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My Wife Is Wonderful!

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP, MACE


My wife of 49 years is the greatest person I ever met. We have had a wonderful life together. It has been a great trip.

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I have always told my boys, Brad and Daniel, “If you’re not on the edge you are taking up too much space.”

I married a woman who has not been frightened to take that journey with me.

Just imagine, when we were in the Air Force in 1965, I had a one-month vacation in the summer of 1966.

Neither one of us had ever camped out in a tent. A pediatrician drove to the Air Force Base with his young family in an Air-Stream trailer after camping out for 3 weeks before arriving to Blytheville Arkansas.

I said to Cecelia, “If Rosen could do it we can do it. It might even be fun.” Bravely, she took up the challenge even though Brad was less than 6 months old and still on formula.

I ordered and got confirmation for a Pop Up Trailer Tent from the Air Force Base’s recreation services. Four days before the trip I went to pick the trailer up. The previous user trashed the Trailer Tent. The Sergeant was a patient of mine. He fixed us up with a brand new pink four-man survival tent. He taught me how to put it. The tent was 6ft by 4 ft. with a crawl tunnel door.

Cecelia was not pleased with the accomadations but accepted it as an adventure. After studying the Boy Scout manual, we headed off for a 1-month tour through the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion and the Canyon Lands.

These rookie campers did a great job and had a wonderful time.

Next we decided to leave New England, Massachusetts, Mass General Hospital and the many offers I had to be a Clinical Endocrinologist in the Boston area and the New York City area for Dallas Texas.

We hated the grey sky, bitter cold and snow in the northeast.

The year was 1969. We knew two people in Dallas.

Cecelia researched demographic in the states and concluded that Dallas, Texas needed a Clinical Endocrinologist.

Dallas was not what it is today but it was great. I built a wonderful practice of Clinical Endocrinology when most people didn’t know what a Clinical Endocrinologist did.

Cecelia was behind me all the way.

After I became involved in medical politics as President of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, I decided I could Repair the Healthcare System. I decided to leave my practice and give it a try.

It has been harder than I expected.

However, Cecelia has backed my mission all the way. What a woman.

As many of you know Cecelia Feld is an accomplished Texas artist. She does printmaking, collages, monotypes and photography. 


She has done a wonderful art photography series on the new Calatrava Bridge in Dallas. Her exhibit of these photographs has been displayed at the Dallas Architectural Forum. Several people have expressed interest in buying these photographs. 

DSC_5991tn bridge

In my opinion, these photographs are spectacular.

Last Saturday night she had a show of her new Collages at the Mary Tomas gallery in Dallas Texas.

  1st show picture

The pieces in the show are incredible. Imbed in the collages are samples of photographs taken all over the world of images that are formed by streets that can be seen underfoot when walking through cities, towns and villages.

2nd Untitled
Cecelia is a master of color and its juxtapositions.

She maintains a web site

and a blog


Please click on the links to get a feel for Cecelia’s work. Thank you.

She is an excellent writer and educator.

Two weeks ago she came up with a brilliant idea. Lots of people contribute to charity. She presented an offer to her followers to contribute $100 to a charity of their choice. She will then send then a 5×7 collage on her big birthday in September as her birthday present to you for your contribution. Below are the rules in Cecelia’s words.

“Summer is almost here (in Texas, anyway), which means my birthday is not far behind. September 25. No, you may not ask how old I’ll be (please don’t ask my kids). It’s a big number. 

To celebrate the occasion I have decided to work on a project this summer which will enable you to add an original work of art by me to your collection.

Here’s the deal:

1. You donate at least $100.00 to your favorite charity. (Really small amount, isn’t it)?

2. You tell me the name of the charity and that you have made the donation. Send me your address.

3. I will send you a 4×6 collage on 5×7 paper. One collage per total donation.

4. You must make your donation and let me know by June 20.  

5. I will send the collage by the end of September.

What a win-win deal!  A worthy charity benefits and you get a Cecelia Feld original work of art.

I get the pleasure of giving back to everyone who has supported me in so many ways along my life’s artistic journey. What a great birthday present for me! 

Let’s do it!

Here are 2 examples of my small collages from the “Spectrum 1-10 series.”


#1221 Spectrum 8, collage, 6×4", 2009


#1222 Spectrum 9, collage 6×4", 2009

 Last Saturday went to her opening in two cars because she had to be there early. We left the show in both cars to go to dinner. The highway entrance was closed for reconstruction.

 I thought I knew where we were and how to find the highway. I volunteered to lead us to the highway. I promptly got us lost in the depths of the back of downtown Dallas.

It felt like Tom Wolfe’s being stuck on Buckner Blvd in Bonfires of the Vanities to both of us as I tried desperately to recover and get on any major highway.


This has been the spirit of our life together. We are both willing to take chances by utilizing educated guesses.


I am convinced that the key to our successful marriage is the profound mutual respect we have for each other.  


Can anyone ask for a better, more adventurous, more innovative and more talented wife.


I am very proud of her.


 I am a very lucky guy.


 I love you, Cecelia.