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The Truth vs. Half Truth

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Thank you, Brad Feld for encouraging me to start this blog a year ago. I had no idea RSS was so powerful.

While at Columbia College C’59, we were required to take a course called Contemporary Civilizations. A big take home point was that we as citizens have an obligation to contemporary society and future generations.

We have an obligation to our health and the health of future generations. This is the reason it is so important everyone of us step up and protest TXU’s 18 Proposed Dirty Coal Plants for us presently, our children, and our children’s children.

About a week ago, Harry Jaeger, editor of Gas Turbine World, posted a comment on my blog.

Two days ago, I heard the TXU representative present to the People and the City Council of Savoy, Texas (ground zero for the Dirty Coal Plant) the same, as well as additional half truths, about how clean the Proposed Plant will be. He reported on how experimental and impractical IGCC plants are. I researched the half truths recited at the Bells City Council meeting and reported only on the Mercury issue at 160 lbs per year in a previous posting.

I wrote to Harry Jaeger asking about TXU’s assertions about gasification plants. Harry Jaeger’s answer is specific and is published below.

Harry Jaeger’s comment should help the Texas Cities Coalition for Clean Air get standing at the permit hearings on Thursday December 14. Twenty eight cities throughout Texas have banned together to slow the process down and get clean air for all Texans. They have been denied standing in the hearing to this point on a questionable technicality brought up by TXU.

His comments might help some of the city and county officials near ground zero understand the issue of IGCC plants a little better. Hopefully it will encourage them join the Coalition to get a seat at the table to protect their citizens health and healthcare cost. They also have an obligation to protect our recreation areas and Lake Texoma.

Dallas Business leaders just formed their own coalition against the permit process and the Dirty Coal Plants.

The Dallas Morning News asked for a moratorium on the permit process yesterday.

All that is required is Governor Rick Perry call off the fast track. He should learn about the issue of Dirty Coal Plants and their implications to the health of Texans. He should see how it contradicts his promise to the people of Texas.

I know he would be opposed to these Dirty Coal Plants and their threat to the health of Texans’ if he really understood the implications to health and the cost to the healthcare system.

Harry Jaegers comment is published in the preceeding post. “What is IGCC? Are They Practical?” Thank you Harry!

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