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My First Call for ACTION !

Stanley Feld MD, FACP, MACE

Every time I visit my sons and their families in Boulder I am asked to less write intensely in my blog. It is difficult for me. I feel a sense of urgency to precipitate action immediately before the system fails and medical care is destroyed.

However, during dinner one night, we were talking about the fact that I finally got an ice cream maker. I am a lover of chocolate ice cream. I have searched the world for the best tasting chocolate ice cream. So far the winner is Vivoli in Florence, Italy.

My wife and I are part of a supper club in Dallas called the Gourmet Group. The five couples have met every 6 weeks for the last thirty four years. Last month the meal was at our house. Cecelia assigned one couple to make Maida Heatter’s recipe “Doris Duke’s Bittersweet Chocolate Ice Milk.”

I discovered that I did not have to travel all over the world for the best chocolate ice cream. I had it in my dining room during Gourmet Groups dinner.

I have a fantasy that I can become a Chocolate Ice Cream Making Superstar. I then could have great ice cream any time I want. However, I need your help.

The Call for ACTION is:

If any one out there has an outstanding recipe for chocolate ice cream, please send it to me. I will make it in my new electric ice cream maker. I will make judgments about the quality and taste and then share the recipes and rating with all of you out there. I will also do some innovative things to the recipes to try to create the best chocolate ice cream ever made. Thanks for your help.

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

  • AJ

    It looks great. I am going to try it
    hi Stan,
    My wife has made this:
    a couple times… I have hard time not eating the entire batch in one sitting. Maybe not as gourmet as what you’re looking for, but chocolate + raspberries = really good IMHO.

  • Neil Simon

    Glacier — in Boulder — has a chocolate flavor that is a knockout. Best I’ve ever had.
    From their website: “Death By Chocolate – Our homemade soft chocolate chunks mixed in a double dark chocolate base with a homemade hot fudge swirl.”
    Maybe they can give you some hints on the recipe.

  • Lori Tsuruda

    How did you ice cream experiments go? Did you like the chocolate pudding ice cream recipe?

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