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Individual Freedom – Stand for it now or lose it forever.

 Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

I have spoken to and corresponded with many practicing physicians about
Obamacare. A universal sense among physicians is Obamacare is closing in on
their freedom to make clinical judgments and care for their patients in the
best way.

President Obama claims to be promoting best practices but the sense is
the results of Obamacare will be bad for them and their patients.

Some physicians have taken a defensive position and sold their
practices to hospital systems. They are willing to let the access to care and
the rationing of care become a problem the hospital systems will deal with.

Many of those physicians have forgotten the mistrust they have had for
the hospital systems in the past.  

Intuitively, physicians understand that hospital systems will take
advantage of their intellectual property and technical skills for the hospital
system’s benefit and profit.

The physicians who have joined hospital systems are hoping they will
make an adequate living and have less aggravation. They will be sheltered from the
government, the healthcare insurance industry and patients.

I believe those physicians will be surprised when they realize they
will be serfs of the government, the healthcare insurance industry and the hospital systems.

I have read some awful contracts physicians have signed with hospital

Physicians know the winner under Obamacare will be the government and
its quest for control over the healthcare system.

They also know that the healthcare insurance industry knows how to
control the government and its spending thereby increasing its profits. The
government is totally dependent on the healthcare insurance industry for its
administrative services.

Hospital systems are afraid they will not receive what they consider
their corporate share of the government largess.

Many physicians feel Obamacare is a government ploy claiming to reduce the cost
of medical care to the detriment of patients and physicians under the guise of
improving the quality of healthcare. President Obama is ignoring the underlying

Most physicians are not political activists. They also do not
understand their enormous political power. Patients, government, hospital
systems and the healthcare insurance industry desperately need physicians as
their workforce. 

If one physician has 2,000 patients in his practice he has 2,000 that
like him and approve of his care. These patients will listen to him.

Few physicians explain the coming threat of Obamacare to the practice
of medicine to their patients.

David McKalip, M.D., Neurological
Surgeon, wrote the following letter to his physician friends for them to distribute
it to their patients. The distribution does not take much of physicians’ office

The threat to patient care is discussed

Every physician and his patients
should distribute the letter to their entire email list.

President Obama is trying hard to
distract both physicians and patients from the effects of his horrible law. He and
the press do not want to talk about it with only 6 weeks to his possible re-election.

All that has to be done is to copy and paste the letter and email or give it to
your patients and friends.

Feel free to copy and paste the entire blog to include my comments. I believe this letter is appropriate one day before the first debate.

Hello all,

This is a
letter I will be sending out to my physician colleagues. I will then be placing
fliers in my waiting room supporting Romney and a large sign on my property.

The time is
now or never. Please take this letter and send it to your entire
referring list. The cost of the mailing will be worth it so you know you did
what you could….



I write you
at a critical time in American History as a dangerous threat faces the future
of our medical profession and our patients.

am asking for your help to save medicine by reaching out to the only people
that can save it: your patients.
  For most of my career I have
been working to protect our profession from control by the self-serving
interests of the government and insurance companies.

I have
greatly appreciated the often-quiet support of so many of you who could be
confident that I was working with many other medical leaders on your
behalf.  However, now I ask you to do something more:  to stand
up with me
 and so many others to ensure that American Medicine is
protected by electing Mitt Romney as President and stop President
Obama’s government and corporate takeover of medicine

It is
certain that a President Romney won’t be perfect, but at least he is someone we
can hold accountable.  President Obama and his administration have been
granted extraordinary powers by Congress to implement Obamacare in any way they
see fit through rule-making authority – they will keep coming after doctors.

Obamacare is
a bridge too far for medicine and must be stopped now so we can implement
better reform that drives down costs, and truly improves access and quality (as
offered by the Florida Medical Association).

So I will
ask you to speak directly to your patients and do something that is rarely
warranted – advocate that they elect Mitt Romney President
Such dramatic actions should only occur in historic times like these; but we
must take action now while we still can.

Here are the
messages I would ask you to give to your patients.

Obamacare will ration the health care you deserve.

will occur through a panel of 15 unelected bureaucrats called the Independent
Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) set a budget for patients doctors
cannot go over when you need it (
working through tens of thousands of
pages of Obamacare rules).

will occur by greatly strengthened private and government-run HMO’s that will
also place your doctors on a budget.


that provide the best care you expect will be penalized financially and

Doctors will
be forced to report your private medical data to the government and then forced
into spending valuable patient care time on social behavior counseling such as
smoking, alcohol cessation and weight loss.

will be intimidated into working for less, while spending more on complying
with regulations, until they finally have to leave practice. They will be
replaced by doctors that serve the government and insurance companies more than
patients.  Doctors you can’t trust.

bureaucrats will have the power to assign you to a new doctor with a history of
spending less money on their patients.

siphons $700 billion from Medicare through such rationing tactics
a program that is running out of money in the Medicare Trust Fund since
Congress spent it on their pet projects.  Medicare will not be
changed for any patient over the age of 55 by Mitt Romney
 or Paul
Ryan. You will still have the benefits you expect.

will be saved for future generations by Mitt Romney
by transforming it into a model that our children and
grandchildren can afford and that they own – not one that is owned by the
government that would ration their care and take their money from the Trust

I know I am
asking a lot to ask your patients to vote for a particular candidate by using
your first amendment right of Free Speech. 

You can do
this by wearing a Romney button, putting up a campaign sign in your office,
printing out the bullet points from this flier and putting them in your waiting
room and asking them to vote for Romney.

If you do not take this action now you will not have a chance to
do so again
.  Will
you join me and help elect Mitt Romney?  Then I will go back to work
holding him accountable through organized medicine.





McKalip, M.D., Neurological Surgeon

Individual Freedom – Stand for
it now or lose it forever.

 Replace David's name with your name if you like

Obama has lied about Obamacare and bullied everyone in his path including the Supreme

Don’t let
him do it to patients and physicians. It is up to both physicians and patients
to make Dr.David McKalip’s letter viral by copying and pasting it and sending
it to your entire email list.

If you are a patient or potential patient please distribute this letter as well.

Thank you.


Individual Freedom – Stand for
it now or lose it forever.

  The opinions expressed in the blog “Repairing The Healthcare System” are mine and mine alone

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