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I Told You What To Do 8 Years Ago: Part 3

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

I told you about all my ideas necessary to repair the healthcare system 8 years ago. None of the ideas have changed

Politicians and their healthcare policy wonks have not implement or supported any of theses ideas. The adoption of Obamacare has made the healthcare system worse.

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident, which everybody has decided not to see.”

Any Rand, The Fountainhead

It is a pity that the public votes for people who hold their vested interest and their quest for power above the needs of the people.

It is worse that the traditional media works as a special interest group to support the politicians’ quest for power over the people.

Our government is getting further from the solution to the problems of our healthcare system in order to force consumers to be more dependent on big government and less responsible for themselves.

The end game will be a disaster for Americans, our freedoms and our financial well-being.

My ideas do not support the vested interests of secondary stakeholders. I support consumers’ interest. Many of these secondary stakeholders are abusing the healthcare system. They take advantage of consumers.

The government is one of those secondary stakeholders that cause dysfunction in the healthcare system with its endless regulations.

The government regulations are written to control physicians and patients..

Consumers’ health and their healthcare dollars must be the responsibility of the consumers. A consumer driven healthcare system is the only way to stop the evolving medical care and financial disaster.

This week the progressives in Colorado blew my mind. They want to eliminate Obamacare because it has failed and replace it with a state run single party payer system.

This group has 200,000 signatures to petition that its proposal be put on the 2016 ballot.

In the small print they are proposing a $25 billion dollar tax increase to pay for the proposal.

Obamacare has resulted in increasing the cost and dysfunction of the healthcare care system. The adoption of this single party payer system will make it worse.

I am sure many people in Colorado are unaware of the progressives’ stinking thinking.

However, the petition is the first step in President Obama’s scheme to make thing so bad that the people beg the government to take over the entire healthcare system.

This tactic is right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook and right up Hillary Clinton’s alley.

Meanwhile, “What Have I Said So Far? Spring 2007 Part 3 is republished below.

Maybe people will start paying attention to what is happening in our healthcare system before it is too late.

For more details on each proposal please click on the links.

“What Have I Said So Far? Spring 2007 Part 3

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP, MACE


The following are additional solutions necessary for the Repair of the Healthcare System

Disease management systems can be developed in primary care physicians’ offices because there are not enough specialists to take care of all the patients with chronic disease.

 Treating chronic diseases this way should lower the complication rate for chronic diseases. The result should be a reduction in the cost of healthcare by at least 45%.


Measurement of quality should be all of the above. However, the key measurement of quality is the medical outcome as it relates to the financial outcome. If you prevent a $50,000 complication utilizing $1,000 of treatment you have a leveraged financial outcome as well as an excellent medical outcome.

The main question is, “was the complication of the chronic disease avoided?” We are misguided when we start believing that measuring the percentage of our patients we measure cholesterol on, or the percentage of patients on whom we do colonoscopies or bone densities is a measure of quality of care.

It is simply one element of quality medical care and it should not be rewarded as the Pay 4 Performance advocates are suggesting. This thinking makes us vulnerable to another false hope of reducing complications of chronic diseases.


  • Increasing obesity in our population is a huge health risk.The government should declare war on obesity. It should strive to eliminate the many stimuli we are exposed to. It should institute a gigantic public media campaign to explain the health risks and the stimuli in society to overeat.

    The most important need is to put the patient in charge of his disease management. The patient must be responsible for his care and in control of his health care dollar. We do not need more schemes destined to fail such as;

the California and Massachusetts mandates. We do not need the Pay 4 Performance scheme that will distort the healthcare system even further.

We need some common sense infused into the development of a healthcare system that is driven by the patients and not the facilitator stakeholder for the purpose of the facilitator stakeholders’ bottom line.

If patients do not want to take care of themselves they will suffer medically and financially.

These are some of the solutions I have proposed. We need the political will and leadership to institute and execute these solutions.

Responsibility for follow up care and compliance must be the patient. The physicians are the teachers educating patients to be experts in their disease self- management.

In the present system the penalty to the patient is bad health. The new system should have a clear message of good health and financial reward. It is much cheaper for all the stakeholders in the long run.

The patient has to;
• Be responsible for the purchase of care.
• Have ready access to care.
• Be responsible for the appropriate adherence to care and medication regime given by the physicians.
• Be rewarded for excellent lifestyle changes and avoidance of complications of disease.

If this is accomplished, and it can be with appropriate leadership and the demand by the consumer, we can repair the healthcare system.”

It is almost past time to start listening and demanding a “consumer driven healthcare system.”

Consumers have Patient Power and do not even know it.

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