friends who are doctors.

Finland’s healthcare system has been a mess for at least two decades.

The big question is why in the U.S. do we permit politicians such as Bernie Sanders, OA Cortez, and a complicit mass media get away with the lies about the glory of socialized medicine?

How do we permit our media and our politicians get away with this disinformation?

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

Copywrite 2006-2019

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The Concept of “Medicare for All” is Misguided

The Concept of “Medicare for All” is Misguided

Stanley Feld M.D.FACP,MACE

Bernie Sanders (I-VT), has long been touting Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway as the shining examples of socialism and socialized medicine. 

 The New York Times reported on a UN study proving Finland is the happiest country in the world. The problem is the Finns do not think the study is accurate.

The New York Times has once again printed fake news to influence readers to believe in the wisdom of “Medicare for All.”

Carl Sandberg said in “The Prairie Years”, “If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth.”

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been hanging his socialistic rhetoric on the success of Finland’s socialist society and especially Finland’s healthcare system which is free healthcare for all. 

Last week Finland’s government collapsed over universal healthcare costs.                                                                                                                                                  

 Similar problems are bedeviling Sweden and Denmark, two other countries frequently held up as models to follow on health care. Finland’s crisis in particular comes as calls for universal health care have grown louder among Democrats in the United States.”

Americans have not heard from the mainstream media about the collapse of Finland’s government or the reasons for that collapse.

Norway is excused from this discussion because Norway has become a very rich country from its North Sea oil income and its restrictive immigration policies. It is the citizen’s sugar daddy along with a 50% tax rat

The Kaiser Family Foundation found that 58 percent of Americans oppose “Medicare for all” if told it would eliminate private health insurance plans, and 60 percent oppose it if it requires higher taxes.

Reuters reported that soaring treatment costs and longer life spans have particularly affected the Nordic countries financial problems.

“Nordic countries, where comprehensive welfare is the cornerstone of the social model, have been among the most affected,” according to Reuters. “But reform has been controversial and, in Finland, plans to cut costs and boost efficiency have stalled for years.”

..Just a few days before Finland’s government collapsed over its inability to foot the bill for its expansive socialist experiment, Sanders took to Twitter in an attempt to shame America.

Bernie SandersVerified account@BernieSanders

FollowFollow @BernieSanders


“In the United States it costs, on average, $12,000 to have a baby. In Finland it costs $60. We’ve got to end the disgrace of our profit-driven health care system and pass Medicare for all.”

With the collapse of Finland’s government over its inability to financially support its massive socialist agenda, Bernie will undoubtedly do the same thing he always does when socialism (or communism) fails: ignore, obfuscate, and deflect.”

 We only have to remember Vermont’s “Medicare for All” failure.

Bernie Sanders and AOC should read Finland and Sweden’s newspapers to understand that the people are unhappy with free but unavailable medical care. The unhappiness of the citizens historically happens in every socialist state.

If Democrats are successful in getting “Medicare for All” into law, we will face the same dilemma in America’s future.

Finland has been held up as a model welfare state. The distribution of the resulting high taxes is spent on the social issues the politicians think are most important and not what the citizens think are most important.  The majority of the high taxes are spent on education and childcare, not on health care.

The experience of a patient in Finland is very educational. This article appeared in Britain’s Guardian newspaper as Britain struggles with its National Health Services system.

“Why is Finland’s healthcare system failing my family?”

This reporter moved to Finland from the U.K. to experience this highly rated welfare state. Finland receives an extremely positive press in Britain. The British welfare state systems are failing.

“I have moved to from Britain to Finland because it is lauded as the shining example of a successful welfare state.”

“Imagine going to your nearest doctors’ surgery at 9am on a weekday with your sick six-year-old daughter because you cannot make an appointment over the phone. After your drive to another part of the city, you can’t simply book a time with the receptionist.”

 There is no receptionist. You have to swipe your daughter’s national insurance card through a machine, which gives you a number.

