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Mr. Romney: Wake Up!!

Stanley Feld M.D.FACP,MACE


It will be up to Mitt Romney and the Republicans to define the connection of President Obama’s policies to:

  • The faltering economy
  • The disastrous healthcare bill
  • The lack of job growth
  • The growth of entitlements
  • The tremendous increase on the deficit
  • The slow but steady imfringement of the federal government on Americans’ freedoms

“I have a feeling President Obama will outsmart the Republicans and Mitt Romney with additional trick plays.” 

President Obama is using trick plays to fake out Mitt Romney and the Republicans. He is keeping them on the defensive.

Everyday he changes the subject and grabs the traditional media’s headlines.

  • President Obama is avoiding debate on all these interconnected issues.
  • President Obama’s strategy is to blame the Republicans for all America’s ills.
  • He is issuing executive orders that have little impact on the basic policy defects.
  • He is ignoring the budget deficits created by excessive bureaucracy.
  • The power of the pulpit is in his favor.
  • He has the momentum because he is controlling the conversation in a relaxed and natural way.

I believe Mitt Romney needs more media training. Americans love charisma.

Mitt Romney needs to be taught how to be charismatic. Mitt Romney must articulate his vision with vigor. He must be less wooden.

Otherwise Mitt Romney will lose the election even thought President Obama’s vision of America is not the vision of most Americans.

  • He needs advisors who will get him on the offensive.
  • He has to explain why President Obama’s Healthcare Reform Act and economic policies have created a multi-trillion dollar increase in America’s deficit without improvement in America’s economy.
  • He needs to explain how President Obama is devaluing the dollar.
  • He needs to explain how President Obama stimulus packages are decreasing Americans’ purchasing power.  
  • Mitt Romney needs to explain how President Obama’s ideology is counter to most Americans’ vision of America.
  • Mitt Romney has to point out on President Obama’s defects in foreign policy.
  • Mitt Romney should not be giving President Obama a pass on issue especially Obamacare.

Mitt Romney needs to tell us his plans. Simply saying he knows how to create jobs is meaningless. Americans have seen how large corporations have taken advantage of a free market economy.

Mitt Romney has to tell American’s his plans to fix healthcare, the economy, and unemployment.  Simply saying he knows how to create jobs is meaningless and hollow.

Diehard Democrats are going to vote for President Obama without thinking about his disastrous policies of spending and taxing that are driving America over a financial cliff.

Remember Thelma and Louise. 


Republicans are going to vote Republican.

Mitt Romney must ignite the imagination of Independents and Libertarians with the sense that he has a plan to fix America. 

He must generate a sense of real hope and neutralize President Obama’s false hope.

A thoughtful physician wrote this letter to Mitt Romney. This reader sent a copy to me.  I asked him if I could publish it. He asked me to reveal that he quotes an editorial written in the Wall Street Journal heavily. The quotes in Dr. Nunn’s letter are from the editorial.

The first sentence in the WSJ editorial says it all.

“If Mitt Romney loses his run for the White House, a turning point will have been his decision Monday to absolve President Obama of raising taxes on the middle class. He is managing to turn the only possible silver lining in Chief Justice John Roberts's ObamaCare salvage operation—that the mandate to buy insurance or pay a penalty is really a tax—into a second political defeat.” 

 Dear Mitt
You're losing the battle for POTUS over Obama, and need to take immediate action.  In Texas, we ask, are you going to fish, or cut bait?  So far, you're cutting bait.  Time to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

For the following, I lean heavily on the July 5, 2012 WSJ Review and Outlook article.

In my opinion, here's what you need to do.  You will have my vote.  If you want my financial support, you'll need to show solid prompt evidence that you 'get it' and decide to fight for the win.

"The health-care tax debate [is not] closed!"

Make sure you and your senior advisors are on the same page.

Eric Fehrnstrom is out of touch.  Replace him.

Reverse your "tax absolution gift to [Mr.] Obama."

Quit "muddying] the tax issue" over the mandate tax.

"Admit your [Romney care Massachusetts] mistake" about the individual mandate.

Call the mandate "a tax" and "work to repeal it."

Acknowledge that Obama's plans will tax "the middle class," not just the wealthy.

Reply to Democrats who will point out your Massachusetts record, that "that was before [SCOTUS] had spoken," and adopt the "policy to repeal the tax" and "the rest of Obamacare."

You are jeopardizing your chances of winning the election by "not abandoning [your] faulty [Massachusetts] health-care legacy."

Quit "squandering an historic opportunity" to take advantage of the weakening "economic recovery" which is hurting Obama.

Articulate, "why the [POTUS'] policies aren't working and how [you]… will do better."

Counter Obama's characterization of you as "out-of-touch," wealthy, and "with foreign bank accounts."  It was OK for JFK, and it's OK for you.  Counter it!

Fight the Bain Capital assaults, and "job outsourcer" issues.  Do not "let [it] go unanswered."

You can't live by your history alone.

People are 'results-oriented.'  Let us "know how [you] are going to improve [our] future."  "Offer… a larger economic narrative and vision than [you have] so far provided."

"Point…out [your] differences… on higher taxes, government-run health care, punitive regulation[s], and…[government] waste," driven by political concerns, and entitlement programs.

If you're "the best man to make the case against [Obama], whom [Republicans really] want to defeat, [you're so far,] letting them down."

Now, please go and do the right thing, or we'll see our nation go further down the tubes under a 2nd Obama administration!


Roger D. Nunn, MD, FACS

Dr. Nunn’s letter represents the thinking of many Americans. Mitt Romney has to go on the offensive with effective advice and media delivery.

President Obama has seduced a lot of people and will continue to be seductive. He seduced me once with his half-truths. These half-truths had generated hope for America that turned out to be false hope.

Some people are so disenchanted that the call his half-truths outright lies.


Perhaps prevarication is a better term than half-truths.

 A prevarication is a statement that deviates from or perverts the truth.

 Mr. Romney, don’t let President Obama get away with these prevarications.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone

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  • Carl

    What is the difference between ObamaCare and RomneyCare? It’s either Gary Johnson or socialized medicine.

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