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Public Option vs. Ideal Medical Savings Account: Part 4


Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Politicians and healthcare policy makers have not included consumer driven healthcare in the healthcare reform debate. They have not included tort reform in the debate either.

The debate is about a public option. President Obama is going to redefine his meaning of the public option in his message to congress. He will make it sound benign. It will not sound like a government takeover of healthcare. He will omit the details and consequences of the bill.

President Obama must know the government cannot afford a public option. He knows he must control costs somehow. His policy makers believe the only way to control cost is by total government control over the healthcare system. Ultimately the goal is a single party payer system.

This way of thinking about the problem is wrong. Government control does not reduce costs in most projects. It usually increases costs. The President is focused on reducing physicians’ and hospitals’ reimbursement. He believes they are the reason for increasing costs. Medicare has continually decreased reimbursement to physicians and hospitals. Yet costs have increased.

To some extent decreased reimbursement leads to increased utilization but it is not the principle reason for the increase in utilization. A principle reason is an increase in the need to practice defensive medicine. Plaintiff attorneys deny it. The Massachusetts study confirms that defensive medicine leads to a large increase in utilization and costs.

Physicians are an easy target because they are not well organized. The Democrat controlled government is timid about attacking the plaintiff attorneys and tackling tort reform. Defensive medicine results in about a $700 billion dollar a year cost to the healthcare system

Howard Dean said it a few weeks ago. “Congress will not face the issue of tort reform because it does not want to take on plaintiff attorneys.” Consumers can solve this for congress by signing a valid limited liability waiver. Patients can put their own cap on damages. It would not require any courage on the part of congress or the President to face this difficult political issue. All congress and the President have to do is declare the waiver valid.

Texas and California have had the courage to place caps on damages. It has been very successful. If there were caps on damages and they were effective the need for defensive medicine practices would decrease.

The public does not trust congress or the President with control over its healthcare coverage. The public experience with unintended consequences of government control is obvious to all.

Recent examples are the unintended consequences of the bank bailouts, Goldman Sachs bailout, the economic stimulus package promise, the auto bailout, and the war in Afghanistan. All these bailouts are increasing the deficit at the expense of the taxpayers and future generations.

The public mistrusts the healthcare insurance industry as much as it mistrusts the government to control healthcare. The healthcare insurance industry has restricted access to care and rationed care. It has not reimbursed physicians and hospitals in a timely fashion. It has found it is cheaper to pay the negotiated settlement rather the medical bills for its insured.

Nancy Pelosi is right about one thing and only one thing. The real villain is the healthcare insurance industry. However, she does not understand with a public option she is not controlling the healthcare insurance industry fees for administrative services. The government outsources administrative services to the healthcare industry and will still be subject to grotesque administrative services fees.

The healthcare insurance industry has lobbied to change the law to increase co pays to 35-40% of bills so it can lower premiums to affordable levels. Increasing deductibles and lowering premiums would satisfy President Obama’s goal of affordable premiums. At the same time, it will increase the out of pocket cost of medical care for consumers who might need to use their “affordable healthcare insurance.”

The healthcare insurance industry will be forced to offer insurance to consumers with preexisting illness at an affordable cost. Some states have a high risk pool. The premiums in the high risk pools are at least 11/2 times higher than normal premiums and have higher deductibles. High risk patients must be put into the general insurance pool.

There has not been a word in the healthcare reform discussion about patient responsibility for their health. We are in the middle of the worst Obesity epidemic in American history. President Obama should declare a War on Obesity. He should promote legislation that could help eradicate obesity. He should provide patients with financial incentives to eliminate obesity and adhere to prescribed therapy. Obesity is a leading driver of increasing healthcare costs. The costs will only become grater as the obesity epidemic continues.

It is time consumers took control of their own health care dollars and their own health and well being. The defensive medicine/tort reform issue can be solved by consumers. Obesity can be solved with the government rewriting farm subsidies and a substantial public service health campaign to change our eating habits.

A consumer driven healthcare system along with the ideal medical savings accounts could solve many of the healthcare system’s problems without total government control. The government’s job should be to help with educating the public, negotiating prices that are transparent and fair and enforcing regulations to create a level playing field for consumers among the other stakeholders.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

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