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Caving In

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

As time goes by the implementation of Obamacare (ACA) becomes more bizarre.

The start of the 2015 enrollment period in Obamacare’s health insurance exchange program was delayed from October 1, 2014 until November 15, 2014.

The reason for the delay is obvious. The Obama administration fears another disastrous enrollment rollout just before the midterm elections.

President Obama is protectingDemocratic candidates who voted for Obamacare from the political fallout.

The enrollment period is supposed to end December 31, 2014 in order for insurance coverage to start January 1, 2015.

This enrollment period is very short. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays will make it even shorter.

President Obama will probably delay the end of the enrollment period once again by executive order.

The Obama administration must also deal with people who lied about their enrollment qualification. Hundreds of thousands could not show proof of income or eligibility for government subsidies for their insurance for 2014.

The government has not published any data about the number of people who have been disqualified for providing false information.

These people owe the government money. They cannot afford to pay the amount owed. Is the government going to let these underpayments disappear?

The Obama administration also announced that anyone who was enrolled last year does not have to do anything. They will be enrolled automatically in 2015.

At what price?  Premiums will be higher than last year. Enrollees might not be able to pay the higher or unsubsidized premiums.

Insurance premiums in the health insurance exchanges are going to increase at least 10% in 2015 despite the Obama administrations guarantee, through its reinsurance plan, that it will cover any of the healthcare insurance industry’s claimed losses.

Problems were compounded this week by a CMS announcement that they will not publish the health insurance exchange premiums until November 15,2014.

Medicare premiums are also going to increase dramatically in 2015. Many seniors will not be able to afford to pay them. Senior might not notice the increase until they receive their first social security check.

On January 1, 2015 Obamacare’s “employer shared responsibility reporting requirement”  goes into effect.

“Starting in 2015, applicable large employers will need to identify whether eligible employees have been offered employer-sponsored health care coverage and whether that coverage meets the standard for minimum essential coverage, among other requirements.

Employers will also be required to track employee eligibility for health care coverage, including number of hours worked, etc.”

There is no way employers can track this information manually anymore. They will have to hire a benefits manager to keep track of something that is so fluid as to will be impossible to keep track of.

Employers’ overhead will rise. The large employers will decide it is cheaper to pay the Obamacare’s penalty and force their employees to buy insurance on the federal health insurance exchanges.

How can all these people buy insurance wisely between November 15, 2014 and December 31, 2014 to be insured in 2015.

This will create havoc in the healthcare system.

Creating havoc is the goal of President Obama’s plan to transform America. It follows Saul Alinsky’s game plan precisely. It will lead to population fear. Population fear will lead to a government controlled single payer healthcare system.

The public is presently experiencing a great deal of fear with the potential for an Ebola epidemic. The resulting hospitalizations and deaths that might occur from an epidemic will intensify this fear.

This CDC and the Obama administration keep giving us illogical reason for why they refuse to stop flights from West Africa to the U.S.  

The airport screenings’ protocols are illogical. The training protocols have been unsuccessful.

Havoc will intensify if the United States experiences an influenza outbreak this winter. People will not know whether they have the flu or Ebola. People will overrun the nation’s hospital ERs.

Public and private health insurance policies might not cover the care needed to diagnose and treat these patients.

People will be put in isolation in the hospitals. The patient’s contacts will have to be quarantined. The economy will come to a standstill.

The only option remaining is for the people to beg the government to take over the healthcare system.

I do not know if President Obama and his administration are brilliant or incompetent.

I suspect he is brilliant.

 In either case his goal of socializing medicine will be achieved

Are President Obama and his administration competent enough to control and run the healthcare system?

What is your guess?

 The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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