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Evidence For Impending Healthcare System Failure

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

The following are the links that is the evidence for the impending failure of the healthcare system in its present form and in the form that Obamacare is adopting.

Obamacare is piling on more regulations and restrictions to the present healthcare system. The present system is a failed system.The regulation will be impossible to comply with and impossible to enforce. They will create more opportunity for secondary stakeholder to extract more funds from monies needed for direct patient care creating a greater decrease in access to care for all .

The links follow the slides I presented in my last blog. Those links could not be opened because they were jpegs.

My hope is the links serve as an excellent reference to Repair The Healthcare System presently or when it collapses under it unsubstainable costs and the present system's inability to be executed.

The Etiology of Accelerated


Medicare 1965-1980 Fee for

authorized HMO’s

Medicare Price Fixing Begins In 1980

Cost shifting Penalizes Private

HMO Fail Because Of Faulty Assumptions In 1990.

 Reasons for Hillarycare’s
Failure To Pass.

Distrust of Government

Healthcare Insurance Companies
Raise Premiums.

Birth of Managed  Care: Another Compicated Mistake  

Managed Cares Fails. 

Managed Care Pricing And
Premiums Remain

2009 Obamacare And The Threat
Of Government Takeover To Freedom, Liberty and Choice.

Rationing Of Healthcare

ACOs Are HMO's On Steroids Combined With Managed Care Is Obamacare's Complicated Mistake. 

ACOs Will Fail At Great Costs To Everyone.

 Tort Reform And Defensive Medicine Are Ignored By Obamacare.

Medical Cost Escalate Out Of
Control And Then The Healthcare System Will Collapse.

The other major slide in the last blog was the barriers to the
Physician/Patient Relationship. This relationship is critical to the
theraputic index. It is almost destroyed and will be totally dstroyed in
Obamacare. Both physicians and patients will become commodities in a
bureaucratic healthcare system. Patients will not win.


Physician/ Patient Barriers to the Physicians/Patient Relationship



The Physician/Patient

physician/patient relationship

 The Magic  of the Patient Physician Relationship  

 Patient and
Physician responsibility contract

 Patient should be the leader of the team

 Barriers for physicians in the Physician/Patient


1. Tort
Reform/Defensive Medicine.

2. Restriction
of Physicians Clinical Judgment

3. Medicine
is a calling not a business

  4.  Constant
lowering physicians’ reimbursement

 5. Physicians
are driven to decrease time spent with patients

6. Government
rations care through panel of experts

7. Physician’s
treatments are driven by government regulations

8. The
traditional media undermining physician credibility

9. Government
is attempting to commoditize medical treatment


Patient Barriers To the Patient/Physicians Relationship

1. Patients are not in control of their own medical decisions.

2. Patients are not in control of their own healthcare

3. Patients
do not have to be responsible for their treatment because they

first dollar coverage.

4.  Education about chronic disease must be extension of
physician’s care

5.  Internet can undermine the Physician/Patient

6. Method of choosing a physician is random and must be
made clearer

7. Portability of information about previous treatment
is difficult

8. Patient must be responsible and in control of their
medical record.

9. Patient must endure poor communication by their

Government and the healthcare insurance industry limit choice with


11. Patients should be responsible for their treatment

America's healthcare system is at a critical turn in 2012.

Obamacare must be repeal.

Effective healthcare reform is essential. Both the primary and secondary stakeholders have abused a system. A system that is punitive.

Consumers must drive the system by being responsible to themselve and their healthcare dollars.

Obamacare is building a system of government dependency by all stakeholders (patients,physicians,hospital and healthcare insurance companies).

The healthcare system should be developed to create innovation and competions among stakeholders for the benefit of consumers and their indepent choice.

The government's inefficiency will create a healthcare system destined to doom at the expense of all of us taxpayers.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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