“Then you and your feverish child simply sit and wait. Or rather, you stand, because the room is so crowded that people are sitting on the floor, on steps, or leaning against walls. The numbers come up on a screen every 10 minutes or so, in no particular order so you’ve no idea how long your wait will be as your daughter complains of feeling cold then hot and then cold again.”

Patients get sicker and frustrated waiting for care.

“By 10.45, another patient’s dad exclaims he’s been there since 8.15, he’s had enough, and he’s going to go to a private GP. “You used to just be able to make an appointment with a doctor!” he says angrily.”

You are not waiting to see a physician you are waiting to see a nurse that will determine whether you see a physician assistant or General Practitioner.

At 11.30, you give up and take your daughter to see a private doctor as well, forking out £50 for the privilege.”

Finland’s schools always have the best ranked international student assessment results in the western world; there’s high social equality; all its teachers have master’s degrees.

But unknown to Bernie Sanders, Finland has one of the worst health services records in Europe.

According to an OECD report published in 2013, the Finnish health system is chronically underfunded. The Nordic nation of five million people spent only 7% of GDP on its public health system in 2012, compared with 8% in the UK. In 2012, the report found, 80% of the Finnish population had to wait more than two weeks to see a GP.

America’s healthcare system is becoming unaffordable. When politicians like Bernie Sanders, AOC, and all the announced Democrat candidates for president support “Medicare for All” it sounds easy and appealing. The fact is socialized medicine doesn’t work.

The only system that can work is a system that creates incentives for consumers to be financially and medically responsible for themselves and the creation of rules by the government forcing insurance companies and hospital systems to become competitive in favor of consumers.

Donald Trump knows this. If only our elected officials in Washington wanted to act for the benefit of the citizens who elected them.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

Copywrite 2006-2019

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 Changing The Rules: It Is Just The Beginning

 Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP, MACE

A proposal to cut Medicaid payments to some insurers with excessive reserves stirs concern from healthcare insurers.

Progressive politicians refuse to believe that entitlement programs like Medicaid are not viable. Politicians should be looking at creative ways to structure the Medicaid form of insurance for both physicians and patients.

I have not written a blog lately because both the Democrats and the establishment Republicans in both the house and the senate disillusion me. Neither house or senate members are interested in being creative.

Neither body knows how medicine works.

These politicians have no interest in doing what is best for the people who elected them. They are only interested in maintaining power and extending their power over the people they govern.

The result will be to decrease to quality of care to patients forever.

In the meantime there have been news stories on how different corporate organization and big businesses are trying to take over medicine.

Many readers have noticed that emergency clinics are popping up in every city and town.

I believe these emergency clinics centers are in reality real estate plays waiting for so that big corporations, like Aetna; to buy them out in order to expand their plans to take over medical care.

It feels similar to the proliferation of small banks in the 1980’s. These new small banks’ plan was to grow and be bought out at a premium by larger banks in order to enlarge the sale premium.

When the defective program (Medicaid) is a failure one should learn from that failure. One should not continue to try fixes to the program (Medicaid) when each fix creates greater dysfunction.

One should institute another plan that might work. However, government officials continuously apply an additional patch that leads to more unintentional consequences.

This week New York State governor Andrew Cuomo put another patch on its failed Medicaid system. I predict this patch will lead to more unintended consequences. The result will be to make Medicaid coverage worse for its New York State’s Medicaid recipients.

Governor’s Cuomo’s initial mistake was expanding Medicaid at President Obama’s request. He then compounded the mistake by subsequently allowing illegal immigrants in the state to receive Medicaid coverage.

It is not wise to take a financially failed system and expand it. It is much better to change the system.

Now Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget is proposing to cut Medicaid payments to certain health insurance companies with excess reserves, a move that is alarming insurers because of its intent and its ambiguity.

“The proposal, part of the $168.2 billion executive budget released last week, says that any Medicaid managed care or long-term care Health Maintenance Organization that has excess reserves across all lines of business would be subject to a prospective cut in Medicaid rates.”

