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It Is Hard To Do The Right Thing!

Stanley Feld MD,FACP,MACE

Many of you have not received notification of my last blog post. Please review it with this notification to subscribers. Thank you.

Mark McClellan MD, Phd. present Medicare chief is going to resign from Medicare. I think he was trying to do the right thing for the Healthcare System. However, in the present bureaucracy of the Healthcare System with the influence of corporate pressures, organizational pressures and Congressional pressures, it is very hard to get anything right.

Good ideas get distorted through compromise with the most powerful until the resultant impact is nil or harmful. The reason for this, to my knowledge, is no one has tried to align all the stakeholders’ vested interest to a mutual advantage of all, with the patients’ interest being first. Hopefully, I will get you all inspired to make a difference and help get it right.

Dr. McClellan will probably come back to Texas and be an official in his mother government. She is running for Governor as “Grandma”, against Governor Perry and Kinky Friedman.

We, Texans, are looking for an alternative. I do not think Governor Perry has inspired anyone in the state yet.

Kinky has not responded to my request or Denise’s request yet. His healthcare policy is a joke as are the healthcare policies of the other candidates. Kinky is clearly is not responsive. He is simply another one of them. He will probably get few votes even though he is very funny.

Good luck Mark.

Again, please read my last blog post. Importantly, some have read it. I received a very thoughtful and important comment from Nari Kannon.

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