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Wanting Something To Fail?

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

If someone wants something to fail, make it complicated enough so no one understands what is going on.

I am convinced that President Obama wants Obamacare, Medicaid and Medicare to fail.

President Obama wants a single payer health care system. He said it as far back as 2003. This You Tube was uploaded on Aug 12, 2009.

President Obama won’t tell the American people the truth about his plans for health care. Watch President Obama declaring his intention in his own words.

The result is everyone will receive the same healthcare under the government direction and control.

The ultimate goal is to make people dependent on the government.

The people will have no power to choose their physician or their treatment. It is true that every country in the western world has this system.

No country has proven that a single party payer system works for countries with the single party payer systems economy or their citizens. Surveys have shown that their citizens are satisfied.

The main reason people like it is because it relieves anxiety of being able to receive medical care even though they have relinquished their freedom to choose their physician or insurance company.

The biggest loss is independence from the government bureaucracy. People will be dependent on the decisions of unelected government bureaucrats.

The big questions that are never answered about medical costs are; who is spending most of the healthcare dollars and what are the healthcare dollars being spent on?

Do you want the government to decide if you are young enough to get an artificial hip or knee when you need it?

Do you want the government to decide about your treatment or do you want your doctor to help you decide on what your best treatment is?

President Obama is changing medical care in a methodical way. He is utilizing executive orders and rules and regulations written by non-elected bureaucrats, who are forced to follow his orders. Our elected officials should be in charge of government spending.

Many in congress know better and would not let President Obama do what he is doing. Most in congress are happy that he has exempted congress from Obamacare.

President Obama and his administration have been trying to do bad things very quietly to avoid political uproar. The mainstream media has been a great Obamacare ally.

The mainstream media has helped Obamacare keep these destructive regulations and their subsequent failures out of public view.

The media has also publicized President Obama’s lies about the success of Obamacare.

President Obama is adept at diverting blame for errors and failures in pursuit of his single party agenda.

At the same time he is trying to take power away from the states he is trying to persuade states to not permit big insurance premium rate increases requested by many health insurance companies for 2016.

President Obama’s Obamacare is the cause of the increases. He is positioned to blame the state regulators for the insurance companies not showing up to sell insurance for 2016.

If the states act to cut back rate increases the insurance companies will not participate in the federal and state exchanges for the 2016 enrollment period. The result will be the erosion of the possibility of competitive pricing.

The Obama spin machine started working at the beginning of the summer to shift the blame and/or force insurance companies out of the market.

Kevin J. Counihan, the chief executive of the federal insurance marketplace said in letter to state insurance commissioners, “Recent claims data show healthier consumers.

He also said, “The federal tax penalty for going without insurance will increase in 2016, he said, and this “should motivate a new segment of uninsured who may not have a high need for health care to enroll for coverage.”

This claim of costs data by Obamacare does not square with the healthcare insurance companies’ costs data. They are finding that new customers were sicker than expected. The insurance industry is also losing money because the Obama administration has paid them $2.5 billion dollars less than they were promised.

Health insurance plans sold through Obamacare’s Federal and State Health Insurance Exchanges are seeking 10 to 40 percent increases in premiums.

They are also seeking the same increase in the private sector as well as in Medicare and Medicaid.

The Obama administration is making up its own story to force state regulators to not allow the increased premiums.

The Obama agenda is choreographed to prove that insurance choices do not work. He is hoping that the public will conclude the only solution is a single party payer system.

The problem is the government cannot afford a single party payer system and the people will not tolerate it.

What is more bizarre is the Obama administration made loans to help start up state co-ops. These state co-ops were supposed to compete with the big insurance companies. They were supposed to sell insurance on the health insurance exchanges. The Obama administration invested $38 billion in startup costs and solvency loans to these co-ops.

Nevada Health Co-op received $66 million in federal loans. It is closing down on January 1,2016 because it ran out of money.

Louisiana Health Cooperative announced in July that it was voluntarily shutting down operations.

CoOportunity Health, which sold policies in Iowa and Nebraska, was liquidated and forced to close earlier this year.

Many state Co-op’s are on the way to bankruptcy. In Nevada alone one third of the health insurance exchange population will lose insurance coverage.

Nevada Health CO-OP’s departure will leave a big hole in Nevada’s exchange market. Open enrollment begins Nov. 1, and consumers will have to shop for plans with other carriers. The co-op had 21,300 members as of the first quarter this year. Nevada’s exchange population was about 63,000 at that time.

A.M. Best’s report shows a majority of the nation’s 22 co-ops have combined medical and administrative expense ratios above 100%.

All these failures and impending failures mean that either the Obama administration is stupid or things are going precisely as  President Obama had planned.

The healthcare system is on its way to destruction. The federal government as the payer of last resort will replace it.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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