 Why would an insurance company want to participate in these programs?

The immediate unintended consequence is that the insurance company that found a defect in the payment schedule for HMO’s and managed care would leave the Medicaid market.

The second unintended consequence is it would discourage companies from having incentive to make a profit.

“Under current law, all Health Maintenance Organizations are subject to minimum reserve requirements,” said Erin Silk, a spokeswoman for the Department of Health. “This policy will provide the commissioner with the discretion to make rate adjustments to plans holding reserves in excess of the statutory requirements for reasons that cannot be explained or justified.”

The state did not project any savings from this proposal.”

The state cannot run Medicaid without insurance companies being the administrative service providers. It is the same old story. This comes on top of a proposed fourteen percent tax on for-profit insurers as well as the state receiving a cut of the proceeds when a nonprofit insurer converts to a for-profit insurer as a result of the new tax law.

Governor Coumo wants this additional money because he thinks the insurance industry is going to have a windfall from President Trump’s new tax law. He figures the state will collect $640 million dollars more as a result of this move.

“There were 3 million New Yorkers enrolled in these types of plans in 2014, according to a report from the United Hospital Fund.”

The insurance industry gave the usual illogical reason for opposing Cuomo’s proposals.

These insurance companies are there to make money. They are not going to let Coumo out of his commitment. I believe they will walk away from providing administrative services for the states Medicaid insurance coverage.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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Where Is The Missing Money?

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Does anyone know how much Obamacare cost each year? Does anyone know if Obamacare is the cause of America’s more than one trillion-dollar deficit each year despite the Obamacare tax increases that are supposed to pay for it ?

If someone knows they sure are not telling taxpayers. A good friend who is a liberal and a big fan of President Obama said to me he is not worried about the federal deficit. Neither is President Obama. President Obama has convinced his base that the budget deficit and America’s escalating debt is an insignificant problem.

It follows that he can spend money as he wishes and waste money with impunity. I was taught that is not the way to run a business. Especially when the waste fullness gets negative results that leads to more deficit spending.

The problem is the waste of money is reported in dribs and drabs and usually on a Friday afternoon.

We have seen that happen in the VA system. After one year and billions of dollars spent the waiting times have decreased slightly. The medical service to veterans has not improved. No one in the bureaucracy has been held responsible. Veterans have been complaining more loudly since nothing has improved.

Missing Money

The federal government awarded over $5 billion to help states set up Obamacare exchanges, with the vast majority – $4.6 billion – going to 16 states and Washington, D.C.” 

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently reported that most of the money has not been accounted for. Several of those State Health Insurance exchanges have gone out of business this year.

$1.4 billion of that has been spent on IT projects. This sounds very high for 16 different web sites. Why couldn’t everyone use the same website?

Three ($3 billion) has been “spent or drawn down.” Only some of the drawn down spending has been detailed.

At least $1.6 billion is unaccounted for. Only three states returned any portion of the money. The federal government has only received back $1 million.

It sounds like government bureaucracy inefficiency at best and fraud and abuse at worst with no one being held accountable.

Can Americans trust the government to run our healthcare system?

Where did those taxpayer dollars go?

More Missing Money

Obamacare created the co-ops to encourage State Health Insurance Exchanges to increase competition in state insurance markets.

The intent was to offer consumers choices with the hope of holding down premiums.

Co-ops were snuck into Obamacare to replace the public option. No one has spoken about this being a substitute for the “public option.” The public option is an obvious ploy to convert the healthcare system quickly to a single party payer system.

The public option was designed to compete with private insurers on the state level by offering lower premiums in order to force the insurance industry to lower its premiums. The co-ops were designed to do the same thing.

President Obama offered state co-ops $6 billion dollars for start-up costs. Since there were only 23 states co-op formed instead of 50 Congress decreased the total payment to $2.4 billion to the 23 start-up co-ops.

