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America Is An Innovative And Exciting Nation

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

I had several wonderful intellectual experiences last weekend. These experiences served to confirm my thinking that intelligent Americans are less interested in politics, rhetoric and empty promises and more interested in innovative solutions to all the ills that our bureaucratic political processes have brought upon us.

Todd Siler, Phd

My first stop was a visit with Todd Siler, Phd. Todd is a famous American multimedia artist, author, educator, and inventor. He is equally well known for his art and for his work in creativity research.

Todd’s analytic skills and creativity are uncanny.

The following quote is from one of his web sites,

 In 1890, the psychologist and philosopher, William James, described “Cerebralists” as “those who combine the sensual and spiritual, the physical and intellectual” in their creations. “

Clearly, we’ve lost sight of the broader meaning and reality of this practice. 

Cerebralism encompasses all forms and expressions of art. Through art, we can connect and transform everything (information, knowledge, ideas, experiences), to create new meanings and purposes for everything. Art makes life meaningful. It inspires wonder, while challenging the limits of our vision and imagination."

Please click on to Todd’s imaginative art.

In our rapidly changing world, where it seems, to many, confusing and scary Todd’s message is brilliant and enlightening. His course “Think Like A Genius” is enabling. It enables people to think expansively through art and science to develop strategies and actions that are innovative. He promotes mutual respect, trust and love.

One of Todd’s trademark symbols is;

  Todd siler png

It would serve everyone well to “Think Like a Genius” rather than think selfishly and try to take advantage of others.


My wife and I met Todd three years ago through an introduction from my son Brad (both MIT graduates). Since then Todd and I have been in constant communication via Skype. Last week was special.

Thanks, Todd.

Nextera Healthcare

My next visit was to Nextera Healthcare. Nextera Healthcare is a new model for delivering healthcare. It follows many of the principles embodied in my ideal medical savings account model.  It delivers compassionate care at an affordable cost.

Nextera Healthcare combines the compassionate practice of medicine with advanced information technology. My impression is that the founders have fire in their belly for delivering the best medical care for their patients.

I will explain more about Nextera Healthcare in the near future.  

The reason I am so high on Nextera Healthcare is that it closely fits a model of healthcare delivery that I believe will work. It will increase the quality of medical care and decrease the cost of healthcare. 

Nextera Healthcare has the potential to permit the patient to be responsible for managing their health and their healthcare dollars.

Nextera Healthcare has the potential to reduce healthcare cost to individuals, employer sponsored self insured plans, associations and even the government while permitting consumers to make their own healthcare decisions.


Next I stopped in at the TechStars fancy new dungeon. TechStars was co-founded by my son Brad Feld and David Cohen in Boulder, Colorado in 2007. It has been a very successful start up accelerator.

TechStars has expanded to Boston, New York, Seattle, and San Antonio. TechStars also has a number of affiliates in many cities in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Bloomberg TV has a special about TechStars concepts in 2011. TechStars business model is compelling to me.

I show up at TechStars Boulder’s office every year with permission from Brad and David. The goal is see if the 10 selected companies can explain their company’s business model to me is a way that I can understand.

It is a fascinating experience for me to see how these start-up companies hone their product and their story for Demo Day. Each company is mentored for three months to develop their model and hone their presentation.

On Demo Day Brad and David invite venture capitalist from all over the country to listen to these technology start-ups’ story and have the opportunity to invest in them.

The success rate for investment has been very high each year and at every site.

Last Thursday was the second day of the new session in Boulder. It was the first Demo Day practice session.

The first practice sessions blew my mind. I think the kids are getting smarter, more articulate and more creative each year.  Someone told me it was harder to get into TechStars than it was to get into Harvard Business School.



GoldLab’s 3rd Annual Symposium “Time: Tempus Fugit”  

The purpose of the trip was to attended GoldLab’s 3rd Annual Symposium “Time: Tempus Fugit” at the Colorado University as an invited guest.

Dr. Larry Gold is a legendary Biotechnology guru. His mission for these Symposia is to synthesize the confluence of science and humanity. His goal is to stimulate the thinking of bench scientists, practicing physicians and social scientists to understand progress and thinking in each discipline.

Once the participants are stimulated they are encouraged to focus on actionable solutions to the complex problems society faces through each discipline’s lens.

“This was a symposium that truly, truly, truly engaged all four organs of the participants — the head, the heart, the gut and the hoo-ha organ (ah-ha) organ. Larry Gold’s  Symposium  “Time: Tempus Fugit” did so it in grand style.’

It was certainly an invigorating weekend for me. The levels of intellect and the abilities to “Think Like a Genius” are very high.

I am certain the younger generation is not going to let President Obama get away with his “Obamacare” and other government controlling baloney he is pushing.

The challenge is going to be how to get their attention now and not later when the disintermediating task will be much harder.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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