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I Can Hear The Train A Comin’

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP MACE

It is almost past the time for physicians to
listen to that train whistle coming down the line.

A reader wrote


blog Dr. Feld.

your Physician friends this question:

and how will you feel when your license to practice medicine is no longer
sanctioned at the state level, rather it is issued by the Federal Government
and tied directly to your willingness to see a certain percentage of
Medicare/Medicaid patients?”

where this train is headed, most physicians are simply too blind it to see it or too deaf the hear it.

M "


M., I have tried to warn my physician
friends that the train is coming. Physicians’ freedoms and the patient-physician
relationship are circling the drain.

The only option they will have will be
to practice medicine without a license. This is a ridiculous thought.

Where is the silent physician majority?
I have only heard from Dr. Ben Carson. I have a feeling the press is going to
start calling him a lunatic very shortly. The goal will be to marginalize and silence


Where are the organizations that are
supposed to represent physicians and their patients?

If you ignore the pain you do not know
the cancer is growing. If you do not feel the pain you do not know if it is
growing either.

The cancer cannot be cured if it is

Physicians cannot ignore this problem
any longer. Neither can consumers. Entitlement spending run wild will drive
America into bankruptcy.

Cancer is comparable to the national debt.
It will not be cured if it is recklessly ignored. The end result will be

President Obama has
demonstrated an apparent disregard for the literal interpretation of the constitution’s
First, Second, Fourth and Twelfth Amendments during his term in office.

States rights seem
meaningless. The Democratic congress has empowered President Obama to do anything
he wants to do to the healthcare system.

Congress has transferred all
decision making to the executive branch of government.

Congress is supposed to
represent the people. Most consumers do not know what is going on. The
information is not readily available.  If
they do not know what is going on will not mount a protest.

Consumers who enjoy the
benefits of the entitlements are not likely to be willing to give them up. It
is not as much a matter of entitlements as it is a matter of waste and
inefficiency resulting from complex government bureaucracies.

President Obama has told us
that Medicare and Medicaid are very efficient. Yet he has not provided proof.
The administrations claim is the waste is the result of fraud and abuse. My
question is by whom?

Public opinion cannot be
expressed if the public does not understand the issues.

The traditional media has
ignored most of the important issues; it has not published the possible
consequences of the administrations rules, regulations and actions.

If congressmen express an
opinion contrary to the party line of the establishment they are called a Wacko

The press will jump all over
this because it might sell newspapers or magazines. The public accepts the
catchy phrase as the truth.

I have outlined and
described in detail the logical solutions to Repairing The Healthcare System.

With the 20,000 new
regulations and 300 new agencies the Obama administration has tightened the box.
They have disabled the physicians’ ability to practice medicine unless they
comply with government dictates.

This is called government
control and takeover of the healthcare system.

Many physicians think they
can finesse this imprisonment. These physicians are wrong. Many think they will
be able to stop accepting Medicare and Medicaid and continue to practice
medicine. They are wrong.

Physicians’ ability to use their
medical judgment is being taken away.

The Obama administration’s
response would obviously be that is silly. They are not trying to control
medical judgment.

However the government
continues to proceed in commoditizing medical care. 

Physicians are going to
scream when they wake up and realize what is happening to medicine and medical

Some physicians say they are
powerless to do anything. These physicians are wrong.

All they have to do is learn
the details of the real issues. Then they have to explain it to every patient.
Patients are not going to like what is happening.

Physicians can provide their
patients with talking points or an already written letter to send to congress
and President Obama.

Remember this is a
government by the people for the people. We hire these guys. Our vote provides
these politicians with their job. Congress and the President are scared stiff
to have our disapproval.

The government runs like
Franz Kafka’s bureaucracy in his book “the Castle.” No one has authority to
make a decision and no one takes responsibility for the consequences.

Who took responsibility for
the Benghazi disaster? The press ignored it. The facts were not forthcoming and
no one took responsibility.

Americans’ health is too
precious to ignore the impending disaster.

Who is going to take
responsibility for the disaster?


The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

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