All 23 co-ops received their proportional federal loans to meet solvency requirements as well as start-up costs.

President Obama now claims the Republican house denied Obamacare enough money for the co-op to be successful.

Twelve (12) of the 23 nonprofit insurance co-ops announced they will not offer coverage to consumers who bought healthcare coverage in 2015 in 2016. They are bankrupt. Where did the money go?

Somewhere between 300,000 and 600,000 people will be shopping for more expensive healthcare coverage for 2016.

The remaining 11 standing co-ops are $500 million dollar in the hole.

There is no accounting available to explain why these co-ops have failed

Does anyone think these $2.4 billion dollar loans will be paid back to the federal government? I do not. It will simply be added to the federal deficit.

  • “CMS said the government would “use every tool available to recover taxpayer dollars” from the co-ops going out of business, but it declined to say how much she expected to recoup.”

There are many reasons these co-ops have failed. Republicans not giving the co-ops more money, as progressives and Democrats have claimed, is not one of the reasons.

Another area of missing taxpayers’ dollars.

The Senate Finance Committee is looking into the millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on ads to promote Obamacare enrollment.

The total federal government budget for ads and PR was nearly $1 billion in fiscal 2013. How much was spent on Obamacare?

The Health and Human Services budget for “paid media” is about $35 million for the current enrollment period. The $35 million dollars will be spent in the 38 states using in the 2016 enrollment period.

Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, raised concerns about agency ad spending and sent a letter to the acting head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) asking for a full accounting of agency ad spending.

“Increased transparency on government spending on advertising will improve accountability and help ensure that the taxes from hardworking Americans are not squandered and wasted on ineffective or misguided government programs,” he wrote to Acting Administrator Andrew M. Slavitt.

Senator Hatch demanded the accounting by November 25th. Does anyone think he received it?

In 2010, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported the Obama administration spent nearly $20 million on a Medicare brochure that contained “instances in which HHS presented abbreviated information and a positive view of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) that is not universally shared.”

The GAO papered over the ridiculous expenditure.

GAO concluded that “nothing in the brochure constitutes communications that are purely partisan, self-aggrandizing, or covert.” 

CRS reported HHS was second only to the Department of Defense, spending $197.4 million on advertising in fiscal 2013.

“The total federal government budget for ads and PR was nearly $1 billion in fiscal 2013.”

Would healthcare be so expensive if the government was transparent and congress was really on top of everything?

Physicians only receive 20% of the healthcare dollars spent.

President Obama and his administration spend taxpayer’s money at will.

Americans have to demand “more efficiency and much more transparency.”

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

 All Rights Reserved © 2006 – 2015 “Repairing The Healthcare System” Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

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Lie. Why Not?

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

President Obama and his administration continue to lie to the American people. One of the major criticisms of letting Syrian refugees into this country is that our vetting process is not robust enough to determine if some of the young strong men might be ISIS operatives.

Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Adviser, repeated President Obama’s lie about the U.S. intelligence agencies having a robust vetting procedure. The agencies contradicted President Obama.

How can President Obama have the nerve to tell the American people that Obamacare is working when few enrollees are signing up on so far during this open enrollment period.

On Thursday UnitedHealthcare said it is losing too much money on servicing enrollees to continue. It is threatening drop out of servicing the Health Insurance Exchanges.

The traditional mainstream media did not cover this important news release on its important evening cycle.

In the latest piece of ObamaCare news (Failure) that the liberal media has chosen to ignore, ABC, NBC, and Spanish networks Telemundo and Univision skipped on Thursday night and Friday morning word from United HealthCare from Thursday that it may withdraw from ObamaCare exchanges in the future after reporting losses of around $700 million for the year.”

While ABC and NBC were joined by CBS in censoring this story from their Thursday evening newscasts, Friday’s CBS This Morning stepped forward with a measly 18-second, 46-word brief from co-host Charlie Rose that alluded to a Wall Street Journal piece on United HealthCare.

