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St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

St. Patrick’s Day is my birthday. This St. Patricks’s day was my 75th

A little background has to be presented before I talk about the
phenomenal birthday party my wife Cecelia threw for me in the Eilan Hotel Resort and
Spa in San Antonio.

When I was three years old my mother took me to the New York City Fifth
Avenue St. Patrick’s Day Parade. She sewed a kelly green jump suit for me to

When we got to the Parade she told me all those people were marching to
celebrate my birthday. This happened every year until I was six. I finally
caught on.

She celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with me  the rest of her life. After I
moved out of the house she would call at 6.30 am every St. Patrick’s Day and
sing Happy Birthday to me.

My sister-in-law took over after my mother’s death. I get a chill up my
spine every time Cindy does it. She never misses a beat.

Cecelia sent me this as a little extra birthday present.


I helped fund Doug and Telisha's new CD with a donation through

Here it
is, FOR YOU, their personal video. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! "

"Hi Cecelia,

Here is a link to Stanley's special video telegram:



I started my practice of Clinical Endocrinology in the summer of 1970.
At the beginning of March 1971 I bought a kelly green wool blazer to wear while
seeing patients on my birthday. If March 17th landed on a Sunday I
carried out the ritual on Monday. If it landed on Saturday I wore my jacket on

It was lots of fun. After a few years the same patients made an appointment
to see me on my birthday.

After a while more people than I could see in one day wanted an
appointment on that day. Some of the people made appointment a year in advance
so they would have the slot.

I think they had more fun than I had. Patients started bringing me St.
Patrick’s Day clothing. They brought in green ties, sweaters, vests, leprechaun
shoes and hats of all shapes and sizes.

I had so much stuff and so many patients that wanted to have an
appointment on my birthday that I extended the celebration to two days and
started wearing a different costume each day.

My birthday has been a glorious day. This year Cecelia wrote to her
entire email list and asked them to say something about me. She has not given the album to me yet because she has not finished it and the notes keep coming in.

She said many of the notes made her cry and she
is sure they will make me cry.

Brad put his note to me in his blog. It made me cry. I remember all
of it.

Cecelia and I drove down to San Antonio on Wednesday March 13th. We thought it would be fun to drive. It was a mistake. I-35 is still a mess between Waco and San Antonio after all these years.

I would be remiss if I did not put some of my outfits into this blog.

IMG_2455 copy 2
Arriving at Eilan Hotel Resort and Spa

IMG_2460 copy
 I wore this soccer shirt to dinner at La Fonda with Brad and Amy.

 Thursday Daniel, Laura and Sabrina arrived. We explored the new end of the Riverwalk before dinner. 

IMG_2465 copy
IMG_2465 copy
IMG_2465 copy
IMG_2465 copy

Doesn't Daniel look great? 


IMG_2477 copy
Dinner was wonderful at Il Sogno Tratoria at the Pearl Brewery 


IMG_2478 copy

Friday's Outfit

IMG_2484 copy

 Charlie and Cindy arrive.


IMG_2495 copy

Dinner at Boudros on the Riverwalk

IMG_2500 copy

All dessed up for Saturday  


IMG_2506 copy

They dyed the San Antonio River green for my birthday.

800px-Chicago_River_dyed_green,_focus_on_river copy

They did it in Chicago,too. My birthday is a great day.

2013-03-16 18.51.14 copy

My fabulous and beautiful wife and I before dinner at Sustenio at the Eilan Hotel

2013-03-16 19.55.46 copy

Brad, Amy and I before the birthday dinner.

2013-03-16 21.02.53 copy

My cake. Do not let the green fool you. It is solid chocolate

2013-03-16 19.57.27 copy

Brad, Stan and Dan with the most wonderful person in my world, Cecelia.


I wish to thank Cecelia publicly for creating this fabulous weekend. 

I love you



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