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Ligit: A Wonderful Tool For Bloggers!

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Readers of my blog Repairing the Healthcare System have realized that I am developing a story of why the healthcare system is dysfunctional and the steps necessary to repair it. I have described some of reasons for the increasing costs; the 46.7 million uninsured and the restriction to the access to care.

I am also developing a story on how to repair the healthcare system. All of the entries are interconnected. They all should be linked. I have linked some of the posts. The links can be reached by clicking on the words that are in maroon and underlined.

When my son Brad Feld and I spent our weekend in Las Vegas, he said, “ Dad, you need Ligit. I will send you the link and put it on your blog.” Ligit is one of Brad’s portfolio companies. It is wonderful.

According to Ligit, “Lijit allows you to create your own search engine (in a very slick and pretty automated way), which searches your blog, blogroll, bookmarks, photos, etc. By placing the Lijit search Wijit on your blog, readers can search your collective goodness and receive amazing results. In turn, Lijit gives you information about the searches performed, such that you can get a better understanding of your reader community”.

I used to go crazy, wasting a lot of time finding related links in my blog to refer readers to. I now simply search through Lijit.

You can find Ligit at the bottom of my blog on the right hand side of the page. All you do in put in a topic you want to search for. Ligit will bring up all the blogs that mention that topic or keyword.

Readers could start using Ligit to dig deeper into the connections on my blog. Ligit is powered by Google. It presents the search information that same way Google presents information.

For all those out there with their own Blogs I suggest you install Ligit.

  • Tara Anderson

    Hey there Stanley! I just wanted to thank you for the kind words about Lijit and for giving us a try. You are just the type of expert that we were hoping to attract with our service…you know a lot about the health care system and it only makes sense that your readers would want an opportunity to pick your mind further about specific issues. We’re glad that you’ve gone Lijit and hope that you share any feedback that you have with us!

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