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People Are Not Stupid

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP, MACE

The next time I hear that people are stupid I am going to scream.

The next time I hear Bernie Sanders saying college education should be free, and medical care should be free I am going to scream.

The next time I here that the healthcare insurance industry is losing money I am going to scream.

How can the healthcare insurance industry be losing money when insurance executives receive these salaries?

Does the healthcare insurance industry think we are stupid?

Salaries exec

The healthcare insurance industry loads premiums with all kinds of expenses.

There are hundreds of insurance executives making a million dollars or more a year reporting to each one of the above chief executives in each company.

There are hundreds of empty office buildings owned by the healthcare insurance industry. These buildings pay rent to the subsidiaries of each insurance company.

Those rents are an expense and are used to justify to state and federal regulators the reason for increasing insurance premiums yearly. Claims adjustors who previously occupied those buildings have been replaced by computer software.

Those buildings are empty but are still considered an expense by state and federal regulators.

The more money the taxpayers are forced to pay for healthcare premiums the more the healthcare system uses in its inefficient bureaucracy.

It is estimated that the healthcare insurance industry takes 40% out of every healthcare premium dollar for expenses. Many expenses are paid to subsidiaries of each company. Each subsidiary generates a profit that helps pay the executives’ inflated salaries.

The insurance company’s actual profit is not the 3% that is claimed.

This behavior by the healthcare insurance industry and state and federal regulators is enough to make a guy like Bernie Sander mad as hell.

In turn he has made all of his Democratic followers mad as hell. Something should to be done about this healthcare insurance industry rip off.

What is Bernie Sanders going to replace the present system with? Bernie Sanders will tell us healthcare coverage is going to be free as he replaces the present healthcare system with a healthcare system that will provide more money to insurance companies in order to provide the administrative services.

He is propagating a lie and he knows it.

Healthcare coverage will never be free.

Nothing is free. Taxes will increase to unbearable levels as beauracratic inefficiencies increase.

The taxpayers get it. All they have to do is look at the VA healthcare System.

The government cannot provide the administrative services in a universal healthcare system. The government will have to outsource the administrative services to the healthcare insurance industry.

The government will provide an increased opportunity for these companies to abuse the taxpayer even further.

I always hear that Medicare for all is the answer. That it is a single party system that works. Yes, it works for the beneficiaries. However, it is unsustainable. Most experts agree that is unsustainable for the government and the taxpayer.

It is an irrational thought that Medicare work for all at an affordable cost for everyone. Bernie Sanders should be smart enough to know it. The taxpayers are smart enough to know it.

Taxpayers are demanding that our politicians stop trying to feed us Kool-Aid.

The only way to fix the system is to replace it with a system that demands that the people are responsible for their health and their healthcare dollars.

On the other side, big governments entitlement programs are out of control. People can play our entitlement system so hard that it does not pay to look for work. The article below is unbelievable.  

New American Way

America has come to an interesting juncture. Both the right and the left take advantage of the systems provided by big government.

There is massive abuse on both the right and the left. The abuse is so great that it has proliferated so that the ethic of everyone working hard at a job is evaporating.

The loser is the middle class hard working taxpayer who is paying for all the abuse in the unsustainable systems that have been created.

The Obama administration either does not know what to do or doesn’t want to do anything. Once we experience economic collapse the government can take over.

I believe it knows exactly what it is doing. The Obama administration is changing America as promised. The administration is pushing us on to the Road to Serfdom.

For this reason alone we have to throw the bums out and elect new people who will help us get back to economic growth and the American hard work ethic.

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