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HillaryCare v. Obama – Part 3

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Baruch Obama’s healthcare plan seems different than Hillary Clinton’s.The only difference is Hillary Clinton’s plan is a mandate and Omba’s is a choice. Both plans create a public option managed by the government. (Socialized medicine)

“Once Hillary Clinton got roughed up in Iowa, she was bound to strike back against Barack Obama. Her first line of attack debuted at the Democratic debate over the weekend, and a big part of it concerns health care. Their differences are more political than substantive, but the debate does tell us something about current policy ambitions on the American left.”

The term universal healthcare does not have to be synonymous with government as a single party payer. However, to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama they are synonymous.

“Universal” health care is of course a major Democratic issue, and Mr. Obama laid out a proposal in May, Mrs. Clinton in September. Both plans create a public insurance option managed by the government. Both plans impose more stringent regulations on insurance companies, and both institute new taxes on business.”

The Republican Party’s interpretation of these plans is that it represents socialized medicine. The reality is that this is a big step on the way to a totally socialized medicine system. The plans will generate another headache for the federal government. Entitlements are bottomless pits with multiple failures. They will fail to control cost, or increase the quality of medical care. They will fail to improve patient or physician satisfaction. They will increase taxes and cost to business without increasing coverage. They will fail because they lack incentives for consumers and providers.

I predict the inefficiencies in the healthcare systems will increase. adding patches to a broken system does not improve the system.

“The so-call “individual mandate” has become the preferred liberal health policy tool after Mitt Romney introduced it in Massachusetts.”

Romney’s Massachusetts plan has been modified after nine months because of extreme cost overruns.

In theory, such a law would force everyone to sign up for health insurance–either through their employers, a private plan or a government option–or otherwise pay penalties.

Mitt Romney knows the wheels are coming off the Massachusetts Program. You do not hear him talk about it very much except to take credit for the plan. Romney’s plan does not provide incentives for the consumer or the providers.

“ Mr. Obama’s mandate has led to a primary catfight that runs back several months and Mrs. Clinton is pressing the issue especially hard now to attract liberals who think Mr. Obama is the better bet for “change.” She said on Saturday that Mr. Obama “proposed a health-care plan that doesn’t cover everybody.” Mr. Obama counters that the reason many people aren’t insured is because they can’t afford it.”

He has been accused by Clinton of echoing right-wing talking points,” He fires back that he is testing reality.
“In modifying its original plan Massachusetts has exempted almost 20% of uninsured adults who don’t qualify for subsidies from mandated coverage because it is too expensive.”

In Massachusetts more and more people can not afford the mandated healthcare insurance program. The State of Massachusetts cannot afford the rising costs of the plan.

I believe the Democratic Party’s goal is to use incremental steps to gradually achieve a totally government-run health-care system. Hillary Clinton is making a big mistake in highlighting herself as a change agent. She failed with HillaryCare in 1994.

“She’s betting that Democratic primary voters will give her credit for having tried. The new liberal consensus is that her 1994 effort got the policy right but botched the politics. That’s why Mrs. Clinton–and John Edwards–posits insurance and pharmaceutical companies as villains who must be vanquished for liberal reform to prevail.”

Hillary Clinton’s goal is to convert a political liability to a political asset. She wants credit for a failed plan. In 1994 she never asked patients and practicing physicians what they needed or wanted. She is making the same mistake now.

“By contrast, Mr. Obama says a genuine health-care overhaul must be negotiated at a “big table” including industry.”

Whatever the minor policy differences among Democrats, their major domestic ambition this campaign season is the government takeover of the health-care market.

We have heard nothing constructive from Republican candidates. I do not think any of their presidential candidates have a viable plan. No one seems to understand the Consumer Driven Healthcare concept.No one seems to understand the ideal Medical Saving Account concept.

Healthcare is a major issue to the voters. Now is the time “People Power” must express itself.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

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