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From My Perspective: The Power of Play

Cecelia Feld

I’ve had many requests for guest blogs, so I thought I’d start with one by someone who has not asked, my wife, Cecelia. (A little nepotism goes a long way). Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Do you play? Or, because you’re all grown up, have you forgotten how?

I recently had the opportunity to stay with my granddaughter for a few days while her parents took a mini vacation. The wonderful thing about being a grandparent is being able to step back and reflect on the experience, something difficult to do as a parent (lack of time, energy). Fun for an almost five year old (or four and 11/12’s as Sabrina will tell you) comes in many guises, often free or at little cost. Fun = play; play = fun. Learning is fun. Is there anything she is not interested in? No. Is there anything she won’t try? No.

During the time she wasn’t in pre-school we went from classes in tap, gymnastics, swimming, and tennis (thank you Laura for the thorough schedule) to bike riding around the lake, playing dress up at the Boulder History Museum, and hands on activities at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research), a terrific place for a budding astronaut to explore the effects of gravity. Becoming an astronaut is her passion right now. I promised her she could dance, too, which she wants to do when she’s not in space.

Art projects are part of the game when Grandma is an artist. Even Grandpa Stan got involved with crayons and paper. Cuddles on the couch reading or talking about dinosaurs made quality quiet time. Remember Shel Silverstein’s poems? Laughter all around. Fun!

Time with Sabrina always involves learning new things and improving skills while having fun playing. Did you love to dance as a kid? Do you go dancing now? Take a class or rent a video. Grab a partner or not. It will put a smile on your face. Might even make you laugh. Is dancing not your thing? How about yoga? Get away from your “work” and try something completely different. Read fiction if you always read non-fiction and vice versa. Get in touch with your inner five year old at an art gallery or museum. You’ll see the art differently. Mess around with art materials like you did as a child. I promise I won’t mind the competition.

Grab a child (adult children qualify), grandchild, niece, nephew, brother, sister, spouse, partner, friend, or anyone and share something you’re good at. Right now, Sabrina “helps” me knit. I promised I would teach her how when she’s six, maybe sooner. Grandpa Stan is good with clocks and telling time, also sun, moon and planets. Learn from an almost five year old; be active and inquisitive. Walk the dog, even if you don’t have one. “Live, laugh, love and be happy.”

And, play!

Make your life a work of art.

  • Daniel Feld

    Well done. Like the guest columnist. She’s a good writer! Made me smile.

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