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One Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words


One picture is worth 1,000 words.
The second picture says it all.

Chart of agencies 9 22 2013
The list of one humdred and fifty nine new bureaucratic new agencies can be found at

The one hundred and fifty–nine new agencies generated by the
Accountable Care Act (Obamacare) increases the complexity of an already
uncontrollable bureaucracy. Americans have seen many examples of the
inefficiency and waste because of the growth of bureaucracy in everyday life.

Jpg height of rules


 To date, before Obamacare
has been in full swing, these agencies have created the pile of regulations
demonstrated by Mitch McConnell.

 What are the chances the
recipients of these regulations will understand and obey all these regulations?

 What are the chances the
government bureaucrats can enforce these regulations?

What are the chances favored,
privileged parties will be exempt from these regulations?

What is the value added cost
these agencies and regulations provide for the direct treatment of patients
with disease?

These are all good questions.
The answers are not readily available. The administration, our congressmen or the
traditional media do not discuss these questions.

The American public has
already felt the consequences of the growth of bureaucracy and regulations.

Seventy seven percent of new
jobs have been part-time jobs
. A person working less than 30 hours a week is
not required to receive healthcare insurance from his employer. Employers have
done this to avoid an Obamacare penalty.

Healthcare insurance
premiums for next year are skyrocketing. The Obama administration continually
tells the traditional media that insurance premiums will be affordable and
decrease in 2014.

True unemployment rises to
over double digits while government statistics claim it is falling. It is a
statistical trick.

Americans are noticing the
sting of the 20 hidden taxes Obamacare has put in place. Despite these taxes,
the deficit for this year remains one trillion dollars. It means the
administration is spending more despite the tax increases.

The Democrats keep saying we
must raise the debt limit. The Federal Reserve keeps saying we need to print
more money. President Obama keeps saying you must pay the bills Americans and
congress voted to incur. America cannot default on its debt.

Few are saying we must
decrease the debt by decreasing bureaucracy, regulations and inefficiency.

Fewer are saying we must
stop this overspending.

President Obama has given
countless waivers to countless companies. The first waver was MacDonalds which provides
Mini-Med insurance to their low wage employees. Mini-Med insurance is worthless.
It provides practically no healthcare insurance coverage.

President Obama figures that
all these people would sign up for the Health Insurance Exchange rates. These
exchanges would provide tax credits for the low wage income earner by law. The
law seemed to change in the last few months from tax credits to subsidies
without congressional approval. Law wage earners do not pay taxes and cannot
benefit from tax credits.

After October 1 we will see
if young healthy persons without pre-existing condition sign up for healthcare insurance
through these health insurance exchanges.  

 The only insurance rates
seen through these exchanges so far are the California health Insurance exchange
rates. The rates are too high to buy adequate healthcare coverage for someone
making $40,000 per year. The affordable rates do not provide adequate healthcare
insurance coverage.

 The Obama administration
claim’s that the New York State rates are lower than the private insurance
rates. It might be true for certain levels of coverage. The reality is the
private insurance rates in New York are too high. The New York State Board of
Insurance permits healthcare insurance companies to receive an unconscionable
return on investment.

A one year delay of
Obamacare for corporations will get President Obama past the mid term
elections. It will permit public awareness of the harm Obamacare is doing to
the economy which the administration is striving to keep hidden.

After the election cycle it
will dawn on the majority of the public that Obamacare is a destructive
train-wreck to the economy and economic growth.

The delay will also have a
lesser effect on the tremendous increase in deficit spending that would
diminish the debate on the administration’s overspending.

President Obama doesn’t seem
to think deficit spending is an important issue.  He is also not bothered by the Federal Reserve’s
quantitative easing.

The most offensive action by
President Obama is exempting congress and the congressional staff from

Why should the individual
hard working person suffer the effects of Obamacare when government officials
do not? 

Can Obamacare work when we
have so many agencies generating so many regulations? Can it work when so many
people have waivers and exemptions?

I doubt it!

No only is it not fair to
hard working people. It is probably unconstitutional.

It doesn’t look like the
American individual taxpayers that are not exempt from Obamacare are going to
get much help from the Supreme Court.

Maybe President Obama’s goal
is to destroy the healthcare system’s infrastructure. He is setting up the
failure of Obamacare.

Obamacare seems to be designed
to destroy our healthcare system. Maybe Obamacare is not supposed to work. Maybe
it is designed to cost so much that the entire economy will fail.

This can be the only reason
Obamacare has been permitted to continue to exist by both Democrats and

Obamacare is neither affordable
nor executable.

 The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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