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‘Chutzpah’- America Last Chance

Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE

Chutzpah’s definition :shameless audacity; impudence.

synonyms: audacity, cheek, guts, nerve,boldness,temerity

President Obama has Chutzpah. Why don’t the American people have CHUTZPAH?

We have many smart people in the United States. Most are busy with their daily life at work and raising a family.

They do not have the time or bandwidth to focus on the problems in our country. People do not have the time to ask the important questions.

Why doesn’t the political establishment on both sides of the aisle represent us properly?

We continue to elect politicians that do not represent the will of the people and their welfare.

Healthcare is a big problem. Its costs are unsustainable. The bureaucratic inefficiencies result in a huge waste of resources.

President Obama is methodically transforming Healthcare by destroying it. He is destroying all the independence and innovation that has been in the hallmark of the healthcare system.

He is forcing it into a government controlled healthcare system. The result will eventually be a commoditized third world healthcare system.

President Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He is doing it well.

However, healthcare is not our country’s only problem.

We can easily open our eyes and scream, “What’s It All About Alfie?”

A reader wrote and said this is our last chance to elect people who represent America’s safety, economic growth, racial harmony and prosperity for all. We must elect people who replace lawlessness with sanity.

If our government officials do not act responsibly, how can we expect our citizens to act responsibly?

A reader sent this note to me. I think it is worth passing on.

The note starts connecting the dots of all the misuse of power.

It puts the past 6 years of President Obama’s administration in perspective.


Someone please tell me, what’s wrong with
all the people that run this country.!!!! 

Both Democrats and Republicans
They Say,”We’re broke”
And can’t help our own
Veterans, Seniors,
Orphans, Etc.,?????

But, over the last several years, THEY
have provided direct cash aid to…..

Hamas – $351 M,
Libya $1.45 Billion ,
Egypt – $397 M,
Mexico – $622 M,
Russia – $380 M,
Haiti – $1.4 Billion,
Jordan – $463 M,
Kenya – $816 M,
Sudan – $870 M,
Nigeria – $456 M,
Uganda – $451 M,
Congo – $359 M,
Ethiopia – $981 M,
Pakistan – $2 Billion ,
South Africa – $566 M,
Senegal – $698 M,
Mozambique – $404 M,
Zambia – $331 M,
Kazakhstan – $304 M,
Iraq – $1.08 Billion ,
Tanzania – $554 M,

A total of $14,933,000,000
that’s 14.933 BILLIONS, of Dollars
& they all still hate us.!!! 


But, on the other hand,


Our retired seniors,
living on ‘fixed incomes’, have their
taxes raised, to send to these countries,
& also, are having medical benefits cut. 

Our own citizens receive NO aid, unless they’re the ones who
refuse to work, & have babies
for welfare payments! 

Nor do the seniors & working public
get any breaks, 

while our government
& religious organizations will pour
Hundreds of Billions Of dollar’s,
& Tons of Food,
to Foreign Countries & the illegals,
& the leeches within our borders!

A country where we have
Our brave warriors, damaged for life,
waiting in year long lines for their due,( VA Hospital System)

the elderly going without needed medication,
& the mentally ill without treatment,
& for all of us, our safety is at risk,

& YET …….
They’ll have a “Benefit Show”
For the people of Haiti, on 12 TV Stations ;
with ships & planes lining up with food,
water, tents, clothes, bedding, doctors
& medical supplies. 

Now Just Imagine, if
Our own * GOVERNMENT * gave ‘US’
the same support they give foreign countries.
Sad, isn’t it? 
Logic is dead.
Excellence is punished.
Mediocrity is rewarded.
And dependency is encouraged. 

99% of people won’t have the
‘chutzpah’ to forward this. 

WELL, I’m one of the 1% who just did .!!”

Americans are beginning to see how ineffective and screwed up our government and its bureaucracies are. We must elect a government that puts America’s priorities first.

A majority of the population is starting to see how wrong President Obama is. He has forced us to accept Obamacare. The majority of Americans neither want nor like Obamacare. The majority of Americans neither want  nor like central government control over healthcare.

President Obama is forcing us to accept a nuclear deal with Iran that is obviously not going to be honored by Iran yet they will receive billions of dollars to further their terrorist activities.

Past behavior is a predictor of future behavior if there are no deterrents

Our representatives in congress are not doing a thing about healthcare or the nuclear deal despite their promises to us at election time.

Iran has essentially told us they will not change. They have continued their military and ICBM buildup as the Obama administration dismantles America’s military.

When are Americans going to become angry enough to kick the bums out of office?

How can we force congress and the administration to express the will of the people?

President Obama knows exactly what he is doing it and how fast it should be done.

President Obama knows how to marginalize his critics with his Saul Alinsky tactics. He always comes out on top in battles that he should lose? He should lose these battles because they do not benefit the American people.

James Greene’s latest Jim’s Daily Rant is partially reproduced below with his permission.

The Rant offers a less vitriolic summary of our politicians’ (specifically President Obama) abuse of the American people and their freedoms.

The article defines TOTALITARIANISM.




Greene starts off with

American critic Irving Howe, in his essay on George Orwell’s 1984, “Orwell’s profoundest insight is that in a totalitarian world man’s life is shorn of dynamic possibilities. 

The end of life is completely predictable in its beginning, the beginning merely a manipulated preparation for the end.”

“Howe points out: “The totalitarian state assumes that—given modern technology, complete political control, the means of terror and rationalized contempt for moral tradition—anything is possible. 

Anything can be done with men, anything with their minds, with history and with words. 

Reality is no longer something to be acknowledged or experienced or even transformed; it is fabricated according to the need and will of the state…”

“Obama’s Insane Worldview”

“This is a perfect example of what Howe characterizes as totalitarianism’s “rationalized contempt for moral tradition.”

“Obama’s Black vs. White Divisiveness”

“When you ask why Obama is lashing out against U.S. police forces, you come up with the same answer as to why Obama is weakening U.S. defenses around the world: That’s his strategy.”

Where is President Obama’s instant outrage against police murders all over the country? He has been silent.  “It is because this does not fit into his strategy.”

“Obama: The Anti-Reagan”

“What President Obama wants is to impose his meaning of reality, which amounts to a reign of terror on America, resulting in worldwide and domestic chaos.”

Domestic and worldwide chaos is occurring. Terrorism is practiced on our street corners without consequences.

Americans are starting to notices despite the lack of this news in the traditional media.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, conservative or libertarian America is slowly becoming a TOTALITARIAN state with complete central government control.

President Obama promised transformation. He has kept his word. Unfortunately americans did not understand his meaning.

He is transforming America from a constitutional Republic that provides many freedoms. Americans should be independent, responsible and undivided despite, color or creed to a people dependent completely dependent on government.

All people should realize that our government is not working well and our freedoms are disappearing. The people are becoming enslaved by central government control.

“Has the American Voter Surrendered?”

“The Obama long-range strategy is that those that come after him can preside over a docile American population that will be glad to give up its individualism and Constitutional freedoms for obedience to government in exchange for government largesse.”

In short, it’s about power over people–instituting the reign of totalitarianism Orwell and many others predicted as a possibility.”

 “Therefore, the next presidential election will not be a contest between Democrats and Republicans; it will be a contest between increased individual freedom and increased government control.”

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