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I Don’t Get The Republican Leadership

Stanley Feld M.D., FACP, MACE

The media and Democrats in congress are stonewalling every initiative President Trump has presented whether or not it has merit. .

The American people have spoken. Donald Trump is President. Republicans control both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

I should think the Democratic leadership would realize they are not connecting with the people. They should fear for their jobs and the jobs of other party members.

Nancy Pelosi, chair of the House Democrats, said, “We are the opposition party and it is our job to be the opposition.”

She is wrong. The Democrats should be doing what is right for the American people.

Recent elections have proven Americans do not approve of the Democrats’ policies at federal, state or local levels.

President Obama’s Democratic court appointed judges are slapping temporary injunctions on some of President Trump’s executive orders for no logical reasons.

These injunctions are occurring despite the terrorist disruptions that have occurred in American cities.

President Obama and the Democrats did nothing to neither stop this loss of life nor decrease the fear these terrorists generated.

The judges are slowing his initiatives down until they get to higher courts.

Democrats are acting juvenile.

Paul Ryan and the Republican establishment are not helping President Trump fulfill his agenda. They seem to be tripping up President Trump at every turn.

At the same time they are making the Republicans look bad and the Democrats look good.

If some of President Trump’s executive orders need congressional approval the Republican leadership in both houses should start the legislative process to get that congressional approval.

It seems like the Republican establishment is doing everything to make President Trump an ineffectual president.

The Republican establishment is bickering over the fine points of the initiatives. They are not looking at the big picture.

The American public gave the Republicans both houses of congress in order to allow them to be effective. The nuclear option in the senate should guarantee legislative effectiveness.

President Trump has some good ideas to fix the healthcare system and create economic growth.

Paul Ryan is supposed to be a legislative genius.

Paul Ryan seems to be intimidated by the Democrats and the mainstream media. He has not been bold in stepping out and supporting President Trump’s initiatives.

He should realize that the majority of the American public is not paying attention to the mainstream media.

This is reflected in the decrease in readership of the New York Times and the viewership at CNN and MSNBC. The mainstream media should not be influencing Paul Ryan’s actions.

Everything President Obama did during his presidency slowed the economy and polarized the nation. Paul Ryan should be doing the opposite.

Everything President Obama did with Obamacare made the healthcare system less efficient and more dysfunctional. Paul Ryan should have had a Republican consensus plan ready to repeal and replace Obamacare.

It is embarrassing that he did not have a plan ready after seven years.

My advice to the Republican controlled congress is to give President Trump a break and give him some support.

Stop playing politics. You are playing right into the Democrats’ obstructionist hands.

Paul Ryan’s healthcare fiasco is the prime example. He wouldn’t be speaker if it would not for the election of members of the Freedom Caucus.

Paul Ryan should take the bill the house previously passed and send it to the Senate. If there are things in that bill that do not pass the sequestration test for the Senate to pass the bill with 51 votes modify the bill.

Ryan has not made it clear to the public what he thinks is wrong with the old bill. He has also been secretive about the ongoing negotiations to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Now Paul Ryan is delaying President Trump’s wall appropriation request. He seems to be delaying President Trump’s tax cut initiative until 2018 without explanation.

If it is because the healthcare bill is not passed then pass the old healthcare bill.

He and the establishment Republicans confuse me. I think the American people are confused. Maybe the Republican establishment has to be voted out of congress in order to get anything passed.

I believe what President Trump is trying to accomplish is pretty logical. President Obama and the Democrats messed us up over the last eight years.

Many Americans are hurting. Americans who are not hurting do not understand it. Perhaps they refuse to understand it.

It is time government starting working and trying new ideas.

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