Charlie Rose said with little emotion, editorial comment or explanation of its meaning, “The Wall Street Journal reports on one of the nation’s biggest health insurance company considering pulling out of ObamaCare. United Health Group said it suffered major losses on the policies sold on the Affordable Care Act exchanges. Operating losses this year will total about $700 million.

The CEO of UnitedHelath’s actual statement was, “in recent weeks growth expectations for individual exchange participation have tempered industrywide, Obama”s co-operatives have failed and market data has signaled higher risks and more difficulties while our own claims experience has deteriorated, so we are taking this proactive step.” 

These are the reasons for the UnitedHealthcare pull out. Fox News covered the story in full on Thursday evening in primetime and Friday morning.

Special Report to devote a full story to the matter from correspondent Rich Edson.” 

“Host Bret Baier declared in a short lead-in that “a major setback” is possibly “in the works tonight for ObamaCare” as “[t]he President’s health care law could be losing a huge source of the coverage provided.”

“Edson also made sure to mention that such a story has given “ObamaCare critics” additional reasons to argue that “with rising premiums, fewer health provider choices, is another sign of the unsustainability of the health care law.”

How can anyone expect the public to be informed about Obamacare’s failures when the major networks who these important stories?

But the public is catching on. The major networks are acting as a shill for the Obama administration. The major networks should not be surprised that their viewership is declining.

 As opposed to covering the major healthcare story Thursday’s CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News each found time to tout the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of a genetically-modified salmon for human consumption that won’t actually become widely available for at least a few years.

How can President Obama think the American people have confidence in him?

The lies continue daily. The majority of the information sources have become a super pac for President Obama. What is the public recourse to stop this madness?

Most of the people in the country have never heard of Saul Alinsky or his book “Rules for Radicals.”

Saul Alinsky’s recommendations are exactly what President Obama is using.

You lie to the people and restrict information so that the critics of your policies seem unreasonable. Opponents cannot mount an effective offensive and therefore get enough public support to demand change.

I suggest Republicans hire an effective and innovative public relations firm to counteract President Obama’s attacks on the freedoms of the American people.

President Obama’s response to his critics has been that Republicans are fear mongers and should be ignored. He presents no evidence just accusations.

I am republishing the following 2014 blog’s You Tubes because viewing these amazing You Tube compilations of President Obama’s lies are essential to understanding President Obama’s method of operation.

This You Tube is worse than the Words Matter You Tube

The American people must do their own research, get involved and not let President Obama manipulate us into a socialist state.

Socialism does work as we are seeing in Europe. France cannot afford to fight ISIS because entitlements consume 54% of the GDP and taxes are close to 70% of personal income.

The wealthy people with large incomes who paid high taxes in the past are fleeing the France.

As corporate taxes and individual taxes have gone up in the United States on President Obama’s watch we have not only had a tax inversion occur with corporations moving over 3 trillion dollars overseas, we are now seeing a tax inversion movement by rich individuals.

President Obama’s lies and manipulations cannot be ignored anymore. These lies are a clear and present danger to America’s economy and way of life.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

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My Two TechStars Sons

Stanley Feld M.D., FACP,MACE

A few Mondays ago I flew to Boulder on the first American Airlines flight from Dallas to Denver get to TechStars FounderCon before 9.30 a.m. and the first morning session.

I wanted to see what FounderCon was all about and how my son, Daniel Feld, put it together.

Daniel and his staff put on FounderCon in Boulder. It attracted over 800 TechStars founders. I wanted to be there to celebrate Daniel’s success.

Also I wanted to spend time with all these young people observing how their powerful social network works.

I love spending time hanging out and learning from my sons. I try to take every opportunity I can to learn from them

Daniel Feld is Vice President of Operations for Techstars. He leads its powered by TechStars expansion efforts with corporate partners including Nike, Kaplan, R/GA, Sprint, Disney, Barclays, Ford, MetroAG and others.

