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Lindzonpalooza 5

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

I have just returned from San Diego and Lindzonpalooza 5

Howard Lindzon is one of Brad’s friends.

Howard is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He also has a Venture Fund. One of his companies is Stockwits a stock discussing social network.

His venture fund is called SocialLeverage. Howard describe himself as follows,


“My current start-up is called Stocktwits and I am a co-founder and CEO.

I also manage a hedge fund and have done so since June of 1998.

I make early stage investments though Social Leverage.

I am a partner in two other funds called Knight’s Bridge Capital Partners .

My hobbies include driving my kid’s around and staying awake.

I am in pursuit of the perfect sleep solution.

Endless bad ideas – trust me!

Howard Lindzon"


Brad was an early investor in Stockwits after one call to Howard.

As the story goes Fred Wilson met Howard and invested in Stockwits. Fred told Brad he ought to talk to Howard. He said, Brad, “you will like him.”

The next year my wife and I were in Phoenix. Howard lived in Phoenix at the time. Brad told me to call Howard and go to lunch. Brad said, “I would like him.”

 I fell in love with Howard’s attitude toward life and business. Howard is the absolute rainmaker.

Howard is bright, witty, balanced. He keeps life in perspective. Howard started  Lindzonpalooza  five years ago after he moved to Coronado California.

He invites entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and me to the event.

I am none of the above. I believe I was invited because Brad told Howard he should invite me. I would enjoy the meeting. The age range of the attendees is 21-46. I beat everyone by at least 28 years.

It is an invigorating weekend. Everyone just hangs out and networks. Howard does not believe in agendas. He believes in letting things happen.

Each year the Lindzonpaloza has grown in number. Howard says if you are invited and do not attend you will not get invited for a few years.


There are many repeat attendees who would not dare to miss the Lindzonpaloza, me included. The “kids” I have met here are some of the brightest people on the planet. Most of them have been successful monetarily with large exits from their technology. Most are in the process of building another company. 

They say they do it because they have a passion for technology. They don’t do it for the money.

All have crossed paths with Howard.

None are on the hunt for venture money.

All are on the hunt for ides and opportunities.

All work at least 80 hours a week.

All work that hard because they love their business.

All want to make a difference.

Many of the companies they represent or represented made a transformational difference to society.

This year Howard formalized Lindzonaloza. He had newly discovered companies present their products.


Each company presented a new tool to enhance one’s experience on the Internet using a smartphone, computer or tablet. Each company could potentially have a disruptive effect on legacy institutions.

Their innovations were intellectually stimulating to me.

A great thing happened to me during the meeting. I have had trouble getting my blog, (Repairing The Healthcare System), to be followed by young, successful people.

The younger generation must pay attention to what is going on in the healthcare system.

At the end of one of the presentations Brad pulled me up to the front of the room.  He announced that, “my dad needs some help in getting his blog viral.”

 “My Dad has not used Twitter effectively.” Brad then asked everyone in the room to become a follower @sfeld and retweet his address to all their followers.

Brad and Stan 2 4 14 2012

Interlude: Brad Feld of the Foundry Group gets up to the podium with his dad, Stan.  These guys are two of the most legendary venture investors of our era.  Brad is a Jedi.  Stan is hilarious.  Brad pleas with us to help his Dad – over 70 and "the oldest member of the Lindzonpalooza gang" – get more followers and go viral (he is @sfelfd). 

Well, I’ll be dammed. The followers are pouring in. I promised to keep them entertained with photo’s using Instagram.  I will also be sending them a link to my blog post at every posting on Twitter.

My blog will provide them with the true poop and even provide some viable business opportunities.

Thank you, Howard and Brad for giving me the opportunity to enable my blog to become viral using social media. I thank everyone for signing up. 

Howard, thank you for inviting me to Lindzonpalossa 5. 

I love you Brad.


The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone. 

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  • AndySwan

    As attendee I can confirm that all of the above is true and that this is the best summary of the event posted so far.

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