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An Important Life Event

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

My son Brad and I have just completed our annual weekend trip together.
This year it was Las Vegas. Las Vegas has few distractions for us because we do not drink, gamble or go to strip shows.

The places we go annually are insignificant. They are simply the background for just being with each other, experiencing each other and experiencing each others intellectual and emotional growth over the past year. The karma of the experience is invigorating to me.

We do things randomly. Nothing is planned. This year there was one exception. We had tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE. If you like the Beatles this show is a knockout. The choreography and acrobatics glorifies every song. Those guys were great. It is amazing to me that four young kids from Liverpool could have such wisdom.

Brad and I continually learn from each other. There was one point in time that I was his mentor. Clearly that time has passed. He is my mentor now. It is a wonderful feeling to have a child, learn from each other as he grows up and then become buddies as he becomes an adult. Brad, I thank you for being such a great kid.

On the lighter side we found the Stage Door Deli. I had a pastrami sandwich. The goal was to compare the Stage Door Deli pastrami to the Carnegie Deli pastrami. However, when we found the Carnegie Deli another pastrami sandwich would have killed me.

The Egg Cream at the Stage Deli was a C to C- Egg Cream. They do not make them like they use to. The Carnegie Deli borscht was A+.

Las Vegas is really a caricature of America. The visual stimuli are overwhelming.

The annual bonding with my son is beautiful and unforgettable. Every father should do it with their son every year.

Thank you Brad

  • Chris Yeh

    As a father of a young son (4 1/2), it’s great to hear about a dad and his boy who have such a close and wonderful relationship 40 years later.

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