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My First Date With Cecelia



Cecelia and I are
approaching our 50th wedding anniversary. We were married on June

Our first date was on March
31,1959. March 31st has been a magical day for me.

I had my Bar Mitzvah on March
31st even though my birthday is March 17th.   

and I became engaged on March 31st

I all began with my Aunt
Anna. My aunt Anna was a friend of Cecelia’s mother. Aunt Anna met Cecelia. She
liked her. She told Cecelia’s mother she had the perfect boy for Cecelia.

Cecelia did not need to be
introduced to any boys. At 161/2 years old she was already a
beautiful woman.

Aunt Anna was a persistent
woman. She bothered my brother Charlie at least 3 times a week for months to
call Cecelia and take her out.

My brother was a senior in
high school. He played on the high school’s basketball and baseball team. He
was a big man on campus. In addition to all of that he had a steady girlfriend.

He had no time or interest
in taking Cecelia out.

My family lived in a small
three story attached two bedroom house. My brother and I shared a bedroom. One
night he asked me to help him get Aunt Anna off his back.

He asked me to take Cecelia

I said sure. I made a date
to take her out for pizza on a Wednesday night. I took her to the Pizza Parlor
on Boston Post Road and Gun Hill Road in the Bronx. The Pizza Parlor is gone

Years later I found out that
she was not impressed with the pizza. She was impressed with my father’s baby
blue 1959 Pontiac Bonnieville convertible and its gigantic fins.



I fell in love with Cecelia
at first sight.

She was beautiful in her
blue button down shirt and jeans. She was very intelligent. She had many
interests. She was a great conversationalist.

I dated many girls in high
school and college. I was never as impressed as I was by the brightness of this
woman. As my father would say, I was smitten”.

Cecelia was going to High
School of Music and Art. We had many of the same interests.

At Columbia College I was a
pre-med with a concentrates in chemistry and fine art.

Columbia College was my first
exposure to fine art and its history. At that point Cecelia knew as much or
more about the arts than I did.

Her élan blew me away.

When I got home that night I
told my brother I thought I would be marrying Cecelia.

He looked at me as though I
was nuts. We then turned the light off and went to sleep.

The rest is history. Cecelia
and I have had a wonderful trip through life together. We have always had mutual
respect for each other. We have grown in life together by cultivating mutual
interests. We have supported each other’s dreams.

Cecelia has always been my
heroine. I know I have always been her hero.

We raised two sons, Daniel
and Brad. When I think about it, they are a combination of both of us in
different proportions.

Daniel and Brad are fine men
and dedicated husbands. Both are married to wonderful women.  Cecelia and I are very proud of them.

As Cecelia and I approach
our 50th wedding anniversary with a great family, I can only think
of the corny phrase my mother used
over and over again when she was alive and the family was together,

“My cup runneth over”.

It was a very lucky first date.

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