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Where Are Your Actionable Points To Replace Obamacare?

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

 Some have criticized me for always criticizing Obamacare. There is plenty to criticize. President Obama has asked if anyone has a better idea than Obamacare please let him know.

The question asked by some readers is where are your actionable points to repair the healthcare system.

My answer is, “you have not been reading my blog.”

Democrats and President Obama have not read my blog.

The Republicans have been searching for an alternative plan. President Obama has mocked them for not having an alternative than Obamacare.

Republican leaders have not read my blog either. If they had and really thought about my plan they would conclude it could work.

 My plan aligns all the stakeholders’ incentives while reducing the cost of healthcare coverage to consumers. It also decreases secondary stakeholders’ costs and increases their profits. It is very democratic. It would provide universal care without government interference.

These actionable points have been clearly described in many of my blog posts. It is a “consumer driven healthcare plan.” The real customers in the healthcare system are consumers, not physicians, insurance companies, hospitals or the government.

Below are some of the links that provide actionable points to Repair The Healthcare System.

The first link is an overview using a slide presentation. It outlines the business model for 2020.  The details of each specific point can be found in the links in the slide presentation or in the websites search engine.

Obamacare ignores many of the key points. Obamacare will fail because of the absence of these key points. Simple things must be done for an alternative to Obamacare to succeed.

The second link is My Ideal Medical Savings Account is Democratic. My ideal Medical Savings Account can cover and motivate every socioeconomic group. It provides incentives for all consumers to remain healthy and take care of their chronic disease. It promotes consumer responsibility.

Consumer self-responsibility is an essential element in the Repair of the Healthcare System.

My Medical Savings Account is different that a Health Savings Account.

Self-management of chronic diseases is a vital element necessary in a law that attempts to Repair the Healthcare System. It requires education and incorporation of all the spokes of the wheel in the link above to the slide presentation.

President Obama has done some pilot studies using the wrong groups (political groups) to study the self-management hypothesis.

They have all failed because the administration picked the wrong groups to do the pilots.

Systems of care must be developed to teach patients to self-manage their chronic disease to decrease the complication rate of those diseases.

Eighty percent of the healthcare dollars are spent on treating the complications of chronic diseases. Twenty percent of patients have a chronic disease that is not well controlled and will lead to complications eventually. This can be solved with a properly executed Systems of Care by physicians using information technology as an extension of their care patient.

Obamacare does not seriously consider any of these vital corrections necessary to create an affordable healthcare system. The hospitals and/or physicians cannot be responsible for consumers’ behavior to avoid the complications of chronic diseases. Accountable Care Organizations are based on the fact that the hospitals and physicians are responsible for better outcomes.

 Hospitals and physicians have to have the infrastructure to teach patients to become “professors of their diseases.”

Another simple action point is to provide equal tax deductibility for the individual insurance market and group insurance market.

At the moment employers providing insurance to employees can deduct premiums from revenue. An individual buying insurance for himself and his family does not get the same tax deduction. This discrepancy can easily be cured by providing the individual market with the same tax deduction as the group market.

The above links to blogs I have written are just some of the important actionable points necessary to Repair the Healthcare System.

Please study these action points in the links and try to understand how vital they are to maintaining a viable healthcare system.

Obamacare’s complicated rules and regulations have only driven the healthcare system to further dysfunction and increased costs while only having less than 10 million people really signed up after 2 years of enrollment and 6 years of increased taxes.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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