FounderCon is a TechStars annual event for all Techstars graduate founders. The conference is two full days of keynote speakers and breakout sessions in addition to social and business opportunity networking.

The primary purpose is to learn and network with almost 800 Techstars founders across the 36 TechStars programs in the U.S. and around the world.

My conclusion at the end of the conference was that Daniel is an excellent organizer and administrator. His staff is dedicated to his leadership.

His father (me) is very proud of him. I also learned a ton from all these young entrepreneurs about their corner of the world.

What is TechStars?

TechStars is a startup accelerator founded by David Cohen, David Brown, Brad Feld and Jared Polis in 2006.

In Las Vegas in 2006 on one of our father-son weekends Brad told me the two David’s idea to see how I would react. I knew he had already made up his mind that he was going to go for it.

I thought it was great. There is nothing like a young startup entrepreneur learning how to start and run a business from mentors who have already started up a business. It is much better and more efficient than learning from scratch.

TechStars has grown into a fabulous franchise in the last nine years. There are founders who have learned how to startup a company from all over the world. It is growing rapidly.

FounderCon provides an opportunity for graduates of TechStars to grow and help each other.

The TechStars mantra is give first. Do not worry about the return. The concept is expressed eloquently in Brad seminal book for start ups Startup Communities Building An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem In Your City. “ The book has been published in many languages.

The book is the foundation of his Startup Revolution.

The startup energy results from his Boulder Hypothesis. This hypothesis has led to the formation of many very successful startup companies.

TechStars has expanded geometrically in the pursuit of developing Startup communities.

The magic of TechStars and the development of a successful Startup Community are expressed in the following You Tube.


My sons Daniel and Brad teach me more that I teach them these days.

I am all ears and try to learn all I can.

We also have a great time hanging out and enjoying chocolate ice cream.


Daniel and I at foundercon

Daniel and Stan. Which One is Stan?

Brad and I Boulder founderCon

Brad and Stan at our tradition.

Thanks guys. I love you both very much.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone. 

 All Rights Reserved © 2006 – 2015 “Repairing The Healthcare System” Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

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President Obama Says Medicare, Medicaid ‘Not In Crisis’

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

The media is the message. President Obama controls the media and his messages come out loud and clear even if they are lies.

On the 50th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid President Obama said,Obamacare is “finishing the job” begun by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson”.

President Obama also claims that, the two federal health care programs are not in crisis, and those who say they’re in trouble are playing politic.”

This is the Saul Alinsky attack method to marginalize your enemies whether they are right or not.

According to Obama, those who say “Medicare and Medicaid are in crisis” are doing so as “a political excuse to cut their funding, privatize them, or phase them out entirely.”

President Obama was the one that cut Medicare funding not his political enemies.

 No one wants to phase out Medicare or Medicaid entirely.

Sensible critics know both programs are not economically sustainable in their present form.

They are suggesting making the recipients of Medicaid and Medicare more responsible for themselves and their care in order to convert each program to an economically sustainable one.

President Obama is the one playing politics. He is using the media via his bully pulpit to proclaim his indefensible message.

Even Medicare actuaries and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – say both programs are “unsustainable.”

Anyone on Medicaid would be surprised to learn they are receiving “efficient, high quality care” with their difficulties in seeing a doctor and their rapid non-communicative visits.

It is not “efficient high quality care.” Price constraints do not permit efficient high quality care.

President Obama prefers to live in his own fantasy world about this issue as he does with most issues including the Iran nuclear bomb deal.

The current supposed percentage decrease in spending is fiction as I explained in my last post. The decrease in the percentage of the budget deficit is the result of an increase in taxes.

The advantage of tax increases without service increases is about to disappear. Then the budget deficit resulting from Obamacare will skyrocket.

Additionally there will be a doubling of the Medicare population as a result of the aging baby boomers. This increase will require combinations of benefit cuts, eligibility changes and cost-share increases.

All of these changes are occurring right now. Seniors who are aware of the changes only because they are presently receiving care are feeling it and are complaining. Soon a great percentage of seniors will begin complaining.

