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President Obama Is Faking Out Seniors For Their Vote.

 Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

I have never been a fan of the Medicare Advantage Program because it rips off taxpayers and senior citizens.

I wrote a blog on July 13, 2008 exposing the Medicare Advantage as a scam to enrich the healthcare insurance industry. The title was Politicians Are Hard To Trust. ”

Seniors initially think it is great because their premium is cheaper than traditional Medicare.

If seniors are not sick they would think they have great insurance because it is cheaper than traditional Medicare insurance. If those seniors would get sick they would realizes the insurance coverage is not as great as their healthcare insurer chooses the physicians and hospitals. Neither might be the “best in town.”

 The healthcare insurance companies wine and dine seniors to get them to sign up with their company.

 The profit the insurer receives from Medicare Advantage is estimated to be $8 billion dollars a year.

United Healthcare and Humana are betting on the lucrative Medicare Advantage part of their business. The Medicare Advantage program develops doctor networks that are managed by the insurers in contrast to regular Medicare in which members can choose virtually any doctor, who is paid directly by the government.

“One in five of the nation’s 43 million Medicare enrollees are now in the Medicare Advantage program, which the Bush administration says has brought more choices and better benefits to the federal health system.”

My question is, “who can you trust?” Is President Bush really protecting seniors and the U.S. federal treasury or the healthcare insurance industry?

“ Medicare Advantage has become a political target, because — whatever its vaunted enhancements — it costs the federal government 12 percent more for each enrollee, on average, than the regular Medicare system.” “The Congressional critics see the policies as an extravagance whose main beneficiaries are insurers like Humana and UnitedHealth.”

Wake up America! Physicians only receive 10% of the Medicare dollar. Physicians are the people providing medical care, not the healthcare insurance companies.

None-the-less many seniors are happy with the lower Medicare Advantage premiums. They would be very unhappy if President Obama eliminated Medicare Advantage before the presidential election.

The decrease in Medicare Advantage’s availability was snuck into Obamacare without debate. Few in congress absorbed every detail of Obamacare.


 The reductions were supposed to take effect on October 15,2012.


This Medicare Advantage elimination date is part of the $500 billion dollar reduction in Medicare expenditures.   

On May 6, 2012 I reported President Obama’s impending trick was pulled not to upset seniors and loss their vote for his reelection.


“President Obama’s politics are a dirty business. Manipulating the traditional media and American public’s thinking rather than presenting the truth seems to be President Obama’s goal.

The traditional media has omitted the fact that President Obama is going to make major disruptive changes to Medicare on his own. He is going to decrease Medicare funding by $500 billion dollars.

In fact, the decrease funding was to take effect before the election.

He conveniently delayed the scheduled reduction until after the election in order to not upset seniors and lose the senior vote.”

“ President Obama has been planning to get rid of Medicare Advantage with his Medicare funding reductions. Seniors will then be in an uproar.” 

President Obama’s plan to delay the implementation of the cut I Medicare Advantage is a trick that is costing the American Taxpayers $8 billion dollars. The cost of the additional study will not prove anything.


It is just another trick play to deceive voters to vote for him.

It will not work. I hope President Obama’s disinformation and manipulation of the traditional media are wearing thin on everyone.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System”are mine and mine alone

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