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Feld Men’s Weekend 2009: A New Member Of the Feld Men’s Group


Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Every year the Feld guys, Brad and Daniel from my team and Charlie, with Jon and Kenny go away for a weekend. We discuss technology, the world, politics, social issues, and the economy.

We usually do this in coordination with an activity everyone enjoys. We have gone fishing, hiking and for the last 5 years to baseball games. We went to spring training in Phoenix for two years. The baseball games were nothing. The talking during the games was intellectually stimulating for everyone. Being with each other was the important thing.

Three years ago we went to Fenway Park in the spring. We saw the Red Sox play the Boston (DBA Atlanta) Braves in doubleheader in the cold and rain. No one got sick.

Last year we went to the old Yankee Stadium for the next to the last game played in the “Park that Ruth” built. Dull game, great nap.

This year it was Wrigley Field in Chicago to see the Cubs. Last time I was in Wrigley Field 10 years ago it had the feel of an old timey baseball stadium. You can smell the beer from years ago. It was intimate and the players seemed to be right next to us.

The Cubs somehow sanitized the place. Everything was freshly painted. The seats were roomy and comfortable. The concessions were modern. There were even executive boxes. The stands on top of the building outside the park were real stands rather than people standing on the roof tops. It seemed sterile and not the real McCoy. .

Wrigley Field was not the big story of the weekend. Kenny had just moved to Atlanta to start a new career. He could not come.

Last year Jon asked if he could bring his son Jack who is now 71/2. The group was not “trilled” as the original Jack Feld (my father) would say. However, we let him come. The “new” Jack turned out to be the star of the weekend. He was enchanted by the subway. He stayed with us the whole time and never got tired. He asked stimulating questions. We had a lot of fun with him. He is a true Feld.

He did admit that he could not nap like his daddy. Everyone needs to understand that genetically, the Feld men have learned to nap on the spot, in any position, and in any circumstance. I assured him he would learn.

Jon wrote us all a heartwarming account of Jack’s experience along with a letter Jack wrote to Jon.

“Thank you guys for another great trip!  I had a great time as usual.  This trip was even better and more memorable for me because you guys took in Jack and included him in the group.  This was a fantastic memory I will keep with me forever.  Thanks.

Here’s what this meant to me/Jack.  Here’s (verbatim) the note Jack wrote me about the trip…


Dear daddy,

Thank you for taking me to Chicago.  My favorite part was when we went to the Cubs game!  I also loved when we went to the huge museum!  Thank you for taking me to the exciting Cubs game.  Thank you for getting me and Lucy Chicago stuff!  My favorite thing I got was the Michael Jordan jersey.  I had lots of fun keeping score at the exciting Cubs’ game.  Thank you daddy.  I had so much fun!  I love Chicago so much!  I love you daddy.

Love, Jack


He also said he wants to keep the tradition going forever and go someday with all of us + Dylan + Jack’s and Dylan’s sons.


He also said he was nervous around you guys on the first day but not after that and now feels comfortable with everyone.


Pretty great stuff!  Thanks to you guys for making this happen and welcoming Jack.  It meant a lot to me and him.


All I can say is this is what life should be about.

Jack, you are now a member of the Feld Men’s Group. Welcome!

  • Mark Solon

    I had dinner with Brad last night and told him that I thought this post was terrific! I’ve got a 9 year old son and took him back to the bronx (where i grew up) to see his first yankee game with me and his grandpa a few years ago. It was a very special day and indeed “what life should be about”. Thanks for the reminder.

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