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The Traditional Mainstream Media Is Waking Up To Obamacare’s Defects

 Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE


Klein is TIME's political columnist
and author of six books, most recently “Politics
.” His weekly TIME column, "In the Arena," covers national
and international affairs. In 2004 he won the National Headliner Award for best
magazine column.

is a Democrat and a big supporter of President Obama.

Klein is a major liberal leaning reporter within the traditional mainstream media.
His last two articles in TIME magazine are finally starting to show
understanding of the problem with Obamacare. Here are some of these articles
more important statements.

starts one article with,

me try to understand this: the key incentive for small businesses to support
Obamacare was that they would be able to shop for the best deals in health care
superstores — called exchanges.

 "The Administration has had three years to set
up these exchanges. It has 
failed to do so."

 "This is a really bad sign.”

administration continuously claims it is not its fault programs are failing. It
is always the other guy’s fault.

other “guys fault” was the main
strategy of President Obama’s reelection campaign. He needs more time to make
things work.

There will be those who argue that
it’s not the Administration’s fault
. It’s the fault of the 33 states that have
refused to set up their own exchanges. Nonsense. Where was the contingency

Obama administration just announced it couldn’t have the health insurance
exchanges program ready by January 2014.

is refreshing to read a liberal mainstream media writer saying what I have said
all along.

Obama administration’s trick here was to stick the states with the costs of the

states that have thought out the consequences have refused to accept
responsibility for the health insurance exchange.

Obama administration has also demanded that states follow the administration’s
conditions and rules. The states have viewed this as a threat to states rights.

Supreme Court sided with the states’ rights argument.


"The Obama Administration has announced
that it won’t have the exchanges ready in time, that small businesses will be
offered one choice for the
time being — for a year, at least."

A hidden story is the administration does not have the funding
to pay the states for the health insurance exchanges for three years.

This is one of the reasons President Obama is again demanding
the ability to raise taxes in a budget agreement. Republicans are saying he has
received his tax increases January 1, 2013.

“No doubt, small-business owners will be skeptical of the Obama
Administration’s belief in the efficacy of the market system to produce lower
prices through competition. That was supposed to be the point of this plan.”

Joe Klein goes on to say,

“We are now seeing weekly examples of this Administration’s
inability to govern.
Just a few weeks ago, I 
reported on the failure of the Department of Defense and Veterans
Affairs to come up with a unified electronic health care records system.”

We have been told that the VA had an excellent electronic health
record. The VA advertises that every physician can download it and use it free.
I downloaded it.

The VA EHR is very difficult to use.

 Joe Klein had sharp
criticism for the “Head Start Program”,

 "There have been the
oblique and belated efforts to reform Head Start, a $7 billion program that a
study conducted by its own bureaucracy — the Department of Health and Human
Services — has found nearly worthless." 

list of Obama administration failures is indeed endless. It is the work of a
community organizer trying to run a big business.

Obama is not a “how” President.
Oh, he pays lip service to government reform.
His people can tell you the number of unnecessary regulations they’ve

It barely scratches the surface of what needs to be done—there is no creative
destruction in government, regulations pile up on top of each other like silt,
generation after generation.”

next statements confirm Joe Klein’s liberal leanings.

 “One thing is clear:
Obamacare will fail if he doesn’t start paying more attention to the details of

 “But, as a Democrat — as
someone who believes in activist government
— he has a vested interest in
seeing that federal programs actually work efficiently. I don’t see much
evidence that this is anywhere near the top of his priorities.”

 “And, in a larger sense,
the notion of activist government will be in peril — “  

The problem is not, as the Republicans
claim, big government. It’s bad government.”

last the traditional mainstream media is starting to get it. There is starting
to be recognition of the problem with government controlled and operated

have explained many times that the mess in the healthcare system is not a
liberal or conservative problem

is a problem in creating a healthcare system that aligns all the stakeholder
incentives and works for every consumer of healthcare.

consumer driven healthcare system with appropriate tort reform will have to be developed
by the government.

healthcare system must be constructed that allows consumers to own their
healthcare dollars and be responsible for their health and healthcare.

government could provide the subsidy to the needy. The result would be a
healthcare system that would be more efficient and less costly.

responsibility and freedom to choose is essential for a successful healthcare


 The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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