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Here’s To Good Health!: The Feld Men’s Trip 2007

Stanley Feld M.D., FACP, MACE

Every year my brother Charlie with his two adult son’s Jon and Kenny and I with my two adult son’s Brad and Daniel go on a trip for two days. The purpose of the trip is to simply be with each other and relate to each other without wives or other distractions. The trip is always a wonderful bonding experience as well as intellectually stimulating. I believe we each learn something from each other every year.

In recent years we’ve gone to spring training baseball games. This year we all traveled to Boston for two days of Boston Red Sox baseball at legendary Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox were playing the Atlanta Braves.

We picked the middle of May because spring time is supposed to be beautiful in Boston. The weather was miserable. It rained every minute we were in Boston. I now remember when I was an endocrine fellow at the Mass General Hospital in 1967-1969, the weather was miserable from October to the beginning of June.
The interleague game between the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta (PKA Milwaukee, PKA Boston) Braves was rained out on Friday night. We compensated by simply staying at Abe and Moe’s Restaurant for three hours talking about our lives, philosophy and business.

We knew the teams would have to play both games on Saturday even if it continued to rain because the Braves would not be back in Boston the rest of the season.

Needless to say, it rained during both the day and night games on Saturday.
However, all the rain did not deter us from having a great time. We laughed, talked and ate endlessly. I recommend this kind of experience with siblings and your siblings’ children. The togetherness is both inspiring and therapeutic.

Next year’s trip will be to Chicago in May. Chicago Cubs will play the Chicago White Sox in interleague play. I assume it will be another cold and rainy weekend in May because it always seems to be cold and rainy in Chicago in May.

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