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In Response To “A Real Marketplace For Healthcare.”

 A reader wrote in response to  "A Real Marketplace For Healthcare." , 

"Or said simply, “find me one large government run entity that is both high quality and low cost”?  There are zero of them."

I believe many people are thinking the same thing as Obamacare marches to its potential victory lap.

On the way to the full implimentation Obamacare has cost the American taxpayers many (unpublished) billions of dollars.

Everything tried by Obamacare has failed. These failures should not be lost in the flurry of President Obama's demogagory and distractions.

I fear the only thing that Obamacare will accomplish is creating government imposition of its bureaucratic will over Americans' freedom to choose. Obamacare will also destroy America's spirit of innovation.

A famous patient of mind told me many years ago,

"Americans' get what they deserve because they do not pay close attention to the facts." 

It is difficult to obtain the facts. I believe Americans have been trained by the media to hear sound bites and not facts. Americans have no time to discover the facts.

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