President Obama will have no hesitation to increase taxes and decrease payment to providers even further.

As baby boomers age into Medicare eligibility, a significant and growing proportion of doctors don’t accept Medicare patients. Many primary care physicians are becoming concierge doctors. They will only accept Medicare patients if the patients pays $2,000 to $30,000 per year to be a member of his panel. Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is too low. Physicians have to see many patients to make ends meet.

 According to the nonpartisan Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, 29% of Medicare beneficiaries who were looking for a primary-care doctor in 2008 already had a problem finding one.

All of this is beyond President Obama’s vision even though it is happening right now.

Obamacare is causing private insurance to become unaffordable for the middle class.

Obamacare’s regulations on pricing and coverage have already forced termination of private health insurance for more than at least five million Americans in the individual insurance market.

The Congressional Budget Office is now projecting that as many as 10 million people will be forced off their chosen employer-based health insurance by 2021.

This increase represents at least a tenfold increase in the 2011 projections at the onset of the law.

“Numerous reports in the top medical journals like CancerAmerican Journal of Cardiology, Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, and Annals of Surgery clearly show that patients with private insurance have better outcomes than similar patients on government insurance. It is highly likely that restrictions in access to important drugs, specialists and technology account for these differences.”

All one has to think of is the VA hospital system and its scandals to visualize the effect of government bureaucracy and its bureaucrats on a healthcare system.

Another example is the government bureaucracy’s inefficiency in building the web site for the federal health insurance exchanges.

Why are Americans not protesting? Why are Americans letting President Obama get away with destroying the healthcare system?

Medicaid’s problems are more complicated than Medicare’s problems as a result of Obamacare. I have a feeling the Democratic congress that voted for Obamacare is realizing they should have read the law and understood the law before they passed it.

Originally Medicaid was healthcare insurance for people receiving welfare. Obamacare expanded coverage to all people below 138% of the definition of poverty. In most states the yearly salary is below $38,000 per year.

The federal government originally subsidized the states at the 50% level for Medicaid costs. For the next year the subsidy is 100%. Then the federal government will decrease the matching rate to 90% and subsequently to 80%.

States cannot print money to cover their obligations. States must balance their budgets. One of the reasons thirty-seven (37) states opted out of the program is because they would have to increase state taxes even further. Somewhere along the way Medicaid coverage for the poor has to be revised. Medical care is poor and reimbursement is terrible. The poor cannot find doctors. It is unsustainable and medical care needs to be improved.

President Obama keeps on lying to the American public as he tries to protect his “legacy” legislation Obamacare. It has become a legacy history will prove he should not be proud of.

To declare on Medicare’s and Medicaid’s 50th anniversary that both of these programs are not in crisis is a bold faced lie.

Medicare and Medicaid will decimate the federal budget unless something positive is done about these two programs.

Medicare and Medicaid in their present form will crowd out funding for vital priorities like national defense, infrastructure security and homeland safety while failing to deliver on their promises of quality health care at an affordable price for seniors and the poor.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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President Obama: “Obamacare is driving Down the Federal Budget Deficit”

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

In July 2015 in a speech on the economy at American University, Barack Obama  made the following statements.

The cost of “health care is now the single-biggest factor driving down” the federal budget deficit.”

The American public is tired of listening to President Obama’s lies, mostly lies and half truths.

Politifact analyzes many of President Obama’s statements of fact and grades them with Pinocchio’s and scores these statements.


President Obama’s statements by ruling

  • True               119         (21%)   (119)
  • Mostly True   149          (26%)  (149)
  • Half True       151          (27%)  (151)
  • Mostly False    67         (12%)    (67)
  • False                70          (12%)   (70)
  • Pants on Fire     9             (2%)   (9)


Total                                    100%          565

Politifact determined that President Obama was telling the whole truth only 21% of the time.

He was mostly truthful 26% of the time. We have seen these mostly true statements over and over again.

