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Another Great Father/Son Weekend

Stanley Feld M.D., FACP, MACE

Every year my son Brad and I go off for a father/son weekend. The goal is to just hang out and bond with each other. Some years we solve more of the world’s problems than others.
Kelly, Brad’s assistant, develops an agenda each year. It is a good outline that does not have to be followed to the minute. It is a wonderful feeling to just dink around with your son.

When Brad was young, I was the teacher and he was the student. I have always had a zest for teaching and learning new things. Early in my medical career I learned that the teacher usually learns more that the student.

When Brad was 13 years old our roles reversed. He taught me more than I taught him. His insights through the years have come from an entirely different generation perspective. A perspective that has always nourished me intellectually. I remember being pushed into the information technology era in 1978 with our first Apple II computer. I have not looked back since. I have owned a lot of hardware and software since 1978.

This weekend was another learning experience. Many of you know Brad is a successful Information Technology Venture Capitalist. In order to be successful in this area you have to recognize trends, see potential for opportunities and understand the economy.

As a physician I believe I understand the natural history of disease and its effects. I also think I know what has to be done to fix our healthcare system. Our healthcare system is methodically being destroyed by forces in pursuit of the almighty dollar. Our health is our most precious asset. The healthcare system must be saved.

A weekend with Brad gives me an opportunity to look at the world from another perspective. I am a very optimistic and realistic person. I always walk away from these weekends even more optimistic. I am able to look at America through younger eyes an see the possibility of tremendous opportunities.
We participate in activities we have enjoyed together in the past. Brad even ran around Austin Town Lake (aka Lady Bird Town Lake) at my jogging pace.

While waiting for our separate flights we sat at a table in the airport banging away at our computers. Society concentrates on the price of everything. I felt at that moment that the best things in life are free.

I can not wait until next year. Everyone out there should try this with their sons or daughters. It is good for your health.

Thank you Brad.

  • Alan Shimel

    Stan, knowing both you and Brad and being a father myself, this post made my heart sing. I look forward to my own sons growing up and spending weekends with them! Enjoy.

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