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July 4th 2013

July 4th should conjure up
feelings of liberty, freedom, and patriotism. It is a celebration of the birth of the United States of

It is not just another holiday from work,
but a celebration of those who have gone before us to ensure our freedoms.

“Americans should remember as they celebrate July
4th that it is also called Independence Day for a reason. 
It should not be lost during the barbecues, fireworks celebrations, concerts,
and parades that this holiday was established to reflect on the meaning of
freedom and personal rights.”





The New York
Times wrote an insipid editorial about July 4

“Every Ordinary Fourth by THE

“Do we, as
a nation, eat more hot dogs on July Fourth than any other day of the year? What
about potato salad and deviled eggs? Are there still legions of children
hand-cranking ice cream, watching the pale gray slurry of rock salt and ice
with appalling impatience while the grown-ups stand by recalling their own
apprenticeship at the crank?”

words liberty, freedom, and
patriotism as a description of the meaning of America
do not occur once in the editorial.

is wrong with the New York Times? What is happening to America? We must wake up
soon before our freedoms are lost.

The Fourth of July is more than a day of
celebration and remembrance; it is another opportunity to say thank you and be
thankful for our freedom.

is especially true of our medical freedom and the impingement of that freedom
with Obamacare.

Man is not freedom
Parade Photo July 4, 2013

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