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Father Son Weekend With Daniel

Stanley Feld M.D., FACP,MACE


On Halloween Cecelia and I
flew to Denver. We wanted to share Halloween with our granddaughter.

They do trick or treat up big
in Boulder. Everyone was in costume. We wanted to share her thrill of trick or
treating. It was so cold and windy that Cecelia and I lasted less than an hour.

Sabrina lasted two and a half
hours. She was dressed as a ninja. I was dressed as a Boston Red Sox player.
Cecelia wore a fancy mask.

Friday night Cecelia had an
exhibit opening with reception at Artwork Network Gallery in Denver. Brad, Amy,
Dan Laura and Sabrina came to the show. Cecelia and her art were eloquent.

Friday night was a beautiful
fall night in Denver. It was Gallery Walk Night in the Denver Arts District.
Hundreds of people turned out for Cecelia’s show.

Cecelia was there from 5-9pm.
The rest of us went to the Smokehouse at 8pm. When they dropped me off at 9pm
the gallery was still packed. 

We were in the car and back
to Boulder at about 9:45 pm. The gallery was still going strong.

Daniel and I were out of his
house at 7:30 am for our annual Father/Son weekend.

Daniel and I and Brad and I
usually go on one weekend a year. We usually fly to some city and bond with
each other. We do more talking and eating than anything else.

One activity is required. We
must work out each morning first thing.

This year Brad and I are
going to Blytheville,Arkansas, the town of his
birth, when Cecelia and I were in the

Air Force. I must say we have
been warned by people that Blytheville is not much these
days. We are ignoring everyone.

This year because of Dan’s
schedule, we went to Denver. It was Cecelia’s idea.

Our first stop was Zaidy’s in
the Cherry Creek shopping area
. The parking lot was packed at 8:3am.  

Zaidy’s was a pretty good
deli. We shared a pastrami and egg white omelet with an order of potato latkes.
My mother and Cecelia make better potato latkes. The sour pickles were very

We talked and talked for over
an hour at the table. It was then warm enough to go outside. As a Dallasite, I
am not used to being 35 degrees on November 2.

After breakfast we then walked
the shopping area all the while talking about the meaning of life.

It was about noon and time to
check into the Hyatt at the convention center.

We got our room early. Our
goal was to walk and continue our conversation. We were off to Larimer Square. At about one o’clock neither of us felt hungry after the Zaidy's
breakfast so we did not go for a big lunch.

I wanted to take Dan to the
Clyfford Still museum. He had not been there yet. Cecelia and I went to the
Clyfford Still museum with Todd Siler when it just opened. It is a gem. It my
book it is one of the best museums in the country.

The museum sits in the shadow
of the Denver Art Museum. The DAM is about 10 times larger than the Clyfford
Still Museum. Everyone knows size does not matter. Clyfford Still was a genius.
It is hard to understand his genius when most museums have only one Still. The
piece is usually out of context. This exhibition is still a blockbuster even
though many of the paintings were different the second time around.

Daniel and I walked back to
the hotel after the museum. We had an early dinner at John Elway’s. We walked
another mile and a half to the restaurant. We split the steak at Elway’s and
then walked and talked to the Pepsi Center where the Denver Avalanche was playing
the Montreal Canadians. We had great seats.  

I am not a big hockey fan but
I had a great time for 2 of the 3 periods.

I was 10 pm and we had to
leave before all the ice cream parlors closed. We walked back toward the hotel
looking for ice cream. We finally found a café, diner, and coffee shop about
two blocks from the Hyatt. We did not know what we were getting our selves
into. However the place made a great hot fudge sundae.

It was so good we decided to
have breakfast there on Sunday. FAT chance. We got there at 8:30am. There was a
one and one half hour wait for breakfast in a downtown café, diner, and coffee
shop on a Sunday morning. Where did all the people come from?

We went back to the Hyatt and
had breakfast in the three quarters empty hotel dinning room.

Daniel and I checked out of
the hotel and drove to the Denver Museum of Art to meet the girls for the exhibit
to Café: Three Centuries of French Masterworks from the Wadsworth Atheneum
 and Passport to

Passport to Paris was much better than Court to Café but all
five of us had a good time.

 No one was hungry at 1pm. We drove back to Boulder and had a
small bite at Chili’s.

 The weekend with Daniel was a roaring success.

 Sunday night we met Brad and Amy for dinner at Mateo’s in

 Cecelia and I love being with our kids.

 I cannot tell you how lucky we feel.


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