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More Bad News For Obamacare And Taxpayers

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

The Obama administration and the traditional mainstream media are working very hard to keep the bad news about Obamacare away from the general public.

The Colorado exchange (Connect for Health Colorado) expects nearly 24% of the enrollees to drop health exchange coverage in fiscal 2015.

This is a direct contradiction to the Obama administration’s projection of the growth of health insurance exchanges.

“In April 2014 after open enrollement closed, the staff of Connect for Colorado projected 13 percent of people enrolled will drop or not pay for policies in fiscal 2015, but now they are expecting about 24 percent to drop their policies, according to the latest model.”

“And in fiscal 2016, the revised figures show dropped policies going from the 16 percent projected in April to nearly 22 percent.”

The Colorado Health Insurance Exchange’s chief financial officer Cammie Blais said the staff is using the higher drop rate in more recent models because that is how national figures are tracking.

President Obama and the Obama administration are aware of these figures. As usual they are keeping it from the public.

Why is happening nationally? There are multiple reasons.

Eighty five percent of the people who have enrolled have qualified for subsidies on the basis of the information they gave on the enrollment form.

The federal government was not set up to verify the information given on the enrollment form at the time of enrollment.

President Obama told everyone he would take his or her word for the information’s accuracy. This was a tremendous defect in the Obamacare system.

Many enrollees are going to lose part or the total subsidy provided by Obamacare. For some, the original subsidy was not enough to reduce the burden of insurance. In many cases the burden included high deductibles and copays that were unaffordable.

Many of the remaining fifteen percent of the enrollees had preexisting illnesses and could not buy insurance on the open market and/or were making over $50,000 a year.

Their premiums plus deductibles and copays are so high that enrollees making over $50,000 a year realize they cannot afford the insurance and have to drop out of next year’s exchange.

As a result of this adverse selection healthcare insurance industry’s premiums are going to skyrocket in 2015 as they have skyrocketed in 2014.

If the government starts convincing the majority of the public that the free market solution of the health insurance exchanges doesn’t work, the only choice will be a single party payer system for the entire population.

The VA system is an example of a single party payer system run by the government. It is a bureaucratic mess that is inevitable with a government run single party payer system.

A large bureaucratic single party payer systems relying on rules and regulations will end up with as non-transparent bureaucracy built for the benefit of the bureaucrats and not the people.

I think the public understands this. I think the Obama government is out of touch with the people.

President Obama ought to reexamine his premises.

The Obamacare system being built is destined to fail. It is not a consumer driven free market system. It does not follow that a single party payer system will work.

In reality none of the government controlled single party payer systems throughout the world work. They are just free. However, these systems are unsustainable.

The 8 million enrollees that President Obama ran his Obamacare victory lap on continues to dwindle at an accelerated rate.

If the DC appeals court rules against the federal government ability to provide subsidies, the number of enrollees will decrease even further.

The law states that only State health insurance exchanges can provide subsidies.

Obamacare is getting further and further away from being functional.

The Obama administration and the traditional media are working very hard to keep this information from the general public.

The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are, mine and mine alone.

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