A recent example is that he has not seen the private agreements in the Iran Nuclear Deal. He has not seen the agreement in writing but he has heard about it as John Kerry heard about it.

I consider this an act of deceiving the American public.

Half true, Mostly false, False and Pants on fire classifications add up to 53% of the time President Obama has used the bully pulpit of the President Of the United States to deceive the American people.

If you add the 26% of the mostly true statements to the rest of the deceptions you get an astonishing 79% of the time an attempt has been made to deceive the American public.

This brings me to President Obama’s statement at American University. “Obamacare is driving Down the Federal Budget Deficit”

Politifact gave this statement a mostly true.

The statement is mostly false in my opinion. The devil is always in the details. President Obama has mastered the details of deceptions.

“Partly because health care prices have been growing at the slowest rate in nearly 50 years, the growth in what health care costs the government is down,” Obama said in a speech about the economy last week at the American University.

The budget deficit is a result of revenue generated as compared to expenses. If a government spends more money than it takes in it has a deficit. The size of the deficit is a function of the deficit over the revenue. A deficit reduction from one year to another is that percentage difference one year to another. It is a percent and not a real amount.

A deficit reduction can result from many factors. One very important influence on the deficit is an increase in revenue resulting from an increase in Obamacare taxes. There has been a tremendous increase in taxes resulting from Obamacare. The effective tax rate as I have shown previously as a result of Obamacare is up to 50%.

Another influence on the deficit is a decrease in spending.

Medicare spending has decreased as a result of a very clever maneuver by the Obama administration. It claims it has increased reimbursement by around 2%.

Originally Medicare would pay 80% of the allowed reimbursement and the patients would be responsible for 20% of the fee allowed. The allowed fees have decreased. Fees previously allowed have been changed to non allowed fees.

Physicians’ claims for services might be for $200. Medicare might allow $80. Medicare would pay $64 and the patient or his Medigap coverage would be responsible for $16.

This has not changed. However the percentage of the claim allowed has been reduced and patients without Medigap insurance are responsible for the difference.

This is in addition to Medicare premiums and deductibles increasing yearly. Medigap premiums have also increased yearly.

Medicare recipients are experiencing greater out of pocket costs. Many cannot afford the cost and are not going to get medical care.

This has two potential effects. Office visit claims are reduced and Medicare payments are reduced. It decreases the deficit but could result in a sicker patient. Patient cannot afford the out of pocket expenses.

The result is Medicare experiences a decrease in the percentage it affects the federal deficit.

It could result in a valid decrease in office visits or an increase in sicker patients and higher Medicare expenses.

Obamacare might have helped decrease the resulting government deficit but it could result in increased spending in the future.

It did not result in better quality care.

All of this is very difficult for a casual observer to follow. Meanwhile, President Obama has established the media message that Obamacare is working to decrease the budget deficit.

Then pundits like Paul Krugman, can ridicule opponents of Obamacare for saying Obamacare will fail.

President Obama uses an argument that is a half-truth. However, it does not represent real numbers. He uses percentages.

In addition, many of the costs of Obamacare such as the web site and the website navigators are left out of the real costs of healthcare.

Other costs are left out of deficit reduction analysis such as the direct cost to the consumers and the direct loss of revenue to providers.

“Since the Affordable Care Act was first proposed, policymakers have been debating its potential effect not just on health care but on the economy as a whole. The bill effectively increases some types of spending, reduces other types and increases some taxes.”


Growth in national health spending, which had dropped to historic lows in recent years (deficit reduction), has snapped back and is set to continue at a faster pace over the next decade, federal actuaries said last week.

Senator Ron Johnson, member of the budget committee, discusses the real present and future costs of Obamacare. He also discusses President Obama’s misleading promises about Obamacare. Senator Johnson gives us a real understanding of the Obama administration’s manipulation of the facts.

Obamacare is a bad deal. It is destroying the medical profession. It is destroying the economy and America’s chances for economic growth.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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